CHAPTER 12 Zohe the slave girl

Zohe  the  slave girl

“Absolutely not! No way is she doing that!” Matt suddenly stood causing his chair to fly back and fall over. Pep looked up at him and then put her head down.
“ Calm yourself Matt.” Adda said. “ We are only asking if Pep would consider it.”
Matt turned and picked up his chair. He walked around the table. Adda and Lionette were sitting silently along with Pep. They had expected this reaction from Matt. Matt looked over at Timtam sitting on a chair near the door. How could they even ask this of Pep? Her race had made her a slave since she was born. They treated her like an object that they could do whatever they wanted to. She had been abused for years and if it wasn’t for him she would have died or been right back serving some master. Now they needed her help. They wanted to put her back into slavery.
“ You two have lost your minds.” Matt turned toward Adda and Lionette.
“I appreciate your concerns Matt but it is Pep’s decision to make.” Lionette said.
“ I’ve done a lot of work putting her on the right track and I’m not going to let this plan mess things up for her.” Matt walked over and stood behind Pep.
“Pep what do you want to do?” Adda asked.
“ That’s not fare, you know she was raised to please others. She would do it just to make you happy. She won’t think about herself.” Matt put his hand on Peps shoulder.
The whole time they spoke Pep had just sat with her head down but she was watching Timtam. Timtam had been sending her messages using their secret language. Timtam had explained what had happened and what they needed her to do. She also begged Pep not to do it so Lionette wouldn’t have to act like a slave.
“Set them free.” Pep said to Lionette. “Make it official, and give them some money.”
“Who? Set who free?” Lionette said. She was taken aback by Pep’s new found boldness.
“The slaves we rescued. I promised them they would be free. Only you can do it. If you set them free I promise I’ll do whatever you need me to do.”Pep said sitting up straight and looking directly into Lionette’s eyes.
“Pep don’t do it, Let’s talk about this before you decide.” Matt said.
“ She’s a free person now Matt, I think she can decide without your help.” Lionette said. She enjoyed seeing Matt trying to control Pep and by his own doing wasn’t able to do so.
“ Is there anything else you need from me?” Lionette asked Pep. Lionette leaned back. She was partly irritated and partly amused by this new confident Pep.
“Yes, you will have to promise to do what I say no matter what it is. I have to have your word that I’ll be in charge at all times.” Pep was showing a great deal of confidence that no one had seen before. “ Our lives will depend on it.”
Lionette new how important it was to find and capture the assassins. She had to  show her people she could it.
“ I mean it, you will be entering a very different world than you are used to. You do not have time to learn everything you need to know. Above all else you must trust that I will make sure you are safe. I may tell you to do something that you do not want to do but it will be for your safety so you must do it. Can you do that?”
Pep was very focused and direct in her statements. Every one had struck a different tone with her now. They understood she knew what she was doing.
“Yes I will do as you tell me, I promise.” Lionette said in a respectful way.
“Good, now stand up.”Pep said.
Lionette looked at the others and stood up.
“ Sit down.” Pep said.
Lionette smiled and sat down. She was proud how well she could act as a slave.
“If you do it like that when we are in the palace we will most likely end up dead.” Pep said coldly.
“What do you..”Lionette started to say.
“ Stand up!!” Pep shouted. Everyone was shocked at her tone.
Lionette understood in an instant. She jumped to her feet and faced forward like she would expect from a slave.
“Now walk to that wall and get down on your knees.” Pep snapped.
Lionette did so.
“ Now I want you to crawl towards me on all fours like an animal.” Pep said with disdain for her in her voice.
Lionette sucked up her pride and did what she was told.
Pep walked around her slowly making sure she was in control of Lionette.
“Stand up.” she said with her back to her.
Lionette quickly stood up.
“This is how I will treat you, this is how every one will treat you. Will you be able to do this and maybe worse?” Pep asked Lionette.
