8/7/11 (Old Post)

I have decided to end the Star Wars based story at chapter 100. I will however continue to write stories about individual characters from the story as time allows.

My next project will be a Steam Punk/ Victorian Science Fiction story based on another RPG game called G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T..

You can buy this game at…


It will have lost worlds, eccentric characters, Vic-tech, airships, mad scientists, Englishmen, Germans, pretty girls, heroic men, and plenty of adventure.


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4/29/11 (Old Post)

New pictures added to Star Wars Game section. They are also in the stories. New pictures added to Star Wars Game section. They are also in the stories.


4/27/11 (Old Post)

I’ll soon be moving my website to a new server that will allow me to post larger pictures.                         Some of you have visited my “Bikini Girl” section only to find it empty. “Bikini Girl” is a comic I made several years back just for fun about a nice yet naive college girl that winds up lost in space on an alien space craft with her sidekick Gimboz.              Anyway the pictures are way to big to be put up on this server so once I make the change you be able to see it.





2/25/11 (Old Post)

I just found a great group of men and women that really take the love of Star Wars to it’s highest limit. Check out their website and make sure to have a look at the photos section


I just posted Chapter fifty of my Star Wars based story last week. I wish to thank all of the people that have come to my website and helped me make this whole thing a lot of fun. I really enjoy reading the E-mails you’ve sent and hearing your suggestions. I hope to keep adding content and features as time allows. Also some of you have asked me if the things I’ve made are for sale. Yes, everything I make is for sale. Drop me an E-mail if you’re interested.


I just put up a whole bunch of new pictures in the Star Wars Game section. Most of these are used in the stories and can be seen there when you read them. I try to put up at least one if not more for each story I write. I think it adds to the story if you can see what the ships or the characters look like so if you haven’t read any of the stories why not give them a try?






12/9/10 (Old Post)

I just put up a picture of Kero Hudd in the chapter “A matter of trust”.  My friend said he thought he would look “fatter”. Below is the reason I didn’t make him fatter.

I’m the one in the upper left.

I stand by my decision.









11/10/10 (Old post)

At last I have finished the preface/back story for Stella Star. This story explains who she is and why she is so important to the other characters. I am putting her story in the character back story section as well as using it as the preface for the Star Wars based story. It is the same story so you don’t have to read both. Once again thanks for spending your time here.

Thanks to everyone who’s visited my site. I have had over FIVE THOUSAND HITS  so far. If you haven’t read any stories yet try a few of the character back stories. They’re short and easy to read.

If you’re in the area check out a great game store.

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