Chapter 27 Negotiations

Chapter   27 Negotiations

Enna looked at the crew. She knew there would be no more trouble out of them. Eilan’s face would be a warning to them for the rest of the trip.
“This is where we are going.” Enna pointed to a planet deep in Feloid space. “There is a breeding and training facility here. Our target is a Pink head buck. He is a Recessive they use for breeding. He is worth millions in the slave industry.”
Enna turned off the holo projector and looked at her crew. Nobody said anything.
“Well, come on, say something.” she wanted to hear what they had to say.
“Sounds like a good plan Enna.” one of them said. The rest all just shook their heads in agreement.
“ That’ what I like to hear.” she said smiling. She loved hearing she was right. Sometimes she would have to do a little hitting but eventually they said what she wanted to hear.
“Get back in the cockpit Reffa, she’ll be fine.” Enna said to Timtam. She had been nursing Eilan back to health after her beating.
“I think she will loose that eye.” Timtam said standing up.
“She’s lucky she’s alive.” Enna snapped.
Timtam went to the cockpit and sat down in the pilots seat. Enna came in right behind her and sat in the co-pilot’s seat next to her.
“ I put the co-ordinates into the computer so if you’re ready Reffa we can go.” Enna was teasing Timtam.
Timtam started the ship and switched over to the new co-ordinates. The ship took of and locked onto the new course without any problems.
“Did you see? Did you see the fear in their eyes?” Enna settled back in her chair and smiled. “When you can cause that kind of fear, that’s when you have real power over others. That’s what gets people motivated, fear.” Enna looked at Timtam. She had her eyes focused on the control panel.
“Hey, Reffa, I’m talking to you.” Enna said.
“What do you want me to say?” Timtam glanced nervously at Enna.
“Tell me what you think. Tell me how you feel about what I just said. She was getting angry.
“I think what you said is right, everything you say is right.” Timtam answered.
Enna looked at Timtam for a moment. “No you don’t, you’re just saying that so I won’t hit you.”
“If that’s what you think then yes.” Timtam was trying to appease Enna in some way.
“Look, you’re my Reffa aren’t you? You’re my opposite half so I want to hear the truth from you. Tell me what you really think. That’s an order.” Enna was trying to sound friendly.
Timtam glanced over at her and began to shake. She knew there was no good out come from this.
“I think you’re mean, I think people don’t like you because you are mean.” she said waiting to be hit.
Enna sat back and crossed her fingers then smiled. “No, not mean. I’m ruthless maybe but not mean. It’s true I use violence to get what I want but only as a means to an end. Violence works and it works fast. That’s why I do it. It’s efficient.”
“Once you rescue your boy friend, are you going to kill the others and me?”
Timtam asked.
“No, defiantly not. I will still need you to pilot my ship. The others will most likely be kept on because I need them to maintain this ship.” Enna leaned towards Timtam. “He’s not my boy friend Reffa, I’ve never even met him.”
“How do you know he will want to leave with you?” Timtam asked.
“ He is a Recessive. He will want to start a new race with me. We will be the new rulers of the Feloid people.” Enna seemed to be far off in thought.
“That just means more hitting doesn’t it?” Timtam said pouting.
“Yes Reffa, there will be a lot more hitting.” Enna smiled and hit Timtam in the arm hard.

