A history of the Feloid race




Ten thousand years ago humans perfected a type of gene splicing technology that to a vast movement of genetic experiments on different animals and alien species. The experiments were at the time highly controversial in nature so the scientists went deep into space and found new and unclaimed worlds to begin these experiments.

On one world they found a creature that was very similar to the genus feline but it was also very similar to primates in that it had opposable thumbs. After years of splicing human genes with this species they developed a human feline hybrid that was stable enough to sustain itself through breeding on their own. In an effort to increase the races survivability they made several different versions of the race hoping they would interbreed and let nature weed out the defects in their DNA. The race became intelligent enough to want to guide their own destiny and destroyed their human creators in what their legends refer to as the God wars.

The new race killed their human masters or drove them back into the core worlds. Eventually the ruling classes of the new Feloid race over the centuries completely wiped out any records of the human element in their creation and have come up with a whole new history of a completely natural evolution into the modern species they are today.

Some justify this by saying if they had been left alone they most likely would have evolved into a race very similar to what they are today anyway.

The original experiments had several different species prototypes and off shoots that have survived to this day. This gives the race a large variety in their appearance ranging from almost human to very much catlike in appearance. Even the cat like variety has a large amount of varieties within that range. In short a member of this race can have any degree of feline traits. There are some traits that are common in all Feloids however. They all have long tails except a very small few that have a short stumpy one. They all have fangs and claws and the eyes have slit pupils and not round ones like humans do. The Feloid eyes are also much better for seeing in the dark. They also have long pointy ears that are able to open and close and rotate from front to back.


The cat girl race is a deliberate attempt to breed a separate species. The original intent was to breed a class of Super Warriors. The attempt worked too well and the “Blood Hairs” as they were called, because of the deep red color of their hair, wound up conquering their creators. The subjugation of the original race was so complete that they had become slaves to the new warrior race almost entirely within just a few years. They would have remained the dominant race except that they had been bred by accident with a lack of a certain protein needed to sustain their livers. This made them sick and die off by the age of thirty for the majority of them.

The surviving Blood Hairs were enslaved and new breeding and genetic modifications were made too them. The anger of the Feloids at the Blood Hairs was so complete it was decided that the new version would be made so they could repair all the damage done by their forefathers. They were made almost completely submissive in nature and as a final insult the Blood red hair was changed to a vibrant pink. They have also inherited their surviving forbears resistance to illness and almost never get sick or contract diseases, a bonus to a race of laborers.

Only one in ten is male and only the males have shown any chance of becoming overly aggressive for the most part. They are bred specifically as slaves and there are laws and customs to keep any abuses in check.

The new race known collectively as cat girls is bred for physical beauty and health. They are greatly desired as sex slaves by other humanoid races and fetch a high price in those circles. It had been decided to breed the pink hair out of the race later because it was seen as a reminder of what they were. The modern versions tend to have thick silky smooth dark hair ranging from brown to black although blonde and auburn hair is not uncommon. They tend to have a rich dark tanned skin color bred into them due to the fact that many work out doors and the darker skin helps protect them from the sun. Like the majority of Feloids they have tails and most are tufted at the ends. In many ways they are almost indistinguishable from an average Freeborn Feloid although some swear they tend to have and wild untamed aura about them.

One type in particular is considered the best looking. About one 

in a thousand is born this way making them quiet rare. They have retained the original pink hair and have tails that are entirely covered with pink fur but there is no tuft at the end. They are thought to be born this way due to recessive DNA strands that pop up on rare occasions. As rule they also tend to be smaller and more child like in appearance with larger eyes and ears. They are most likely found in the homes of the very wealthy and are known for their strong affection, sex drive and willingness to please their masters and mistresses.

All cat girls give of a powerful pheromone that is almost irresistible to most humans and some humanoids. The Feloid race has become accustomed to this reaction and can control their desires. When traveling amongst humans most cat girls will wear a type of perfume that masks this pheromone for obvious reasons.

There has been a lot of criticism of the practice of slavery on Feloid worlds but being that slaves are genetically bred for that purpose it is hard for those against the practice to gain any support since the cat girls don’t want to be free.

The controversy is that the desire to be free has been bred out of them so it is an unnatural compliance to their circumstance that causes their lack of wanting freedom.

In addition all classes in Feloid society have strict rules and codes they must live by. Most rules are enforced with little mercy for those who break them. To the average Feloid the slaves don’t have it much worse than the average citizen.

In addition to the laws it is considered a disgrace to be overly abusive to a slave because they shouldn’t need to be severely punished if the master has control over them. In other words if your slave is unruly you must not have it’s respect because due to your lack of duties and accomplishments in the first place.

