Chapter 100 Time to rest

Chapter 100

Time to rest


Furonius walked into the large dimly lit conference room followed by two Royal guardsmen. Behind them came a well-dressed cat girl escorting a small child.

Furonius walked to the seat at the end of the table being held out for him by one of the lower ranking military attendants in the room. Furonius stood at the head of the table as the other members all stood in respect.

Before we get started gentlemen I wish to introduce you to somebody. This child is the daughter of my late sisters assistant Neeka. By all reports of the investigation into my sisters death this girls mother died trying to save my sisters life.” Furonius said looking at each one.

She is now my ward. I have officially adopted her into the Ty Clan and she will be recognized as my daughter from this day forward.” Furonius continued.

There was a slight murmuring from those present.

Some of you know that the child was born a slave as was her mother. I do not need to remind you that this girl’s mother died trying to save my sister as a free person, a station given her by another ex-slave and a free person that also helped to fight against the Visiok invasion.

All of this is perfectly legal under our laws. The station of this girl has now changed and I expect all of you never to forget that she is my daughter. This will be the last time that this appointment will be mentioned.” Furonius stated with finality.

The members of the counsel glanced at one another nervously. The change in Furonius from his past behavior towards cat girls was remarkable to say the least. It wasn’t that there was a strong disapproval of his past actions it was the fact that the change had been so sudden and complete.

With this topic closed allow me to send my new daughter on her way.” He said. To everyone’s continued surprise he lifted the child and held her in his arms.

Go with your nanna now. I will stop by and see you later this evening.” Furonius said and gently set her down. He nodded to the cat girl nanna as she took the child by the hand and led her from the room.

Furonius finally sat down followed by the others.

Today I will hear the reports on the surviving Rebel and Jedi that were working with Lionette under orders of my Father.” Furonius said in his official tone.

An elderly Feloid officer stood holding a data tablet in his hand. He was a Beast type similar to the Colonel that Maxis and Lionette trusted so completely. The Ty Clan had always used Beast types for their security and information divisions. They were highly regarded as being the most loyal and steadfast in their duties.

Lord Admiral Furonius, the following data is based upon the best and latest information we have.

The girl Timtam, once your sisters slave, has settled on Geirgor with her Human husband. They have taken up the task of aiding the cat girls left there by Pep Pudin, more about Pep Pudin later. They seem to have been welcomed by Brumbarus himself and are now under his protection.” He said.

Is she well?” Furonius asked.

Excuse me?” the elder officer asked.

Does she seem happy there?” Furonius pressed.

The officer fumbled through the entries on the data pad.

Never mind…it’s not my concern, please continue.”

The Reptus contingent now consisting of Kang the Jedi, Thorim the Doctor, Granic an engineer, and Baltis a bounty hunter have all been preparing to go back too the Reptus worlds and it is assumed they will continue their fight from wherever they wind up. As an added note the other Reptus Jedi is believed to have been killed by the Empire after the ship he was on was ambushed and captured.” The old officer said.

Yes I remember now, the Officer in charge and over eight hundred other Rebels recently escaped and returned to the base not long ago…Tempus, Major Ragg Tempus. Quiet miraculous if I do say so myself.” Furonius added.

Unfortunately one of their lead mechanics was killed in the ambush when the engine room was destroyed. She was known only as Ceecee according to our information.” The officer said.

Did I know her?” Furonius asked.

I don’t believe you ever had contact with her sir.”

Very well, continue with your report.”

As you wish. We lost track of the Human female known as Tarin Farstar, an obvious alias. She was a fairly well known assassin on the inner worlds. She left with the mercenary known as Bronski but only he returned, she hasn’t been heard of since.”

One less to worry about.” Furonius said. “What happened too the mercenary after that?”

He teamed up with the man known as Matt Mazin. He is the full time companion of the girl Pep Pudin. They went in search of her. She was taken by a Sith agent during the battle at the Palace. None of them has ever returned or made contact that we know of.”

What of the woman Jedi Stella Star? She is, after all, the one who first came here and asked my father for aid, what’s become of her?” Furonius asked.

After her return there seemed to be some question of her sanity. Our last reports say she left the Palace followed soon after by the Jedi known only as Mykala. She was the one that was told of in the prophecy we discussed in yesterdays meeting if you recall.” The officer said waiting for a response from Furonius.

