Chapter 37 Powers


Chapter  37


Nya and Vyra waited in the corridor. The crew from the wrecker had opened the airlock door and stepped in. Elith had come down to finish baiting the trap. She quickly stripped down to her bra and panties and stepped out into the far end of the hallway. Nya and Vyra were waiting behind her around the corner.
“Hello there girly, we’ve come to help you with your problem.” The first wrecker said leering at Elith’s young body.
“You got here to soon.” she said seductively. “I haven’t even had time to get dressed.” she smiled.
“It’s okay girl, we’re not shy.” the wrecker said as he slowly and confidently walked up the hall followed by three more of the crew.
“Where are you sisters?” he asked looking the ship over as he walked.
“They wanted to take a shower so they would look nice for you and your crew. It won’t take long, they’re twins and are both in there right now. They do everything together…everything.” Elith grinned.

Timtam had been lying on the floor in the small room for hours. Her arms had been tied behind her with her wrists tied to her ankles causing her body to arch painfully backward. She was laying on a metal grid that looked down into a deep dark pit. She could hear the sound of water running way down below in the darkness.  She would notice the sound of the water running change in tone as she waited. The pit was being filled below her.
The door opened and in stepped Gangler. Timtam had to twist around awkwardly to see it was him. He was holding a data pad and entering some information in on it.
“Your friend was clever to convince you to resist my questioning. She saved herself. While you refused to give me any information she decided wisely to tell me everything she knew.” he said.
“That’s not true! I don’t know anything, I’m just a slave.” Timtam wept.
“Be that as it may I no longer have any use for you. When I leave here I intend to go into the next room and push the lever that opens the grid plate you’re lying on and drop you into this facilities sewage system and have you flushed away. It may sound cruel but you have only your friend to blame for your demise.” he continued to enter information into the data pad.
Timtam remembered what Pep had told her. She should beg for his mercy without shame. She should plead and cry for her life. This is what he wanted. He wanted her to humiliate herself to him.
“Please don’t kill me! I’m just a worthless slave. I don’t want to die like this. I’ll do anything you tell me to but just don’t kill me.” she wept.
“You are quiet beautiful but I really don’t need you anymore.” he said and went into the next room.
Timtam looked frantically around the room for anything that she could use to cut the ropes. She felt the grid panel begin to tilt slowly. He had meant what he said, he was going to kill her. She was able to wiggle one of her index fingers into the holes in the grid behind her. She started to slip down the panel. She stuck a second finger in another hole and winced in pain as she slid farther down the panel.
“Please! Please don’t do this!” Timtam kept begging.
Her body weight was pulling against her two fingers. She looked down into the watery pit and screamed in pain.
Timtam felt the panel stop lowering with a slight jerk. The door opened and Gangler stepped back in the room.
It had worked. He had changed his mind.
Gangler bent over and twisted Timtam’s fingers out of the grid roughly. He went back through the door and pushed the lever again. Timtam slid down trying to grip the panel again but wasn’t able to do it before she slid off the edge and into the cold black water.

The twins ran down the hallway and past the wreckers. They were stunned as they turned to see the two blow them kisses as they ran into their ship through the airlock.
The first wrecker turned back to look at Elith surprised.
“What the hell is going on here?” he asked angrily.
“We’ve decided instead of letting you screw us we’re going to screw you.” Elith smiled as she pulled her gun from the back of her panties and shot him in the leg. She calmly leaned to the right of the screaming man and shot the second and third in their legs. The last man had turned to run only to see Novuh step out of a room closer to the airlock and grab him by his throat with her mechanical arm. She held him with ease at arms length squeezing his neck. The man beat on her arm and tried to kick her but it was all over very quickly. Novuh dropped the man and looked at Elith.
“I’m going to go make sure those psychos  don’t kill anybody.” Novuh said and took off down the hall and into the wrecker’s ship.
By now Kllair had made her way down to where Elith was. She looked at the writhing men calmly and stepped over them.
“He’s not here. He must be on the wrecker still.” Kllair said.
“Novuh went after the twins. I hope they remember to secure the engine room before someone over there pulls away and breaks the docking tube.” Elith said. She was still holding the pistol on the wounded men.
“I’d better get over there too before they kill someone.” Kllair turned and went through the airlock.  She stopped inside the hallway just inside the wrecker and listened. Everything was silent. She couldn’t worry if the twins were doing what they had been told to do right now, she needed to find Gaemer Trillion as soon as possible. She climbed the ladder that went to the upper level and the bridge.