It is worth noting that there is a small movement amongst some of the younger Royal class to grant better treatment too the cat girls. The goal of these young people is to raise their status to citizens and give them more protection under the law. They see the cat girls as Feloids first and slaves second thus insisting that they receive better treatment including payment for their services. They also want to increase trade with other races and exchange ideas. However they have met with great opposition since the attacks made by the Humans and their Imperial way of thinking. This has set their cause back for many years it seems. Normal 0

The cat girls have one secret that they have been able to keep from all others dating back centuries. A secret form of communication collectively known as “Girl Talk” it includes eye movements, body posture, ear twitches, and hand gestures as well as tail movements. They often use this secretive form of communication to warn other cat girls about their master or mistress’s intentions or emotional state. In the Character back-stories section Timtam uses girl talk to tell Pep that Matt Mazin would take care of her and keep her safe.

The JEDI Relationship

The Jedi have a long history with the Feloids beginning with their help in negotiating the end of the Clan Wars. The Clan Wars lasted about fifty years and almost destroyed the Feloid race with whole worlds laid t ruin. The Jedi were asked to come in and broker a peace treaty between the warring parties. Although the Jedi were outsiders the Feloids respected their warrior skills and sense of honor that was well known throughout the Galaxy.

The treaty that the Jedi had moderated over was a complete success and gave rise to the Clan counsel as a type of justice system that allowed any Clan no matter its size to bring grievances forward to be ruled upon.

For their service the Jedi has always been given safe haven in Feloid space and as a tradition the Jedi train any Clan leaders family members in Jedi combat styles and on completion of the training the Jedi give the student a custom built light saber.

Although the Jedi do not approve of slavery they are powerless to do anything about it unless the Feloid Leaders or a mandate from the people demand it, so far this has not been the case.


The Feloids have some of the best designs of all known spacecraft. During the clan wars the technology advanced by leaps and bounds. They prefer small fast ships in combat because of their never-ending quest for personal glory. The Feloids tend to enjoy trading with other races but rarely bother in alien affairs. Feloids tend to fight only amongst themselves as they see other races as below them. However anytime the Feloids have been attacked by another race they have all joined together to fight the invaders even if they are already engaged in a war between themselves. The majorities of ships built by Feloid construction yards are small fast and well armed. Feloids prize personal glory so small ships with small crews make it easier to share the glory. Only the largest Clans will field Capital ships that have crews of over one thousand. Most of these tend to be carriers but some heavily armed battle ship types do exist.

The most distinguishing feature of Feloid craft is their “Fang” design. The average ship will have two protruding hull portions on either side of the main hull.


Feloids have a clan-styled government based on family lines centuries old. An average clan will control several planets and have a large number of space vessels to do business and raid other clans. As a rule Feloids don’t attack non- Feloid ships and crews because they are not worthy of their attention. Most other races are seen as inferior and not quite as good as Feloids. The race as a whole has an inbred need to take from others as a display of dominance and not greed. This cycle is a tradition that goes back as far as anyone can remember. At one time in their history things had escalated to a point of all out war amongst the clans. This is when the Jedi were asked to negotiate a lasting peace. Rules were laid down on how much force could be used and reparations paid to victims of over zealous attackers. Instead of taking ships and killing members of other clans an odd set of rules about ransoming crews and ships was drawn up. Outsiders see this as a strange way of life but every culture does things that others consider odd. Most large conflicts are resolved by the Clan Counsel, a court more or less of representatives from all the Clans no matter how small.


Feloid families usually consist of one male and one or more females. The male is the leader of the family and oversees major decisions, where they live, what jobs each member has, etc. The females are in charge of the day-to-day operations of the household. One female will be appointed by the male as the head female. She will then give out work lists for each member under her. There is very little abuse of power in these families because that is seen as a low quality to abuse power one has over others. The idea of abusing those less powerful than you is seen as cowardly.

Generally children are raised by the females until about age ten, and then the males are put under the care of the father to be raised in the family trade. Young males are sent to serve in the fleet and security forces of their clan around age sixteen. It is also quiet normal for first-born females to join the military services as well as females from families that do not have sons.

Very little distinction is made between male and female in matters of superiority. Each serves a function in the clan and it is unusual to find a male job or female jobs per say. Males do tend towards some jobs as do females towards some others but there is no cultural distinction and very little thought is given to it. (As in a chef or lawyer in human society)


Feloids trade mainly amongst themselves and have a proud tradition as merchants. They will, from time to time, trade with other races for exotic items that can only be found on other worlds. The products made by other races are generally seen as inferior even though that might not be true the Feloids still buy them if just to display the items as inferior in comparison to their own.

Many of the Feloids encountered outside Human space are outlaws in Feloid society. Their disposition and personalities vary greatly thus giving the casual observer a very mixed up idea about the type of beings Feloids actually are.

The Feloids have a unique view of slavery when it comes to other races. First they find the idea of taking prisoners and enslaving them to be abhorrent behavior. However they see nothing wrong with genetically breeding them to be servants and sex slaves because of what their ancestors did. To them the distinction is based on the fact that their slaves had never been free so they had always been slaves.

On occasion cat girls will be sold to outsiders. It is a horrible fate for a cat girl because once sold she will never be seen as normal by Feloids anymore. She will be considered the lowest of the low since she had been with lesser beings.

Only the most desperate Feloid would sell a cat girl into this fate because there is a certain amount of responsibility attached to owning a cat girl as well as looking after her well being.

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