Yes yes, please continue.” He said remembering.

It has been reported that she had returned to the Base briefly along with your cousin Destriss. He had been assigned to watch over her by your late sister. They stayed only a short time and picked up the Jedi Mykala’s cousin and a Rebel Doctor. Soon after that they left in one of the remaining Rebel ships on a heading deep into Feloid space near the expanses. They are most likely going into hiding. Your cousin’s family has several interests in that sector so it would make the ideal place to hide the Jedi.”

Is that all of them?” Furonius asked.

Yes My Lord Admiral. We continue to update our information as it comes in but for now that is all the information we have about the Rebel leadership with the exception of Ragg Tempus.

He has taken the remaining Rebels that have nowhere to go and has been instrumental in setting up a refugee colony on one of the moons in the Geedo Yuri system. They have sent us regular reports about the progress and continue to send their thanks for allowing them to stay.”

It made me sick to have to end our military support to the Rebels but the Empire is just too powerful to fight alone. I couldn’t see any other way to sustain our efforts.” Furonius said solemnly. “Make sure they have ample provisions, it’s the least we can do for them.”

There is only so much they can expect from us My Lord. There is no dishonor in your decision.” The officer said.

Mykala circled over the estate of her Jedi master Verasia. She hadn’t seen her since Lyda Starkiller murdered Araya, Destriss’s older brother, after he had saved Mykala’s life.

Destriss stood behind her with his hand on her shoulder. They had decided to take this opportunity to land and visit Araya’s grave to pay their last respects and gain closure for themselves.

Verasia came out onto the large patio behind her home and waved welcoming them to her home. Mykala landed the ship and they all exchanged greetings once they reached the house.

Verasia insisted they all spend at least one night at the estate. They all accepted and went inside out of the chill autumn air. It was fall on this world and the evening darkness came very suddenly.

Verasia went with Mykala and Destriss down to the old tower where Araya had been entombed. They had all donned heavy cloaks with hoods to fend off the evening chill giving them all a grim appearance as they proceeded to the burial place. Verasia had the old tower preserved as a kind of vault for Araya’s remains. A sarcophagus had been placed inside where visitors could come and pay their respects in private.

Mykala was the first to enter followed by Destriss and Verasia who carried a glow staff to light their way.

Haven Dak and Verrad Dagrid stayed at the house knowing this would be hard on all of those who went.

It’s beautiful Verasia, he would have liked this place I think.” Destriss said attempting to break up the tension.

I’m glad you approve Destriss.” Verasia said. “What do you feel about this place Mykala?”

Mykala looked around the darkened interior.

This place holds my worst memory and my happiest at the same time. I’m not sure how to feel about It.” she replied thinking aloud.

Why did you come here Mykala, what did you hope to find?” Verasia asked.

Peace, peace of mind. He died for me. How does one honor that kind of sacrifice?” Mykala asked teary eyed.

By living.” Destriss said. “By enjoying the gift of life you were given.”

Well said Destriss.” Verasia said.

Mykala smiled. She felt the guilty feelings for Destriss melt away. Araya wanted Mykala to live a good long and happy life even he couldn’t be a part of it. She had to come to this place and remembered what he wanted for them.

I can move on now. I can finally let him go knowing what he would want for me.” Mykala said wiping her eyes.

The three left the tower and returned to the house. They met with Haven and Verrad in the sitting room where they spent the evening talking. When it was time for everyone to go to bed Verasia pulled Mykala off to the side.

What is it?” Mykala asked.

I’ve spoken to an old friend about your prophecy. He seems to know more about it than we thought. He said there might be a way to find out how to end it.

He also said it can be given to another person. I know you never asked for this gift and you might want to give it to someone else if they were willing to accept it.” Verasia said looking around cautiously to see if anyone could hear them.

Who is this person? When can I meet him?” Mykala asked.

Once you find a new home let me know where you are and I will send him too you. He wouldn’t want you to come too him.” Verasia said.

Mykala nodded in understanding. She hugged Verasia and went too her room alone. They would leave in the morning to find a safe place to live. With a little luck she would be able to be done with this prophecy for once and for all very soon.

