Chapter 26 Reffa

Chapter  26   Reffa

Mykala sat down on the curb. It was still hot even this late at night. The traffic had died down a little but there was still plenty of noise. She looked around at the people partying in the street and smiled. No one knew who she was here. She was just another chick out drinking and having a good time. This was the frontier. There wasn’t enough on this rock for anybody to be interested in. All they had here was dirt, and lots of it. Some big trade guild needed a place for fueling their ore carriers that carried processed rock back from some nearby asteroid field. They had built a refueling station in orbit around the planet. Everyone else built their businesses on the planet to service the workmen and ore carrier pilots and crews. They could stop and get a meal or a drink and anything else you could imagine here. They didn’t even have a name for the planet or the town she was in. That’s how they liked it here. They liked to fix their own problems when they popped up.
She took a big drink and swallowed it letting out a loud belch. Two men walking by clapped and hooted at her. She smiled and tilted he bottle to them in thanks.
There wasn’t any real organized crime to speak of because this place was just too small and just too far away for anyone to start a syndicate here. All in all not a bad place to lay low if you knew how to handle yourself.
There he was again. Across the street in that alley. A man had been ghosting her all night. At first she just thought he was interested in her but shy. She pretended not to notice him and tried to act friendly but he always hung back. She had gone to several of the local night spots and he would always show up.
Nobody could know where she had gone. She had just up and left. She didn’t even know she was going to leave until she just did it.
The man was crouching now making himself look even more suspicious than before. That did it, she had to find out who this clown was and why he was screwing up her good time. Mykala stood up and swallowed the last drink in her bottle. She wiped her mouth and tossed the bottle over her shoulder causing it to land in a trash can. Tahl Jae Roe would have been proud. She began to walk across the street stopping to avoid some traffic. The man stood up and looked around frantically. She had made it to the other side.
“Hey you, why are you following me?” she said calling to him. Suddenly he turned and ran.
“Aww, are you kidding me?” Mykala was really in no mood for this. She just wanted to have some fun.
Mykala took off after him. She was a little drunk so it wasn’t as easy as she had thought it would be. After a brief chase  she found him in a dead end alley. There were thirty foot walls on all three sides and his only way out was through her.
“Looks like you really didn’t think this through, relax and just tell me why you’re following me.” she said putting her hands on her hips trying to look tough.
He turned and began to scale the side of the building using only his hands and feet. Mykala was shocked by this but just for a second. She quickly looked around and picked up a garbage can lid and threw it hitting him in the head. He fell backward and landed in a pile of trash. Before he could get up Mykala was on top of him and pulled his hood off of his head. She fell backwards in shock. It was a Feloid and he looked like Araya.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” the Feloid said.
The resemblance to Araya was amazing. He looked younger but very similar.
“Who are you?” Mykala stumbled getting to her feet.
“I am Destriss, Araya’s brother. Lionette, my cousin asked me to follow you and make sure you where safe.
Your cousin Haven put a tracking disc on your ship and contacted Lionette. I’m sorry, you weren’t supposed to know I was here.”
He looked awful. This was probably his first mission by the look of him. By human terms he looked to be about in his early twenties. Mykala was still stunned by the resemblance between him and Araya.
“It’s okay… I mean I’m not mad, you did the best you could I guess.” she said regaining her composier.
“I guess I’ll go, I’m sorry I messed up your evening.” he straightened up his cloak and started to leave.
“No wait, there’s no reason to go. I was good friends with your brother so why don’t you come with me and we’ll get something to eat.” she didn’t want to leave him here on his own.
“No I can’t I need to…” he hesitated.
“…be watching me?” Mykala said finishing his sentence and smiling.
He smiled back slightly embarrassed. “I see your point. Okay, I guess I can at least watch you eat.” He smiled and rubbed his head.
“Oh yeah, sorry about that bump.” she felt bad for beaning him in the head now.
“It doesn’t hurt.” he said rubbing the spot.