Pep watched in horror as she saw Timtam slide off the panel and into the ships waste disposal pipes. Gangler had strapped Pep into a chair and placed her in front of a monitor to watch. She had heard everything he had said. The last thing that Gangler had told Timtam was a lie. He had told her that Pep had betrayed her. She was screaming hysterically now. It was all just to much for her to bare anymore. The pure evil of this man was complete. Gangler had tortured them for days. He had taken her from Matt and killed Timtam the friend that helped her when she was at her lowest point. Pep began to feel a rage she had never known growing inside her. She was trembling and her muscles began to tense up. Her mind was full of hate that burned like a super nova.
Gangler walked into the room.
“I warned you I’d kill her if you didn’t…” he never finished his sentence. He felt his body being crushed by some unseen force. He couldn’t speak or even breath  as the air was forced from his lungs as if some giant unseen hand was crushing him. He saw Pep pulling against her straps as the chair was torn off it’s bolts from the floor. The chair was shaking as it rose higher. Peps eyes had rolled back into her head as she bared her teeth and gave out a powerful scream. Gangler was lifted into the air and with a violent bursting sound imploded and dropped to the floor lifeless. The straps on the chair broke and flew across the room as Pep floated free and gently touched down on the floor. She let out a second scream that ripped the heavy metal door off the hinges of the room she was in.
Alarms began to sound as she stepped into the hallway. Pep stood waiting for the guards to arrive. She was leaning forward slightly half crouched with her hands balled into fists. The guards came into the hallway with weapons at the ready. They crept closer to Pep as she stood waiting. Once they had gotten close enough she pounded her fists on her legs and screamed once more. The guards were smashed against the walls in a flash. The energy wave was so powerful it bent the wall panels outward. She saw a spy droid fly around the corner. Pep looked at it with up turned eyes and it fell to the floor crushed and broken.
She pulled the door to the next door open and walked through it into the room were Timtam slid into the pit. Pep straddled the pit and with a grasping motion she raised Timtam’s body from out of the water and lowered it to the floor. Pep knelt next to Timtam and untied her lifeless body. With one last burst of power she tilted her head back and screamed. Pep fell backwards exhausted and drained. Timtam’s body lay motionless on the floor. Suddenly Timtam began to cough and vomit. Pep smiled and passed out.

Kllair had made it to the bridge of the wrecker. She peered around the corner only to see Gaemer Trillion fumbling with his gun belt. She heard voices yelling over the intercom that she took to be the fighting in the engine room.
“Don’t move Trillion or I’ll kill you where you stand.” Kllair said. She had taken up a position behind the heavy steel hatchway that lead to the bridge.
Gaemer put his hands up and turned slowly. He recognized Kllair almost at once and dropped his hands.
“Geez Kllair, you scared the crap outta me !” he said relieved.
“I said don’t move.” Kllair repeated.
“What are you so pissed about? You’re the ones attacking my ship. You tricked us remember.” Gaemer said.
“It’s just that I don’t trust you Gaemer.” Kllair said stepping into the room.
“Okay, you got me. Now what do you want?” Gaemer asked.
“I want you to tell me the truth about something. I’ll only ask once. If you lie to me I’ll kill you and all of your crew, do you believe me?” Kllair asked as she leveled her pistol at his head.
Trillion swallowed hard. He knew now he had one chance at the right answer.
“I believe you Kllair.” he said seriously.
“Did you find two girls in the wreck of an Imperial ship? Kllair asked pushing her pistol onto Gaemer’s nose.
“Yes.” he said.
“Where are they?” she asked.
“You won’t like it.” he responded.
Kllair pushed harder.
“The Empire, I sold them to the Empire. They took them on an old Republic cruiser. The guy was… he was all burned up and twisted. I think he was an I inquisitor or something.” he said closing his eyes.
“Where did he go?” she asked calmly.
“The outer rim I think. They’re hunting Jedi out there.” He said as he opened one eye.
“Very good Gaemer. That’s all I wanted to know.” she said lowering her gun.