Destriss was sitting at the edge of the bed when Mykala woke up. She playfully poked at him with her big toe. He stood up and walked to the kitchen without saying a word.
“What’s the matter ?” Mykala asked.
“I can’t help feeling bad about what we did. I was supposed to be watching you, to keep you from harm and then all this happened.” Destriss said as he ran his fingers through his hair.
“You didn’t do anything wrong, we just made each other feel good last night is all.” Mykala said sitting up.
“ Araya loved you, I feel like I’ve betrayed him somehow.” he said as he walked back into the bedroom.
Mykala got out of bed and walked over to Destriss. “I still love your brother in my heart. He saved my life, there is no greater gift than to give your life to save someone else.” Mykala said as she took him by his hands.
“ He did what he did so we all could go on with our lives, to enjoy them. Not so we would build a shrine to him and mourn the rest of our days.”
“I know all of that but it seems like his sacrifice and loss all turned into a good thing for me. I can’t help feeling guilty.” Destriss said with his head down.
“Listen Destriss, I come from a planet where people die every day. I’ve lost many people I care about. You learn to move on in my world. Before this whole thing is over we both might be dead too. I just don’t want to be lying mortally wounded and regretting not being close to some one because I was afraid I’d lose them.” Mykala said trying to explain her feelings in a way Destriss could except.
Destriss turned away, he needed time to sort things out in his mind.
“Okay, let’s try this. It never happened. Last night never happened, okay. Let’s pretend we came back here and we both just went to sleep and now it’s morning.” Mykala said smiling. She liked Destriss and didn’t want him to feel like he had dishonored his brothers memory.
“I guess we could do that.” he said not sure about the suggestion.
“Great, so let’s get dressed and get something to eat.” Mykala pulled Destriss back into the outer room.
“I’m sorry Mykala, it’s just that…” Destriss was interrupted by Mykala.
“Look Destriss, I’ve just spent the last year and a half being chased by the worst bitch you could ever imagine. She had killed hundreds of people including your brother. She came close to killing half of my friends and did kill one I was just starting to like. I was even captured by Storm Troopers. I’ve been under a lot of stress in that time so now that it is over I just wanted to have some fun before it all started back up again. So please,please do not mess up last night for me. I felt good. I felt a lot better than I have in a long, long time. You made me feel good. You did a good thing so just stop thinking about it and let’s go get some breakfast !” Mykala had pressed her face right up against Destriss’s before she had realized it.
“Okay, okay I can do that. I’ll just drop the whole thing then.” he said with his back against the wall.
Mykala took a step back and straightened her hair as she calmed herself down. “The place down the street looked like a decent Restaurant.” she said putting on her tank top and smiling.
“Sounds great.” Destriss said as he pulled on his boots. “ My treat.”

Ceecee was able to avoid the patrol ship over Geirgor with out much trouble. They knew where the prison camp was so they decided to land near there. It was hard finding a spot clear of jungle foliage enough to put the ship down but she was finally able to find one.
Kang had decided that Pep and him would go and make contact. He wanted to make sure he had a Feloid with him in case he needed her to translate for him. Also Pep had a calming effect in certain situations. It’s hard to focus on being aggressive if there is a pretty girl around.
They had only walked about a mile when they came to a small clearing about a hundred feet across. In the center was a twenty foot high post that had been driven into the ground. The top of the post was decorated with Feloid skulls. There were about thirty hanging from vines that had been tied there. At the base of the post was a naked Feloid woman. She had been blindfolded and her hands were tied behind her back. A long leash made from woven vines had been tied around her neck and extended thirty feet back to the post. She was standing sobbing in the clearing. Her legs were bleeding from several bite marks below the knees. It was apparent that she was under some sort of punishment and had been left here to be eaten alive by denizens of the jungle.
“What do you think?” Kang whispered to Pep.
Pep was a little surprised by the question. Nobody ever asked her what she thought about anything except Matt.
Kang turned to look at her waiting for her response.
“Whatever she did was pretty bad. If there is someone watching we’ll give ourselves away. Besides, she might be guilty.” Pep whispered back.
“I think you’re right. We can’t interfere with this one. It’s best if we just move on.” Kang said sadly.
They continued through the jungle in the direction of the camp. They could hear the girl screaming something in one of the Feloid languages.
“ What is she saying?” Kang asked.
“She’s crying for her mother, she’s asking her dead mother to forgive her, and that she should have done what her mother told her to do.” Pep said with her head down.
“Let’s pick up the pace a little.” Kang said.
Kang stopped suddenly. He turned and looked at Pep surprised. He could see the prisoners were armed with guns and knives. They were thin but healthy. There was a well pump in the compound as well as a market place.
“I think the stories about this place are somewhat skewed.” Kang said puzzled.
He had been told this place was rife with sickness and violence. He saw a well maintained and organized community instead. They made their way around the compound as stealthy as they could. They began to realize this place was holding a big secret. The good part was this also meant that there was now a much better chance of Timtam being alive. The organization here meant that they were careful of wasting their resources. Timtam would be seen as a good worker that took orders well and didn’t cause any problems, or so they hoped.
“I’m going to try and make contact with the leader of this place. I want you to wait in the jungle for me until I get back. If something goes wrong I want you to make your way back to the ship and tell them what happened.” Kang said to Pep.
“No.” Pep said as she grabbed Kang’s sleeve.
Kang was surprised by her answer.
“You will need me with you. They won’t care that you are a Jedi. Feliods only respect other Feloids. If I’m with you they will listen to you, if not they will see you as an intruder.” Pep said calmly.
Kang hesitated, Pep had been a slave her whole life. She had survived by knowing how her masters would react to something before it happened. He trusted her.
“I think you’re right Pep. I think we should do this together.” Kang said and put his massive hand on her shoulder.