Lionette dropped her head and whispered, “Yes mistress.”
“Good, than I will help you.” Pep said to Lionette.
Lionette glanced at Timtam to see her reaction to seeing her mistress crawling around like an animal. She was surprised to see Timtam with her hand over her mouth crying. She couldn’t understand why she would do that.
“Next we will need to get you a breeders harness. This should keep most of the guards from molesting you. It will show everyone that you have been sold to a freeborn and you are not to be used by anyone but him.” Pep said looking at Lionette.
Lionette suddenly felt sick to her stomach. She hadn’t put much thought into that aspect of the mission. She knew what happened to the slave girls when the guards were board. It was an unspoken reality that slave girls were sexually abused more often than anyone wanted to believe. They were the perfect victim for such abuse since they could not get pregnant unless the were given a hormone they lack and no one would take a slaves word over a free borns for any reason.
“If you do get molested at least my lady will remain a virgin.” Pep said without emotion.
Lionette was beginning to understand why Timtam was crying. It was because of fear. Fear of what she would be forced to endure as a slave. Lionette considered calling off the whole plan and trying something else but she realized there really was not a second choice.
“ May I suggest that I pose as a Top girl and you and any other volunteers from the slave girls I rescued be under my care. This way any one wanting to have any contact with you will have to go through me first. I will be able to give you some protection this way.” Pep said.
“If you think that would be best we shall do it your way.” Lionette had no choice but to trust Pep with her life. She felt she should apologize for her past behavior towards her but she knew it would make no 

difference at this point.
“Have any of the other slave girls agreed to go along?” Pep asked Adda.
“ Only one of the twenty has agreed to help.” Adda said disappointed.
“ Was it Neeka ?” asked Pep.
“Yes it was, how did you know?” Adda asked.
“She seemed helpful.” Pep said.
Adda felt there was more to Pep knowing she would help than Neeka “seeming helpful” but she didn’t pursue the matter.
“Only one?” Lionette asked surprised.
“ It will make it easier with less.” Pep said. She realized Lionette would not understand why none of the others would go back into slavery even if promised by a freeborn that they would be released.
“ Bring her in, I want to see if she understands what we are doing.” Pep said.
Adda went out and brought Neeka in. She was very young and very beautiful. She entered the room as expected with her head down and hands crossed behind her.
“Stop, do you understand what we are going to be doing.” Pep asked.
“Yes.”Neeka said.
“Then tell me.” Pep said.
“We will pretend to be slave girls in the Ty clan palace. We will try to find out who does not fit in and see if they are the assassins we are looking for.” she said.
“Very good. Now strike her.” Pep said motioning towards Lionette.
Neeka slapped Lionette without hesitation.
Lionette was shocked and angry but only for a second. She new this was another test and she had to trust Pep. Lionette stood motionless ready to be struck again. She was thankful for her Jedi training that helped her to remain focused in spite of all of these indignities.
“Remember, I will be Top Girl for you two so whatever I tell you to do it is for your own good.” Pep said.
“Yes Ma’am.” Neeka said with her head down.
“Yes Ma’am.” Lionette said as she put her head down also.
“Lionette I am naming you Zohe, your slave name is now Zohe.
“ I am Zohe, my name is now Zohe.” Lionette said looking down.

The guard escorted the new slaves into the lower levels of the palace. He was an older Feloid and most likely had this easy post because of years of loyal service. He stopped in front of a plain wooden door and opened it. Inside there was a simple dormitory type room with about forty catgirls in various states of  dress all preparing to go to bed for the night.
“ Meeta! Where is Meeta?” He called.
One of the catgirls pointed to the far corner just as Meeta came out from a side room.
“Meeta, I have three new girls for you.” said the old warrior.
Meeta looked to be in her early thirties. She was tall for a catgirl and full figured. Meeta smiled at the old warrior and walked over to him grinning.
“ Hello Drastus, how come you’re on duty tonight?” she asked.