Timtam woke up to the sounds of alarms going off. She threw up and spit the filthy water from her mouth. The last thing she remembered was sinking to the bottom of the sewage pit and trying to hold her breath. She had exhaled and started to choke on the filthy water while she struggled to free herself from the ropes until she passed out.
Now Timtam lay on the floor spitting and coughing unsure of what had happened. She saw Pep laying on the floor not moving. There was a slight trickle of blood coming from her nose and ears. She was still breathing but lay completely motionless.
Timtam crawled to the door and closed it. She then cradled Pep in her arms and patted her on the cheek trying quietly to revive her. Pep slowly opened her eyes and looked around.
“Timtam, you’re alive. He said he killed you.” she said still dazed.
“He did, he dropped me down the hole. Somehow I wound up here.” Timtam said.
“What’s that sound?” Pep asked.
“Alarms. Something must be happening.” Timtam said looking around.
“Help me up, maybe we can escape. We need to find the hangar bay.” Pep said getting up on one elbow.
“How did you get here?” Timtam asked.
Pep looked around, she hadn’t thought about it until now. “I have no idea.” she said looking at Timtam puzzled.
“ Can you stand.” Timtam asked.
“I have to, this will be the only chance we have.” Pep said as she struggled to get to her feet.
Timtam opened the door just as three Imperial soldiers burst into the room.

Kllair and her crew had left the wrecker and returned the crew members back to their ship. Novuh had set a coarse for the outer rim. They had very little to go on but they had to start somewhere.
“I have to call Adda and let them know what we’re doing.” Kllair said as she sat down next to Novuh in the cockpit.
“What for?” Novuh asked surprised.
“Look Novuh, we’re a part of this group now. We have to learn to work with them.” Kllair said as she set the controls on the transmitter.
“ Things really are different now aren’t they. I remember when we didn’t need anyone else but us.” Novuh was giving Kllair a jab. She never wanted to join up with Baltis and the others.
“Yeah, things are different now. Now we have the Empire looking over our shoulder. I guess you’d rather work for them. The Rebels are more likely to let us handle things our way than the Empire. They will trust us, the Empire doesn’t trust anyone.” Kllair said looking at the controls. She didn’t want to make eye contact with Novuh on the chance she might feel Kllair was trying to intimidate her.
“Fine, go ahead and call your Jedi friends. You’ll see, when this is all over they’ll lock us up for the things we’ve done in their name.” Novuh said in disgust.
“Novuh, I don’t want to do this right now.” Kllair said. “These two girls are important to them. If we get them back that’s one they’ll owe us down the line.” Kllair said.
“ Don’t count on it Kllair. They’ll let us do all their dirty work but when it’s all over they won’t be the ones with blood on their hands, we will.” Novuh said.
Kllair laughed out loud and looked at Novuh. “What the Hell makes you think any of us will live through this? It would be a damned miracle if any of us are alive by this time next year. Don’t you realize who we’re up against?” Kllair smiled and shook her head smiling.
Novuh stared at Kllair as she laughed. Was it really that bad? She had always thought that there were two sides in this fight. She had never thought about the Empire winning. If they did there would only be one side left. From that point on there would only be one side or nothing.

The Imperial soldiers looked at each other in shock. They had just run into the prisoner that killed Gangler and his personal guard all in about thirty seconds. She had some terrible power that would kill them all in the blink of an eye. One of the soldiers stepped back cautiously followed by another. Soon they all stepped back and opened a path between them for her to pass.

Pep and Timtam stared at the men not sure what they were up to. Why were they letting them go?
“Come on.” Pep said. She new that something was going on but didn’t know what. Whatever it was it was giving them the chance they needed.
Timtam knew that Pep had survived her slavery by being able to see an opportunity and knowing how and when to take advantage of it. She followed Pep’s lead and helped Pep past the guards. They slowly walked past the soldiers being careful not to make eye contact. Once past the soldiers they had to find the hangar bay. Pep decided they should look in one of the many elevators that lined the corridor they were in. inside the elevator Pep hit the button to go down to the bottom level. It would take them closest to the outer hull of the ship. She figured the closer to the outside of the ship the better their chances of finding a way off. The two women rode the elevator to the lowest level and got off. They had to keep moving if they wanted to find a way out.
“Go back !” Timtam whispered. She heard someone coming down the hall. Pep found an open door and they went inside. It was a small repair room filled with tools and parts. Pep handed Timtam a large wrench and made a striking motion  with her hand. Timtam nodded she understood.
The crewman was surprised to see Pep jump out into the hall from the doorway just a few feet in front of him. She was leaning against the wall to steady her self. The woman had put her hand out in front of her as if telling him to keep his distance. This must be one of the escaped prisoners they were looking for. He grabbed the woman’s wrist and pulled as she pulled back. There was a sudden movement from behind him. He turned just in time to see a pink haired beauty covered in filth hit him in the head with a wrench.