Timtam carefully piloted the ship around the planets moon and headed on a direct coarse for the breeding facility on the planets surface.
“Full speed ahead Reffa.” Enna said. She was standing next to Timtam. The crew were armed to the teeth and standing by the airlock ready to attack the moment they landed. The ship began to buffet as it hit the atmosphere. Flames flashed by the cockpit windows as they plummeted straight down. Enna was wild eyed and laughed to herself. They had broken through the clouds and could see the ground rising towards them quickly. There it was, the facility. It looked to be a small community all by itself on an island near the coast. Timtam pulled hard back on the controls and skimmed across the water.
“Steady, we’re almost there.” Enna said to the crew.
There didn’t seem to be any defensive weapons for protection. They were able to fly the ship right up to the main door and land completely unopposed. As soon as they touched down the door opened and the crew rushed forward. Enna grabbed Timtam by the collar. “Come on, you’re coming too. I don’t want you flying off with my ship while I’m busy.”
Timtam was surprised by this but knew better than to protest, she followed peacefully. The two women rushed in behind the rest. The crew had already began to round up the facilities staff and herd them into one room. They quickly tricked the others into the room by having one of the staff announce an emergency meeting in that very room. The whole place was under Enna’s control in less than fifteen minutes.
Enna had the crew watch the facilities personnel while she and Timtam searched for the male Regressive. They walked up and down hallways looking in each area. They saw nurseries and maternity wards full of cat girls. They stopped and stared at the room full of newborns. There in the front row in the middle was one single pink haired girl infant. They both looked at her as if remembering their own beginnings in a place like this.
“She’s beautiful.” Timtam smiled.
“I should burn this place to the ground.” Enna said angrily. “It’s like looking at a farm. They only live to do the work of others no better than themselves.” she took Timtam by the arm and pulled her away from the window and they continued down the hall. They found an elevator and took it to the upper most floor. When the doors opened they saw one of the most lavish hallways either had ever seen. There was gold trim everywhere and sofas covered with the hides of exotic animals. A Feloid in a long lab coat was walking towards them.
“What are you to doing here?” he demanded.
Enna flew across the hall and knocked him to the ground. She had her one hand on his throat and and the other was ready to strike his face with her claws.
“Where is he, where are you keeping him?” she demanded.

“Let him go woman.” came a deep voice from the end of the hall. Timtam and Enna saw him at the same time. It was the male Recessive. He was almost seven feet tall and and stripped to the waist. He was perfection incarnate. When he began to walk towards them slowly every muscle on his body moved in unison like a magnificent machine. His hair flowed down past his massive shoulders and his back. It was darker than theirs, almost reddish in color. He had heavy blackish red sideburns that also hung down thick and full.
Enna slowly released the Feloid and let him up. She stayed on her knees unable to move at the sight of this magnificent specimen. Timtam was like wise enthralled by him she stepped back against the wall and half crouched in a gesture of immediate submissiveness.
The Regressive walked over and helped the Feloid male to his feet. “Are you alright doctor?” he asked in a deep baritone voice.
“Yes, Thun, I was more shaken than injured.” the doctor said standing.
“What are you women doing in my quarters? I haven’t any newcomers on my schedule.”he said standing with his arms crossed.
“I’ve come to free you. I’m a Recessive also. I’ve come to take you away from here.” Enna said enthusiastically.
Thun looked around at the lavish surroundings and the doctor. He then looked back at Enna. “Why would I ever think to live this place?” He asked. He looked at the doctor and they both laughed.
“For our people! For our ancestors. Our heritage. We can start a new race. We can rule all of this!” Enna said frustrated that he didn’t already figure it out.
“No you can’t. “ the doctor said.
“Don’t tell us what we can and can’t do. We are the superior ones here not you!” she said taking a step towards him.
“Tell her so we can put an end to this embarrassing display of hers.” Thun said to the doctor.
Enna looked at Thun in disbelief. Why was he taking the Doctors side over hers?
“When they created your type long ago they left out a protein that regenerates your liver. Unless that protein is given to you on a regular basis you will die of liver failure. It’s a miracle you haven’t died this far. The protein is synthetic and very hard to make so all Recessives are still dependent on us to survive.”
Enna began to understand the futility of her plan now.
“Me and Thun have become friends over the years. I make the Protein and set up the clientele. Thun then renders his services in the most personal way possible. Slaves with his genes are highly prized. They are worth quiet a lot. He even has serviced some very wealthy Free borns on occasion.” the Doctor smiled.
“But our race? What about our ancestors?” Enna asked Thun.
“If you hadn’t noticed woman, they lost. They lost because they wanted it all at any price. That way of thinking only got them exterminated. The cat girls were created as a punishment for the deeds of our ancestors. I find no pride I that lineage.” Thun said looking down at Enna.
He turned and looked at Timtam. “Well? What about you?” Thun asked.
Timtam smiled and walked over to Thun and took hold of his arm gently and pulled herself 