The scattered remains of the Feloid ships tumbled slowly through space. They had made the mistake of trying to stop Enna’s ship.

She had been polite and asked them to let her pass but they stood their ground.

None of them even got off one shot.

Enna was proud of herself.

She had kept her promise to herself to stick with the plan. She had tried brute force before and it had failed miserably. Thun, the recessive male at the breeding facility, had been right when he pointed out that even though they were superior too the other Feloids their kind had lost in their attempt too take over Feloid space thousands of years ago.

This time she would learn from her mistakes. She would use her head and vastly superior intellect to bring about her vision of the new order.

The Feloid security force sent to stop her had been destroyed by her will alone. She only attacked them when they decided to use force against her. When she did it was total leaving no survivors. Enna knew this would happen. She would have to use her powers until the Clans knew she was unstoppable. They would send their young men and women to die so they could stay in power until they realized it was pointless.

She would also need allies and followers. She would only achieve this by using her powers only when attacked and acts of kindness and gifts of power to the weaker Clans. She would promise to reward their loyalty by heaping rewards on them. It would be simple; people in power can never have enough of it so the less powerful clans would flock to her side once they knew she was no threat to them.

Her ship continued on alone in the cold darkness of space. Soon she would reach her destination and meet with one of the leaders of a small indebted clan that had been taken over by the Ty Clan. They would be the first. Soon the Ty Clan itself would fall to her leadership and bring the largest confederacy of Clans along with them to her side.

Zohe finished her shower and had dressed. She had a good crew of that she was sure. Most of her assignments had been done or were near completion by the time she had gotten dressed. Gayjee stood by and helped Zohe with her shower and laying out her clothes. Zohe hadn’t realized until that moment just how natural it was for her to have someone serving her that way.

It would have to stop.

If she were ever recognized as Lionette she would never be able to convince anyone she wasn’t if there was a servant standing next to her.

Gayjee, go and help the others, I’ll be fine.” Zohe said.

Gayjee bowed and exited the room bowing.

Gayjee come back in here please.” Zohe said.

Gayjee entered the room head bowed.

Gayjee I don’t want you to do anything for me any more. Your job will be to take care of the rest of the crews needs.” Zohe said.

I all ready do Mistress. I have serviced Tessen and Reddarh several times.” She said proudly.

This was perfectly customary behavior on Feloid ships. It was normal for a ship to have one or two cat girls to clean up around the ship and perform other duties. Zohe was still shocked somewhat because of her Royal status. These kinds of things weren’t spoken of in polite company.

What I meant was that as far as attending to my… usual needs such as helping me with my shower and laying out my clothes and so on. I don’t want you to give me any special treatment. I want you to take care of everyone else first. Take care of the crew and then if you have time you can help me but only if I ask.” Zohe explained.

Gayjee looked disappointed. “Did I do something wrong?”

No Gayjee you’re a good girl. It’s just that I don’t want anyone to know about my past. If they did that could mean trouble for me.” Zohe said.

Gayjee smiled. “I understand now. I’ll do what you say Mistress.”

Call me Captain or just Zohe Gayjee, not Mistress.” Zohe said correcting her.

Gayjee smiled and shook her head yes.

Good now go help the others like I said…scoot!” Zohe said joking and pushed Gayjee out the door.

Zohe suddenly thought of Timtam and wondered where she was now. She hoped she was happy and safe as well. Maybe one day they could meet again and be friends once more.

She felt a tear run down her face. Zohe carefully lifted it from her face and looked at it. As she stared at the droplet she looked past it and saw her face. Males had always desired her; she was a natural beauty that made other women jealous.

The horrible jagged scar that ran down from her forehead and continued back under her cheekbone had destroyed her good looks forever.

Her life was over as a Royal. She had been disgraced and humiliated by the bounty hunter Torbarr. His violations combined with his causing her addiction to Mothers Milk had ruined her life.

Her only comfort would be revenge.

Today had been a good start. With the information Lennut had taken from the ships computers and the weapons that they had taken they had everything they needed to begin. Soon the weapons would be mounted and hidden behind fake bulkheads. They would take what they needed from now on.

With the ships list of contraband items and places the Empire suspected they were being sold she would soon be able to make contacts with various crime syndicates and maybe even the Hutts. The tears continued to cascade from her one good eye.