The ship landed at the docking port as scheduled. Kllair and her crew had made it to the outer rim. They were looking for an old friend. They needed information that only an Imperial insider could get. A high ranking official with access to information that they needed. A certain Commander in the Imperial army was known to frequent the night spots and gambling parlors on this planet. He was a tactical genius and the Generals knew it. He was also less than professional to say the least. His commanding officers put up with and even covered up some of his indiscretions because of his military prowess.
His main weakness was women. He was a handsome man and women liked him. He was never abusive and would spend his money freely on the ones that pleased him.
He had met Kllair and Elith two years ago on this very planet. Kllair and Elith were posing as traveling entertainers and the Commander wanted them both badly. He was extremely interested in Elith who was eighteen at the time. She was just entering womanhood and being a Zeltron made her even more enticing. They had never gone any further than having drinks together but it seemed now was a good time to rekindle their friendship. He would be an excellent source of information on the scared and twisted man that Gaemer Trillion had sold Timtam and Pep too. It would be up to Elith to use her charms and find out who this man was and where he could be found.
“We’ve been to every spot he hangs out and he hasn’t been in any of them. What are we going to do if we can’t find him?” Elith asked Kllair.
“Don’t worry, we’ll find him. I know one more spot that he can be.” Kllair said.
The two women drove into an old industrial facility. They could see some lights coming from  a huge old warehouse. They drove up to the door and waited. A human came out wearing a nice suit and walked up to Kllair’s side of the speeder.
“What do you want?” he asked.
“Tell Commander Wazz that Una and Hypatia are her looking for him.” Kllair said. She was using the fake names they had given when they met the Commander.
The bouncer went back inside. He didn’t chase them off so that meant the Commander was inside. The bouncer came back out and opened the garage door and let them drive inside. Once inside they saw about thirty speeders of all sizes and models parked to on side. The other side had a large cheering crowd. They were watching some kind of event that was obviously illegal and probably  sordid. They made their way through the crowd towards the center. In the center of the crowd was a pit. It had it’s bottom covered by sand. There were four women in the pit fighting. They were all blindfolded and each one had one hand chained to one of the others. They fought as a team. There was also a large masif  wearing a collar. It was chained to a railing that went all around the pit. If one of the teams tried to escape before the match was over the masif would be able to attack them.
“ There he is.” Elith said nodding her head in his direction. He was leaning on the rail waving his money at one of the bet takers. Standing next to him was a Twi’lek slave girl. She had delicate gold chains wrapped around each of her head tails. Her skin was a blueish color that made her gold jewelry stand out even more. She seemed to be enjoying herself as much as the Commander was. She was defiantly a professional companion and was loving every minute of it.
“Is she going to be a problem for you?” Kllair asked Elith.
Elith looked the Twi’lek up and down. “No, if I have to I’ll do them both.” she said smiling a wicked little smile.
“That’s my girl, always ready to take one for the team.” Kllair said patting Elith on the shoulder.