“I’m not with her.” she said batting her eyes at him.
“You treacherous little Reffa !” Enna said as she lunged at Timtam.
Thun caught her in mid air by her throat and slammed her against the wall with his arm held straight out. Enna kicked and struggled to free herself but she couldn’t break free of his huge arm. Her face turned red as he squeezed. She passed out and he dropped her on the floor as if dropping a piece of garbage. The doctor went over and felt her pulse, she was alive. He gave her a shot of something to sedate her and stood up.
Timtam smelled the pheromones that Thun gave off and pulled herself closer.
Thun looked down at her and smiled.
“ Oh no, I almost forgot. There are pirates downstairs. They have captured the staff and are waiting for Enna to return with you so they can leave. She told them she was kidnapping you  because you were worth a lot of money.” she said.
“I’ll straighten this out.” he said and walked to the elevator. He stopped and looked at Timtam, she was still holding his arm.
“Sorry.” she said embarrassed and let go of his arm.
“I want you to wait here for me.” He smiled.
“Uh huh.” she smiled and laughed to herself.

Kang and Pep walked into the camp. At first no one knew what to think when they saw this young Feloid girl and this huge Reptus walk calmly into the main market place. Little by little the armed convicts began to appear in the Market square. Other unarmed inhabitants also showed up to see the strangers. A tall well muscled Feloid male walked through the crowd and towards Pep and Kang.
“Dis is a strange ped you av girl.” he said to Pep. The crowd laughed.
“We have no quarrel with you or your people. This is Kang, a Jedi master who would like to speak with whoever is in charge here.” Pep said.
“Me am more interested in ooh you are.” The Feloid said. Everyone laughed again.
“We are hoping to buy something from your leader or leaders, may we meet with them?” Kang said.
“Da beast, eh talk eh ! They all laughed again.
“If we cannot speak to the leader just let us know and we will leave.” Kang was getting frustrated.
“Okay beast, I am taking you eh.” the Feloid said smiling. He motioned for them to follow. The three walked through the town and up a hill towards a burnt wooden ruin. Some Feloids had began to reconstruct the building that looked like it had been destroyed within the week.
“An accident ?” Kang asked.
“More like da maelstrom me tink.” he replied.
There was a temporary shelter made from a ships emergency parachute hung up under the trees like a huge tent. In the center was a beast type Feloid male that had been horribly disfigured. He sat on a huge pile of pillows and was attended by several young cat girls.
“I have been told of your arrival in the Market place. Why have you come.” the old Feloid asked.
Kang looked around and noticed the other Feloids hiding in the jungle. They all had weapons and they were aimed at him.
“We have come for a simple business transaction. A young pink haired cat girl was left here a few days ago. We want her back. What can we do to make this happen?” Kang walked up to the old Feloid and sat down.
“Hmmf, right to the point, I like that.” the Feloid took a drink and wiped the dribble from his damaged side of his face. “I am Brumbarus, leader here.
“I am Kang, Jedi Master and friend to all of the great Feloid race.” He said.
“The girl you seek is gone.”
“Dead !” Kang asked breathless.
“No, just gone. As you can see we had some problems the other night and in the commotion she disappeared. We think she left with the woman responsible for all of this.” He motioned with his hand indicating the ruins.
“What woman, how did they leave?” Kang asked.
“Now comes the part you’re not going to like. I have information that you want. There is a price for information on Geirgor.” he said leaning back. One of the cat girls jumped up and began messaging his shoulders.
“How much ?”Kang asked.
“The price is one space ship. A heavy scout class vessel. A friend of mine seemed to have lost hers because your little pink haired slave apparently knows how to fly one.” He said reaching up and scratching the girls neck playfully.
“You say this girl we are looking for stole a space ship, that doesn’t sound like her at all.” Kang said.
“Was the girl’s name Timtim or Timmitam or something like that.” he asked looking into his empty mug.
Kang looked at Pep in disbelief. Could it be true? Could Timtam have actually  stolen a ship?
“I’m being generous Jedi. The ship was heavily modified. I just want one that isn’t.” Brumbarus handed the empty mug to one of his girls and watched as she trotted of to get him a full one.
“This is indeed a steep price for on cat girl you must admit.” Kang said.
“That’s one cat girl and one heavy scout ship.” Brumbarus countered.
“I see your point Brumbarus.” Kang looked at Pep. Neither one had expected this complication.
“I’m afraid I will have to confer with my associates before we can give you an answer.” Kang said.
“Of course my good Jedi. Shall we meet again, say tomorrow? Asked Brumbarus.
“I think that should be sufficient enough time to prepare for your answer.” Kang stood and bowed slightly.
Pep stood also and bowed. They both turned and walk back the way they came.
“I can’t believe Timtam stole a space ship.” Pep said looking at Kang.
“I’m sure she had a very good reason.” Kang said. “And one crazy story to go along with that reason.”