“I switched with Telos, he had something to do.” Drastus said as he grabbed Meeta by the waist and play nibbled on her neck. Meeta laughed and pushed him away.
“I don’t know  why they retired you, you still got plenty of fight in you Drastus.
Drastus just laughed and slapped Meeta on her rump. “Any way here’s your new girls, this one is Head girl to these other two. No special treatment but the tall one is meant for a noble so you can’t let the guards have her for your extra rations.
“I don’t sell my girls to guards! “ Meeta protested.
“ Liar, you’ve sold some to me!” Drastus laughed.
“Oh yeah, that young one fresh in from the colonies…I remember now.” Meeta said smiling.
“Any way I don’t care about the other two but the tall one’s off limits.” Drastus said as he walked out and closed the door.
Meeta walked up to the three new slaves and stopped. She looked them up and down slowly. “I’m Meeta, the Head girl in these quarters. I say who gets what job. I say who gets fed and who goes hungry. I’m the one you have to listen to.” she said as she crossed her arms. “Things can be easy or  hard for you”.
“My name is Pep, the short one is Neeka and the tall one is Zohe.” Pep said as she stepped forward.
“Zohe is to be bred in one month so we must be sure she is not bothered by the guards.” Pep took Meeta by the arm and walked a few steps farther away from Neeka and Zohe. “ I don’t like having to watch the tall one, she’s odd and some  say she she is a snitch.  Neeka and I do not girl talk to her so I would let the others know she is not to be trusted.” Pep said quietly.
“ Oh no, she’s your problem. I’ll work with Neeka and I’ll tell the others to shun  Zohe, but I won’t watch over a snitch.” Meeta said firmly.
By pretending she wanted to hand over responsibility for Zohe to Meeta Pep made sure Lionette would by left for her to handle. No Top girl want’s a trouble maker under her command. It takes years and hard work to get to be Top girl and it can all be taken away in an instant by having one girl that always causes problems. A snitch is the worst problem a Top girl has to deal with. Most Top girls rarely get a second chance.

Timtam had been escorted to Mundis’s quarters and been told to wait. She had a very important message to give to Mundis, Cheena, and Furonious. Lionette’s plan to find the assassins was in effect at this time. Lionette had gone over and over with Timtam all the details so she would get it right.
“Ah, Timtam, I was told you have a message for us.” Mundis said as he entered the room followed by Cheena, and Furonious.
Timtam jumped up off the chair and knelt in front of them.
“Yes Master Mundis. My Mistress Lionette wants me to tell you she has had to leave on an emergency mission and she will send you details as soon as she has more information.” Timtam had gotten it right.
“ Did she leave for Verasia’s home? We are sending troops there right now.” Cheena said.
“Does she have information on the location of the ship that fled?” Mundis asked.
“If she has any clue to were this ship is we must know so we can head it off!” Furonious demanded.
Timtam didn’t know what they were talking about but she knew something bad had happened that Lionette didn’t know anything about.
“She left on an emergency mission and she will contact you as soon as she has more information.” Timtam repeated.
“Useless!” Furonious scolded.
“ I’m sorry Master.” Timtam apologized.
“Furonious, if the girl doesn’t know it’s not her fault she wasn’t told.” Cheena said as she stood and put her hand on Timtams shoulder comforting her.
“You’re too soft on their kind, they know a lot more than they let on.” Furonious snapped and turned away towards the rear of the room. He stopped and glared at Timtam.
“May the Gods help you if I find out you’ve lied to me.” he said coldly.
“Never mind him Timtam you’ve done nothing wrong.” Cheena said reassuringly.
“Does your mistress know that Verasia’s home has been attacked and Mykala is  missing?” Mundis asked.
“My Mistress will contact you when she has more information.” Timtam said recoiling as if she was going to be struck by Mundis.
“What are we to do? Is Lionette aware of this or not?” Mundis said to Cheena in frustration.