Stupid girl, there’s nothing left for all that.” She cursed at herself.

Its all part of the transition Zohe, don’t fight it.” sister said.

Zohe spun to see Sister standing behind her. She had appeared behind her as if she was a ghost. Zohe quickly wiped her eye and composed herself.

You startled me. I wish you wouldn’t do that.” Zohe said putting a smile on her face.

I always had to remain quiet for my brother. I guess I’ve become very good at it.” Sister smiled back.

Have they finished everything?” Zohe asked.

Have you?” Sister replied.

What?” Zohe was surprised by Sisters answer.

We can’t move on until we unshackle ourselves. You must sever your ties with the past or you will be doomed to drag it with you for the rest of your life.” Sister said gently taking Zohe’s hand.

I can’t just forget about what they did! I have to make them pay. It’s a matter of honor.” Zohe snapped. The idea of giving up her plan of revenge shocked her.

You have nothing to take revenge for. That was for Lionette Ty to do and she no longer exists. You must decide if you are Zohe or Lionette. The course you follow now is that of Lionette.” Sister said in her typical lilting calm voice.

What do you know about it? You’ve spent your life locked up in a pile of rocks at the far end of nowhere. What do you know about these things?” Zohe said angrily. How dare she question her motives?

I would never judge you Zohe I owe you my life. I just want you see you have a chance at happiness now as Zohe. You can end all of this violence and death if you just become Zohe.” Sister said.

Zohe took a deep breath and let it out. Sister could never understand her obligations. There was no way she could see it had to be done. She had a duty to Neeka and her own family.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to rest Sister but it can’t be stopped now. The die has been cast.” Zohe responded.

Sister let go of Zohe’s hand. “I am very sorry for you Zohe. My only wish is to see you happy. I see now you are not ready.”

Its alright Sister. I understand how you feel but I have to do this. I have to have justice done for my friends and family.” Zohe said.

Very well Zohe, I will do as you wish but we will talk of this again one day.” Sister smiled and walked silently down the hallway.

Well congratulations everyone, we’re farmers.” Matt said. He had just finished buying a small abandoned farm not too far from the main settlement. The farm had been deserted for over a year now and the town counsel was selling it for the money owed by the previous owner.

There’s about twenty droids that were left behind that will have to be fixed but most everything is automated so we won’t be killing ourselves by doing all the work.” Matt was very happy with the deal he had made.

Let’s go now Matt, I want to see it.” Pep said smiling. Her dream was coming true. Matt and her could finally settle down and be happy at last.

Yeah, lets go take a look at it.” Bronski said nodding his head at the ship. They could fly there in only a few minutes.

Get in.” Matt smiled also motioning them all to board the ship.

They all hurried on board and lifted off. Within minutes they had landed at the farm. They quickly got out and looked around.

Lets look at the house first.” Pep said excitedly as she grabbed Matt’s arm and tugged on it pulling him towards the main building.

I guess we’re looking at the house first.” He said smiling.

You two go ahead we’ll check out the equipment building.” Bronski yelled as Matt and Pep ran like children towards the house.

Better let them enjoy this moment. Those two have been through Hell to get here.” Bronski said to Pidge.

And what about you Buck? Is this what you want?” Pidge asked.

Buck looked at Pidge and smiled. “I just want a place to rest for awhile. I’ve lived a hard life Pidge, its time for me to take a long vacation from all of that.”

Is this going to be enough for you?” Buck asked Pidge.

I just want to belong someplace for a change. I want to be part of something. I guess I’m just lonely.” She replied.

Bronski put his arm around her and pulled her close.

It’s a good thing ‘cause you’re stuck here with us for a long time to come.”

I think I like that. You all need a rest from everything. I’d like to be part of that.” Pidge said looking up at Bronski.

So here’s where it ends. Everything we did fell to shit as usual and the bad guys won again.” He smiled accepting their defeat.

What are you talking about? It’s not over…its just time to rest for a while. They’re not going to win…they can’t win.” Pidge said.

Maybe not us but someone will continue the fight. We’ll just have to see what happens next I guess.” Bronski said. They both smiled at each other once more.

Well what say we take a look in that equipment building?” Buck said walking towards the building with his arm still draped over Pidge’s shoulder.


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