Enna had Timtam land the ship on a moon orbiting some planet deep in Feliod space. Timtam 

had been taken in the back of the ship to meet the remaining crew members.
Enna had tried to take over the ship before it landed on Geirgor while it still had the prisoners and treasure aboard. Her followers didn’t want to do it then so she did it anyway and was captured. Now that she was back and in control of the ship they were with her again. Pirate codes of honor are very different than what Timtam was used to.
There were ten crewmen left. About half the crew was female, not an unusual thing amongst pirate crews. Feloid males and females are both hunters and warriors. Unlike most cultures, deeds and actions are how Feloids are measured by their peers. Not by words and promises of what they will do.
The crew was nothing like the soldiers of Lionette’s military forces. They had no uniforms or anything that would lead you believe they were members of anything. Each one had their own unique look. Each one projected and  an attitude of intimidation about them. They all carried vicious hand to hand combat weapons of all description and as many pistols as they could carry. The choice of clothing went from scantily clad to pieces of battle armor.
“Looky what the Captain’s got. Is this one dinner or dessert?” one of them said as Enna and Timtam entered the mess hall.
“Watch that talk Fervus, this is my little friend and I don’t want anyone beating her or trying to rape her, at least not till I say so.” Enna said shoving Fervus.
“Okay Enna, we get it.” Fervus said. He seemed to be the biggest and strongest of the crew but he was quick to back down from Enna who was only half his size.
“ She’s the only one that can pilot this ship so you treat her as an equal.” Enna had taken a mug out of one of the other ones hand and began to drink it’s contents.
Timtam hung back as close to the door as she could with her head down. She looked up at the cut throats trying not to look too pathetic.
One of the females came close and looked Timtam up and down.
“It’s scarey how much you two look alike. Maybe because she’s wearing your clothes but it’s kind of strange seeing you, I mean her looking so scared.”
“All Pink Hairs have similar genes, we all look a lot alike.” Enna said dismissively. “But that’s where it ends. We’re nothing alike and don’t forget it.”
“Oh yeah, I was just saying…” the female said.
“One of these days Eilan, you will just say to much.”
“Anyway, they call this one Timtam, I hate that name so I will rename her when I come up with a name I like better.” Enna smiled. “Until then call her Little friend.”

Adda and Kang were ushered into Lionette’s office. They had asked for a meeting with her and were surprised that it would be held here. She would usually meet with them in her private chambers as friends. This office was used for formal  visits and policy meetings.
“Welcome Kang, welcome Adda. I hope you both are doing well.” it was a polite greeting but a bit colder than they had expected.
“Thank you for this meeting Lionette. We know how busy you have been lately and we appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule.” Adda said smiling.
Lionette did not respond, she simply motioned with her hand that they should sit. Kang and Adda sat at the other end of the long table. There was a definite feeling of awkwardness in the air.
“ Before you begin I just want to make this one thing very clear. We have always helped the Jedi in their times of need. Even to this day we except the loses of our own people to fulfill our promise of protection. There has always been an understanding that this obligation we maintain does not allow you to impress your views of morality on our sacred culture. So if it is your intent to ask me to change our rules and laws for the sake of a nameless slave I will have to ask you both to leave. The fate of the slave has been determined and cannot be undone.” Lionette said in a cold and official tone.
Adda stood, “We would never ask you to change anything you have done in your role as leader of this Clan. We would like you to consider in this role of leadership a plea from us as loyal friends an act of mercy. We ask that you change your verdict of exile to Geirgor to one of banishment at our responsibility.
We will go and retrieve this slave and she will be placed under our care as long as necessary.” Adda spoke in her most humble tone. She was asking for the impossible and she new it.
“You must think I am some sort of monster. You have no idea what this has done to me. I loved that stupid slave as a sister and I was forced to do this horrible thing by her own actions. There is no room for mercy here. I wish it was possible for me to send some one there to take her away from the hell I’ve sentenced her too but I can’t. She is most likely dead anyway. If there was a way for me to do it I would but I can’t.” Lionette stared directly into Kang’s eyes.
Kang stood suddenly. “We thank you for your time Lionette.” He took Adda by the arm and lead her out the door quickly. He continued to lead her down the hall.
“That’s it? Why didn’t you help me in there?” Adda asked frustrated.
“I didn’t need to. She just told us to go get her. Sometimes things are said in a conversation that are not meant to be heard by others. Even the one saying those words may not want to hear them.”
Adda thought about what Lionette had said and smiled. “We better hurry, I have a feeling that the patrols around Geirgor will be sent somewhere else very soon.”