“ We should continue as planned, whatever Lionette is doing it must be very important. She will contact us when she is ready and we must obey her wishes my brothers. She would not want us second guessing her orders. We must have faith in her.” Cheena said.
Mundis and Furonious looked at each other for a moment. “ You are correct my sister. We need to allow her to lead as she feels fit. Any concerns about how she does it would best be discussed with her at a later date.” Mundis said.
Furonious reluctantly nodded his head in agreement.
“Well then, that’s settled.” Cheena said. “ Timtam you are dismissed.
Timtam got up and hurried towards the door. As she left she caught a glance of Furonious glaring at her. It was well known he had little respect for slave girls and he enjoyed abusing them. He was a man of importance and it had been kept quiet due to his position of responsibility. He had always been an angry type of man so it was thought he should be allowed to have his way with the girls to get his anger out of his system.
Timtam was afraid of Furonious and tried never to be alone with him. She hurried down the palace halls and to Lionette’s chambers. She went in and locked the doors. Here she would be safe. It was the only place she could go and be allowed to lock him out. She was responsible for Lionette’s quarters and could bar any one from entering in Lionette’s name. Suddenly  there was a knock on the door.
“Timtam, it’s me, Furonious. I’m sorry I said those things back there. I want you to open the door so we can talk.” he said
“ I’m sorry Master but I’m not allowed to let any one in my mistress’s quarters when she’s not here.” Timtam said nervously.
“I promise I won’t come in, I”ll stand out side and we can talk.” he said almost in a friendly way.
Timtam opened the door slightly. Furonious grabbed her wrist and pushed her into the room and closed the door. “Now I have you. You little slut I’ll teach you to shut a door on me.” he growled.

“Zohe will help clean in the kitchen, it will be more public and she won’t have to worry about guards there. Pep, you and Neeka can help out upstairs cleaning the guest rooms.” Meeta said.
“Very good, should I show Zohe what to do on the way upstairs?” Pep asked.
“Might as well, it will save me the trouble of checking in on her later if you don’t mind.” Meeta said as she made sure everyone had their assignments for the day. “Is she really that bad off that you got to show her what to do?” Meeta asked Pep.
Pep looked at Zohe and then back at Meeta. Pep pointed to her head and made a goofy face to demonstrate Zohe’s  mental capabilities. Lionette was a little angry that she was made to look feeble minded but it would keep others from asking her to many questions.
“ That’s sad, they must be breeding her for her looks.” Meeta laughed as did Pep and Neeka. Lionette took the cue to act the part of an imbecile and laughed too.
Pep, Neeka, and Zohe all walked down the hall towards the stairs that lead up to the palace. They arrived at the kitchen in short order. Some of the other girls had already started their chores for the day. Pep looked around and found a bucket and a scrub brush. She filled it with hot water and soap then handed it to Lionette.
“Scrub the floor, all of it. When the water gets dirty change it and put some soap in it. Do this till I come back.” Pep told Zohe.
Zohe took the bucket and walked to the far corner. She knelt down and began to scrub the floor. She looked up at Pep who stood and watched. Zohe gave her a smile and continued her work. Pep and Neeka left the room and went upstairs.
Pep stopped on the stairs and looked around. Once she was certain no one was around she asked Neeka,“Why are you here?”
Neeka looked at Pep questioningly. “I want to help. You’ve done so much for me and the other girls you rescued I just wanted to return the favor.” Neeka said smiling.
Pep looked at Neeka, she seemed sincere enough but there was something that didn’t feel right with her.
“I think our best chance to catch the assassins is to girl talk to as many other slaves as we can. If any seem they don’t realize what we’re doing that should be
the assassins. It would be nearly impossible for a non Feliod to know about  girl talking.” Pep said.
Neeka nodded that she agreed.
