11/24/14 (Old Post)

Sorry for being away so long. I have good news.

You can now e-mail me direct at



I’d love to hear from you all.


8/2/14 (Old Post)


I have fixed the problem with the sale of my new book at Amazon.com

The book was kept from being sold due to a simple mistake on my part,(I posted two chapter sevens and no chapter eight).

Unfortunately I never got the notification and it was only by dumb luck I checked the site and found out it was being held from sale, For like six months!!!!

Anyway here is the address


A picture of the cover can be seen here



4/22/13 (Old Post)

I’ve finished the first thirty chapters of my new original story and it is now for sale at


I hope you will all continue to support me and check it out. Please pass this on to whomever you think would like it. The website won’t let me upload the book cover here (Hooray joomla!!) but you can see it at the above link.


3/9/13 (Old Post)

I have been very busy over the last few months and have neglected this site. You can see my newest art and things at Deviant art. com. My name there is qzbk. If you do a search at the upper left search bar it should take you to it.

This version of joomla used for this website is just too terrible to use so I’ve been posting my new stuff at Deviant art.

There is a folder there called “Beyond the Crystal Heaven” it has the first five chapters of my new story.


9/10/12 (Old Post)

Sorry for lack of updates recently but with it being summer and a serious illness in the family I’ve been quiet distracted. Thanks once again to everyone who has viewed my pictures and read my stories. I’m quiet happy to see the numbers steadily increasing. I just hope I’ve given you all a few minutes into my world.

The second reason I’m writing here is to let everyone know I will soon be publishing my first book. It is a Science Fiction story all of my own design. All of the characters are original as are the worlds and aliens. I will pass on further details as I proceed in the process.

It will be called “Beyond the Crystal Heaven” and below is the working book cover.


6/29/12 (Old Post)

I’ve finished my GASLIGHT 4 part short story (it was originally going to be 3) but it wound up being 4. Hope you like it.


5/28/12 (Old Post)

I’m posting the second of a three part GASLIGHT story “Into the Jungle of Ghosts”

I need someone to send me an e-mail. I want to check and see if the “contact me” feature is still working.


5/23/12 (Old Post)

I’m posting the first of a three part GASLIGHT story “Into the Jungle of Ghosts”

Hope you enjoy it. You can find it under the character back stories.


5/1/12 (Old Post)

I just joined a group hosted by DEVIANT ART.


Check it out at star-wars-elite.deviantart.com


4/21/12 (Old Post)

I posted some of my pictures on my DEVIANT ART account last week and low and behold a great 3D artist made a version of it. Check out his other stuff at http://madmanmike.deviantart.com/