“Push his leg in.” Pep told Timtam. They had dragged the unconscious crewman down too one of the escape pods. He had started to wake up earlier so Timtam hit him a second time. Once they had stuffed him into the pod they set the controls and launched it.
“ The hangar bay must be just above us according to this diagram.” Pep said. She was looking at a diagram of all the locations for escape pods. There was a diagram like this next to every escape pod station. They climbed the access ladder up four levels. Timtam had to help Pep up the last one because her head ached and her vision was getting blurry. They could hear the ships guns firing at the escape pod. With any luck they would assume it was them trying to escape.
The access ladder came up in a crawl space under the floor panels of the hangar bay. They needed a place to rest before they could find a way off the ship. They decided to crawl under the hangar bay floor towards the center so they could rest and not have to worry about being seen by some crewman using the ladder.
They had made it to the center by now and found themselves near a floor grate were they could see a small freight hauler sitting almost on top of them. The owner had been stopped and brought on board along with his ship for inspection. The Soldiers had checked it out and he was ready to leave. Timtam and Pep could hear him muttering to himself about being hassled by the Empire. It was clear he didn’t like being pushed around by them and to make things worse they had confiscated a lot of his cargo.
“Look.” whispered Timtam. Pep looked up to see the owner walk around to the front of the ship leaving the loading ramp open.
“Let’s go.” Pep said and stood up pushing the grate open. She fell back down from being light headed onto the floor underneath the hangar bay. Timtam jumped up onto the hangar level and reached down to Pep. She was able to take Pep’s arm and pull but Pep was beginning to pass out. Pep was unable to help Timtam to get her out of the hole.
“Go.” Pep said as she let go of Timtam’s hand.
Timtam grabbed harder onto Pep’s limp arm and pulled but Pep was too heavy for her. Timtam tugged and pulled with tears streaming down her face. Suddenly she sensed someone behind her. She turned and looked up to see the ships owner standing over her looking down. He grabbed Timtam and yanked her away from the hole causing her to drop Pep. He looked at her tear drenched face angrily and then jumped down into the hole with Pep. Timtam watched as he lifted Pep out of the hole and laid her down on the floor next to her. He jumped out of the hole and looked around.
“Just don’t sit there crying, help me.” he whispered.
He was going to help them ! They each grabbed one of Pep’s arms and dragged her into the ship. He quickly jumped out and pressed the button to close the ramp just as one of the Imperial soldiers walked up.
“What’s taking you so long?” the soldier asked.
“One of your buddies twisted the latch when they were stealing my cargo, I had to fix it so the door would close.” he said angrily.
“Just get in that scrap heap and get it off this ship.” the soldier said.

The ship owner walked to the passenger ramp at the front and and got on board. The ship lifted off and left the old cruiser quickly making the jump to light speed.
Timtam had dragged Pep over to a pile of old tarps probably used to cover cargo. She was able to make a comfortable resting place for her and laid Pep on it. Timtam quickly made her way to the cockpit and found the owner. Her slave instincts kicked in as she fell at his feet.
“Thank you, thank you so much. They were going to kill us. We won’t be any trouble just tell me what you wish and I’ll do it gladly.” Timtam said touching her head to his boot in a gesture of complete obedience.
“You’ll do anything?” he asked remarkably calm.
“Yes, anything.” she answered humbly. They owed him there lives.
“Go in the back and take a shower girl, you smell like you fell down a shit hole.” he laughed.
Timtam looked up at the man embarrassed. She stood up and saw him pointing towards the rear of the ship.
“Down the hall and to the left. Soap and towels are in there.” he said directing her to the shower.
“My friend, she’s hurt.” Timtam said looking back at where she left Pep.
“I’ll take care of her. I was a medic with the Separatists during the Clone wars.” he said.
“What should I call you sir?” Timtam asked submissively.
“My name is Kero Hudd. But my friends call me Hudd.”

“ Una, Hypatia! What are you two doing here?” Wazz said. He was genuinely happy to see them. The Twi’lek gave them a dirty look.
“We’re looking for someone. He’s an Inquisitor I think. We have some information we need to tell him about. I don’t know his name but they say he is scared and twisted. We need to pass this information to him as soon as possible.” Kllair acted as if she was desperate to help the Empire with this message she had.
Commander Wazz suddenly looked serious. “You mean Gangler. Professor Gangler is an Inquisitor alright. He has been known to become over zealous in his work.” Wazz sounded disgusted.
“Can you help us find him?” Elith asked smiling as she took the Twi’lek’s arm in hers. The Twi’lek was surprised at first but then smiled at Wazz and Elith.
“I’d be delighted but why don’t we go back to my hotel and have a few drinks first?” Wazz suggested.
“You three go ahead, I have to call my mother and let her know I’ll be late.” Kllair said playfully.
“Very well Una, I’m at my usual hotel if you change your mind.” Wazz took Elith and the Twi’lek and headed over to his speeder. Soon Elith would be working her charms on the good Commander and he would tell her anything she wanted to know. To Elith and her kind sex was as normal as eating a meal with friends. They only wished to make others feel good. It wasn’t a thing to feel guilty about. The Zeltron give off a Powerful pheromone that enhances sexual desire and pleasure that most humanoids find irresistible. As soon as Wazz came under the effect of this pheromone he would not be able to resist telling Elith anything she wanted and he would be happy to do it. Kllair would be able to listen in on the goings on in the room through Elith’s ear rings that had a miniature comm system in them. She would be able to coach Elith on what she should ask from a safe distance. Kllair had made the mistake of being in the room when Elith used her talents on another man once before with, at least for Kllair, embarrassing results.

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