Mykala poured Destriss another drink. He was very young and inexperienced in the world in a way that Mykala found charming.
“ I feel awful, I really messed things up.” Destriss’s speech was becoming slurred from all the drinks Mykala had given him.
“Not at all Dessy, I’m having a lot more fun than I was since I ran into you.” Mykala said. She was getting quiet drunk by now herself.
“I’ve got to make sure you’re alright. I’m supposed to be watching over you.” he said.
“You’re doing a great job, look how safe I am.” she stood up with out stretched arms.
“You’re drunk, you need to go back to your room Mykala. I’ll take you there now.”
“Oh, this could be fun, maybe you’re not as innocent as you look Dessy.” Mykala laughed and plopped back into her chair.
“No more drinking, come on and get up. Please Mykala it’s time to go.” Destriss said.
“Okay Dessy, but you’ll have to carry me because my legs don’t work anymore, they’re full of booze.” Mykala laughed at her own joke. She couldn’t understand why no one could see just how funny she was.
Destriss put Mykala up on his shoulder and stood up. He had the Feloid muscles that made them stronger than an equivalent human of the same size.
“Hey, easy there kid, I’m the Queen of some planet or something. Mykala raised her head to protest more but began laughing instead.
“I’m sorry your highness but this is necessary.” Destriss said. He walked her out of the bar and into the street.
“I’ll take you back to my room, you’ll be safe there tonight.” he said and carried her back the entire way.
The room was in a good hotel, it was actually better than Mykala’s. She had passed out a few blocks back and was still passed out by the time they reached the door. Destriss opened the door and put Mykala on the bed. To his horror she had thrown up all over his cloak and it had gotten in her face and hair. He looked at her in disgust at first then he laughed. What had he gotten into with this assignment? He tried to wake her so she could clean herself up but she was out cold. He had no choice, he had to wash her.

Enna had been sitting in the cockpit going over some star charts. She was figuring out their next move. She had left Timtam in the mess hall with the crew so she wouldn’t be distracted.
“Look at her, she just sits there. You can sure tell she’s a house slave. She’s only good for one thing.” Eilan made crude thrusting motions with her hips as if she was having sex. The others laughed at Timtam as she sat in silence.
“Come on prissy, what’s it like to fuck one of those Royals huh? Wouldn’t you like to fuck Fervus? He’s a big boy if you know what I mean.” they all laughed again.
“You’d better watch your mouth Eilan, Enna might not think you picking on her Little friend is too funny.” Fervus warned.
“Aw, we’re just having a little fun with our new play mate is all. We want her to have some fun don’t we?” Eilan moved closer to Timtam and stood in front of her with her hips at Timtam’s eye level.
“Now wouldn’t you like to be my friend to…” Before she could finish her sentence Enna had punched her in the face twice before Eilan had hit the floor. Enna jumped on top of Eilan and was throwing punch after punch into her unconscious face. Enna had come from out of know where it seemed when she attacked. She was as quiet as the wind and hit like a bolt of lightening.
“Stop it!” Timtam had screamed as she suddenly stood up covering her eyes. Eilan’s blood had splattered all over Timtam.
Enna stopped in mid punch shocked at what she just heard. She looked at Timtam wild eyed as if she was about to attack her. She suddenly gave out a little laugh. She looked at the rest of the crew, they had all backed away to let Enna  finish off Eilan. She looked back at Timtam. She was looking out at her from between her fingers as they covered her face.
“You want me to stop? Is that what you want?” Enna panted. “Maybe you want to take her place, is that what you want?”
“Please, no more. Please just stop.” Timtam was crying.
“I should kill you for that but I still need you.” Enna grabbed Eilan’s collar and hoisted her unconscious and bleeding face close to hers. “I told you we were different didn’t I ?” she dropped Eilan’s head hard on the cabin floor. Enna looked at her hands, they were covered in blood.
“You, follow me.” She was speaking to Timtam. She got off of Eilan and walked back to her quarters. Timtam followed still crying, she knew this wasn’t over.
“Open the door.” Enna said to Timtam. She was holding her hands up so as not to get blood on the door. Timtam opened the door but Enna motioned for her to go inside first. She went in and stood with her back against the wall as Enna came in. Enna motioned towards the door and Timtam understood. She went over and closed the door with them both in the room alone.