They went about their duties for the day without any leads or clues to who the assassins might be. Zohe was finding out that Lionette wasn’t any good at scrubbing floors. Two of the other girls had mentioned that she better do it again or she would be in trouble. It was frustrating to Lionette that she found herself angry that a slave was finding fault with her work. If she thought she could do better than she should do it. Lionette was looking for any clue that might give the assassins away. She decided to look around a little and walked outside. Almost immediately she ran smack into a guard. She quickly turned around and made a half hearted excuse for being outside. Before she could leave he had grabbed her arm. “Don’t go, I’m lonely out here.” he said as he pulled her close.
“No, let me go. I’m not to be touched, I’m meant for breeding.” Zohe tried to pull away.
He twisted her arm and she went down hard on one knee. “ There are other ways to please me you little whore.” he moved closer still twisting her arm keeping her down.  “ You’re quiet the beauty, what’s your name?”
“ I can’t, I have to finish my work. You have to let me go.” Zohe said. Lionette was confused and shocked by this guards behavior. He couldn’t be serious. He was a guard in the palace. This can’t be happening.
“What’s going on here?” it was Pep, she had come to check up on Zohe.
Zohe was relieved to see her. “Why aren’t you working!” Pep yelled at Zohe. She hurried over to Zohe and grabbed her by the hair. “ I’m responsible for you you halfwit! Pep pulled her from the puzzled guards grip. “Now get back inside and finish your scrubbing!”
Lionette scrambled to her feet and ran inside almost knocking over Neeka who had followed Pep outside. She was angry with herself for getting in that situation. She was used to knowing what to do but she was realizing she didn’t have a clue about life as a slave. She had always just saw them as not important, or something you tried to avoid contact with. She never really gave their lives much thought.
Pep came into the kitchen and handed Zohe the bucket.
“I guess I should have done what you told me to do Pep, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” said Zohe.
Pep just nodded.
“Where’s Neeka?” Zohe noticed she hadn’t returned.
“She’s taking care of the guard, it’s better to give him what he wanted then for him to get suspicious.” Pep said.
“You mean she’s…” Zohe asked.
“ Neeka and our kind have been doing that for years, it’s not a big deal for us to do it, it’s how we survive. Maybe he’ll give her some credits as a tip.” Pep said smiling.
Lionette was shocked to hear how matter of fact Pep took the whole thing. What she had considered a near rape was just day to day life for these slaves. It was the life they had been born into and they dealt with it the best they could.   Neeka should not have to be doing  that, the whole thing was Lionette’s fault but as usual the slaves clean up the messes.
Pep nodded at the bucket and Zohe immediately began scrubbing the floor again. She did a much better  job this time.

After the days chores were done they retired to the slave quarters. A meal was served that was surprisingly decent. Pep explained that house slaves appearance was a sign of affluence. Any visitor may think the host is doing poorly if his slaves look starved. Lionette of course new this being from the side that says who gets what.
Everyone had settled into their own groups for the evening.  There was plenty of talking from the various groups, it was the only time of the day they had to talk freely amongst themselves so they made the most of it. It was no different with Zohe, Pep, and Neeka. Meeta had checked in with Pep to see if Zohe had any problems during the day. Pep told her there were no problems and Lionette just gave Meeta a blank stare. Meeta mimicked the gesture that implied Zohe’s mental capacity was less than desirable and once again they all laughed even Zohe. Meeta left to check in on the other girls and see if they had any difficulties.
Zohe leaned forward to Neeka. “I want to thank you for what you did for me today, I think I would have ruined everything if it had gone any farther.”
“ Don’t worry about it, I made sure if he wanted that again he’d come looking for me.” Neeka smiled and nudged Pep who gave a little smile back at Neeka. They both had learned how to make men happy and they knew how to make it work for them.
