4/20/12 (Old Post)

The problem with the amount of stories shown is fixed.


3/24/12 (Old Post)

Ugh! this website does strange thinks that are beyond my control sometimes. Be sure to select  “ALL”  at the top bar when viewing the stories. for some reason they give you a choice of how many story titles are shown but sometimes the website Gods decide that for you.


3/21/12 (Old Post)

I completely forgot to post my QUAZISTAN PRIMER that explains the world and the setting of my GASLIGHT campaign (D’oh!)

It’s now in the Character Back stories.


3/19/12 (Old Post)

I’ve added a new GASLIGHT story to the CHARACTER BACKGROUND STORIES section.

The mines of Doctor Colossus

I’ve also spent some time re-reading my 100 chapters in order for the first time. I’ll have to go back one day and correct all the typos one day but I want to thank everyone who has looked past the mistakes and read them anyway.


2/18/12 (Old Post)

I’m trying my hand at writing a horror story. It’s set in 1925 Mississippi so some of the language is considered racist by today’s standard but although I felt it was important to include it I’ve intentionally kept it to a minimum as not to offend.

I hope you enjoy my humble attempt to creep you out. You can find it in the character back story section.


02/07/12 (Old Post)

I’ve just added my second GASLIGHT story to the Character back stories section. I finished it sooner than I thought so enjoy.


02/06/12 (Old Post)
Well I’ve finally done it! I’ve completed my 100th chapter today and have posted it. It’s taken me about two years but it’s done.

I’m starting a series of short stories based on the GASLIGHT game next to be found in the Character Back Story section for now. The first one is already up with a second to be added this week. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time and joined me in my little corner of space and watched these characters lives unfold. There will be more stories about these characters later but they will mostly be “one shots”. Keep watching and reading for further updates.


12/02/11 (Old Post)

I just saw the latest trailer for the John Carter of Mars movie coming out in March of next year. It looks fantastic. Of course they’ve changed a few things from the books but just shut up about that and go and enjoy the fact that someone in Hollywood made the movie at all.


11/07/11 (Old Post)

I’ve just finished my first GASLIGHT story and have posted it under Character background stories until I can figure out how to make a new folder just for my GASLIGHT stuff.


10/27/11 (Old Post)

I’ve had to slow down on my writing due to the constant interruptions of the real world. I was able to write at least two hours a day but my time has been cut in half due to my work scheduled. Anyway just hang in there and forgive me if I’m a little slower at getting the stories too you.

Also my website E-mail is down but it should be up again shortly.