Mykala sputtered and coughed. She was under water. Her head was being pushed under water! She felt the powerful hands holding her head. Her Jedi training kicked in and in an instant she could figure out just where her attacker had his body and what position it was in. Without hesitation she balled up her fist and struck at her attackers groin. He let out a howl of pain and released her. She threw back her head tossing water across the room to clear her vision. She spun around quickly to see Destriss curled up in a fetal position holding his crotch moaning in pain. She was still pretty drunk and even though she was able to pull off that move she still stumbled back and fell in the tub splashing water everywhere.
“Oh no! Destriss, are you alright. She had pushed herself up and out of the tub and had maneuvered herself next to him on the floor.
“Towel.” he said. Mykala grabbed the towel on the floor and handed it to him. He pushed it back to her. That’s when she realized she was completely naked. She quickly wrapped herself in the towel and looked around. She saw Destriss’s cloak covered in vomit and her own clothes soaking in the sink.
“Oh Destriss, I’m… so… sorry. Are you okay?” Mykala had figured out he was just trying to clean her up.
Destriss gave her a “How do you think I am ?” look and groaned.
“Okay, okay, just lay there, you’ll be alright in a minute…or two.” she knew she had hit him pretty hard. She felt really bad. He was just trying to do his duty and she had given him nothing but trouble all night. She let out a sigh of relief when he was finally able to sit up. She gave him an awkward smile of apology and he smiled back in forgiveness.
“I see why they needed someone to watch over you. He smiled. “You’re nuts.”
“That’s what they all tell me.” Mykala shrugged her shoulders embarrassed. She saw again how much Destriss looked like his older brother and smiled.
“Your brother seemed not to mind to much, I really liked him. We were very close.” she said.
“I know, he told me all about you two. I know you must miss him very much.” Destriss said standing.
“He was a good man Destriss and he  died so I could live. If it wasn’t for him Lyda Starkiller would have killed everyone.”
“I know, I hope I can live up to his memory one day.” he said looking at Mykala.
“You will, I can feel it.” she said.

“Wash it off.” Enna was referring to the blood on her hands. Timtam walked over and turned on the water in the sink. She took Enna’s hands carefully and held them under the warm water. Timtam could sense Enna was looking right at her. She dared not to make eye contact with her. Timtam soaped up her hands and washed the blood off of Enna’s rinsing them clean. She turned off the water and still looking only at her hands took a towel and dried them off.
Timtam stood motionless. Enna took a step back and slapped Timtam.
“How could you just sit there and let her make fun of you like that? How could you do nothing. You are nothing like me. You are a weakling !” Enna said trembling trying to control her rage. Timtam stood head down and silent.
“Look at you ! You won’t even put your hand up to protect yourself !” Enna slapped her again. “You and I are nothing alike ! How can you let someone treat you like this and do nothing ?” she slapped her again and again.
Timtam stood crying quietly.
“I want an answer damn you.” she raised her hand to slap her again.
“I don’t know ? I just can’t hurt anyone.” Timtam said sobbing.
“What do you mean ?” Enna said shaking Timtam.
“I know how it feels and I just can’t make someone feel that way.”
“ Even if it would make them stop ?” Enna asked.
“I just want to make people feel good, that’s all I want to do. I can’t help it.”
Enna took a step back. She finally understood this slave, they were complete opposites in every way. All she wanted to do is bend everyone to her will and take what they have. All this girl wanted was to give others everything she could.
“ Do you know the story of the girl who looked into the mirror and saw only scarey things ?” Enna asked Timtam. It was a very common story in Feloid culture.
“Yes I do.” Timtam answered.
“What was the girl’s name, I can’t remember ?” Enna asked.
“Her name was Reffa.” Timtam replied.
“Your new name is Reffa because when I look at you and I see what we have become it scares me beyond measure.” Enna said and walked out of the room and back to the cockpit.