Thun walked into the room where the pirates were holding the hostages. They all turned to see this half naked god standing before them speechless.
“I am Thun. This is my home. What do you want here? “ he demanded.
Fervus looked at his fellow pirates. None of them knew what to do.
“Where’s Enna?” asked Fervus.
“She is my prisoner.” said Thun.
“How did you capture her.” Fervus didn’t believe what Thun had said.
Thun leapt across the room with a ferocious growl. He grabbed Fervus by the throat and shook him. Thun then threw Fervus at the other pirates knocking them back into each other. Before Fervus could get up Thun had picked up one of the heavy lasers and was pointing it at the pirates. “I did it like that.” Thun smiled confidently.
Fervus raised his hands. “Impressive. Now  what happens?”
“I want you to leave, I just want things to go back the way they were before you came here.” Thun said.
“Our pilot was with Enna, we’ll be needing her back I suppose.” Fervus said.
“No, I think I’ll keep her too. I’ll have one of my droids set your ships co-ordinates to where ever you want to go.” Thun said.
“So you’re keeping Enna too?” Fervus wanted to be sure about their new situation.
“Yes, I’m keeping both of them.” Thun responded.
This meant Fervus was now in charge of the ship and crew. “Well you gotta do what you gotta do I guess.” Fervus said.

Mykala looked at Destriss, he wasn’t eating. “ Something wrong?” She asked. Destriss was still feeling guilty about last night.
“No,no I’m fine. I just was wondering what happens now. I still have to watch over you. It was supposed to be a secret mission but I’ve messed that up completely.” he said putting his head in his hands.
Mykala smiled. “I came here to relax and have some fun. You did a great job of helping me with that last night. Why don’t we just stay here a few more days and let everything else go on without us?”
Destriss looked up. “That sounds really great but I’m supposed to be on a mission for my cousin. I have to answer to her when everything is all over. She’ll probably have me shot.” he said putting his head down again.
“Okay, after a few days of fun I’ll leave in my ship and you can follow me back in yours like normal. I’m not going to tell anyone what happened I can promise you that. When you get back you can tell them anything you want, they sure won’t ask me if it was true or not.” Mykala said trying to comfort Destriss.
Destriss looked up. “Excuse me for saying this but you humans sure do find it easy to lie about things don’t you.”
Mykala smiled. “That’s what makes us so fun honey.”

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