Lionette just smiled, she was repulsed by the lack of self respect they had by openly discussing such things. At the same time she felt somewhat inadequate about her own knowledge of physically pleasing a man. Lionette thought it was strange that she new many different ways to kill a man but none on how to make one happy. She had the same desires as any normal woman but had to remain a virgin until she was married. The ways of making love were not taught to her. It is better that she doesn’t know. She might become curious and try to find out for herself what it really felt like. What it was like to be in a mans arms as he made love to her. To feel his hot breath on her neck as their bodies joined as one. Lionette took a long drink and wiped the cool glass across her forehead. “Does any one else think it’s hot in here?” she asked.
None of them had noticed any of the other slaves acting strange or unusual. It was going to be hard to find the assassins. Neeka and Pep knew they could have a good chance of finding them if they didn’t girl talk to them. No outsider knew about girl talk. If the assassins had been surgically altered to look Feloid that would be easy to do. The problem is they wouldn’t have full control over their ears or tails to the point of being able to mimic the subtitle gestures of girl talk.
The next few days were much like the first. They had no luck in spotting the assassins. They went about their duties as usual with Lionette becoming better at manual labor each day. She was oddly proud of this finding knowledge that she could clean floors as well as any catgirl. Zohe continued to work in the kitchen. She was now allowed to wipe down cabinets and counter tops after the cooks had finished preparing the food.
Zohe liked to get the cabinet doors so shiny that she could see her reflection. The whole kitchen area was gleaming and Zohe was admiring herself in the reflection when she saw it. Behind her across the room one of the girls had knocked a large knife off of the counter. She saw this in the reflection but was shocked to see the girl catch it before it hit the floor. The girl quickly looked around to see if anyone saw. No one had seen it, but wait, she saw Zohe’s face in the reflection from across the room. Zohe froze, it was one of the assassins. The girl took the knife and seeing there was no one else in the room started towards Zohe.
Zohe could see her coming towards her. She did the only thing she could think of, she pretended not to see her coming and continued to admire herself in the doors reflection. Zohe was known to be an imbecile and maybe the assassin would think she didn’t notice. The girl didn’t make a sound. She moved almost ghost like as she made her way closer. She stopped just behind Zohe and looked at the reflection. Zohe tried not to look at the girl in the reflection and focus on herself. She stood behind Zohe studying her to see if she looked and saw her. Zohe leaned closer and pretended not to see her. The girl took one last look around and then lifted the knife to strike.
“Zohe look out!” Neeka cried from across the room. She had just came down from upstairs to check on her.
The assassin turned and threw the knife hitting Neeka in the stomach. She then made a high kick to Lionette’s throat shutting off her air way. Lionette saw Neeka fall behind a table. The assassin ran and dove out the window and disappeared.
Lionette tried to make her way over to Neeka but she couldn’t breath and fell to her knees. Everything was getting dark and the last thing she saw was Pep running towards her.

Lionette awoke in her own bed. Adda, and Timtam were standing by her side.
“What’s happened?” Lionette said. Her voice was harsh and raspy.
“You found the assassin but she escaped. They are searching for her as we speak. She was known as Tahlla to the slaves. She had been here for just under a year. Who knows what happened to the real girl? The assassin took her place but luckily we now know what she looks like. If we’re lucky there was only one and no more lying in wait.” Adda said.
“ How’s Neeka?” Lionette asked sitting up suddenly as she held her throat.
“ She’s very badly injured and it will be a while before she’s back up and around.” said Pep as she waked into the room.
“Pep is the one who saved you, she gave you mouth to mouth resuscitation until help could arrive.” Adda said.
“ Thank you Pep” Lionette said as she put out her hand to her in gratitude.
Pep just folded her arms. “Are you going to free all the girls now and give them some money or do you want me to do some more?” Pep said flatly.
Lionette put down her arm. She looked at Pep for a moment and said “ I will honor our agreement Pep.”
With that said Pep and walked out of the room. There was an awkward silence for a moment then Lionette noticed Timtam had a bruise on her cheek.
“What happened?” Lionette asked.
“It’s nothing mistress, an accident. Now you must get your rest.” Timtam said.

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