Destriss sat in the chair watching Mykala sleep. In the dim light he could just make out her face. It was peaceful and relaxed. It was also quiet beautiful. He had taken this assignment to protect the woman that his brother loved. Araya had told him how much Mykala meant to him and that he wanted to marry her. He knew he would be disowned by his family and loose his title and property but he felt his place was with her. He sacrificed everything for this woman, a human.
Araya and Destriss were both believers in a new Feloid way of life. One that stressed equality amongst the races and the belief that a lot of them had the same ancestors thousands of years ago.
Destriss watched as Mykala rolled over pulling the sheet tight around her body. He had seen her naked and that is a hard thing for a young man not to think about. She was quiet likable and easy to talk to. She made him feel good and showed him respect but he had to keep his focus. This was his duty to his brother first of all. He had to push those thought out of his mind. There was no future in it.
She rolled over again this time pushing the sheets off of her. She was laying on her back with 

her hands over her head. One leg was slightly bent and the other straight. She was only wearing a tank top and panties.
Destriss stood up and went into the kitchen area. He ran some cold water in the sink and splashed some on his face. He had to remain focused. He had to put those kind of thoughts out of his mind. Destriss poured himself a glass of cold water and drank it quickly. He turned around to go back but his way was blocked by Mykala.
“I’m sorry, did I wake you?”  he asked startled.
“Uh huh.” she said seductively.
“I’m sorry, I’ll be quieter.” He said.
Mykala gently pu

t her finger to his lips. “Shhh.”
She took his hands and slid them up under her top and onto her breasts. She then took his head in her hands and pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him passionately.
Destriss pushed her back gently. “This is wrong, Araya…”
“Araya didn’t give his life so we couldn’t have one. He would want us to live and be happy.” Mykala said looking into his eyes. Hers were full of tears. “ I want to be happy again Destriss. Make me happy again if just for tonight.”
Destriss kissed her full on the mouth and picked her up and carried her to the bed.

Matt, Bronski and Adda watched as Kang and Granic finished loading the ship. Pep was going along as well. This was the first really dangerous mission that she was going on without him. They were leaving to find Timtam and save her. They had decided that she didn’t deserve the punishment that she had been sent to.
Ceecee had volunteered to go also. Only Kang had any real combat skills but he was a Jedi Master so he alone should be enough against a band of half starved convicts. Tarin had decided to go even though her shoulder was still in a sling. She had a sixth sense about things that might come in handy.
They had come up with a lie about having to go and get Lore and Thorim from the base and bring them back to the palace.
The real plan was simple. They would fly directly to Geirgor and sneak past whatever patrols there were. They would then land near the settlement and make contact with whoever was in control and buy or steal Timtam back. There were places she could be sent to aid the rebellion and live out her life in peace.
They had finished loading and said their farewells. Ceecee started the engines and the ship lifted off and glided gracefully into the sky.
“Lionette! Adda said as she turned. Lionette had been standing in the doorway. They weren’t sure for how long.
“I came to wish them a safe journey, I must be too late.” Lionette said as she watched the ship fly off.
“Yep. Just missed ’em Lionette.” Bronski said sounding incredibly guilty about something.
Matt just looked at her and smiled.
“Isn’t Pep taking care of you Matt ?” Lionette asked .
“ Well, you see…I sent her to… uh.” Matt stammered.
“He sent her so she could get some flight time under her belt. It will be nice having another pilot in the group.” Adda said jumping in.
Lionette looked at them all one at a time. She put her hands behind her back and turned towards the door and walked out. She stopped in the hall and turned. Lionette stood motionless and then spoke.
“ I had no choice, I really had no choice.” she turned back around and quickly walked away.

Timtam came out off Enna’s quarters and wiped her eyes. Eilan was still laying on the floor covered in her own blood. No one had dared touch her after Enna’s attack. Timtam went back into Enna’s room and came back with a wet towel and a pan filled with water. The crew looked in amazement as she knelt down and placed Eilan’s head on her knees. Timtam slowly and carefully began to wash away the blood from Eilan’s battered face. She looked down and saw Eilan was regaining consciousness. She looked around the room and then at Timtam. She reached up and took Timtam’s hand and gave it a squeeze. Timtam smiled down at her and continued to clean away the blood.
Enna stuck her head out of the cockpit and looked at Timtam and Eilan. She  just shook her head in disgust. “ Reffa, damned Reffa.”

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