Chapter 28 Shades of pink


Chapter 28 Shades of pink

“A heavy scout ship that we can give away is not going to be easy to come across.” Granic said.
Kang and Pep had returned and given the others the news about Timtam.
“Plus the fact that we’d be giving it to pirates that operate in Lionette’s area of space.” Tarin added.
“How do we know he’s not lying anyway?” Ceecee asked.
They were at a loss as what to do. Not only did they have to give Brumbarus a very expensive ship to find out were Timtam was but by doing that they would be aiding a secret pirate base in Lionette’s territory. This was supposed to be a prison planet but the inmates had been hiding something big here for quiet some time. Kang and the rest weren’t sure what it was but it could only make things much worse.
Suddenly the astrodroid began to click and beep wildly. It was warning them that something or someone was outside the ship.
“You all wait here, I’ll go and see what it is.” Kang said.
He carefully opened the boarding ramp and walked down. He stopped at the end of the ramp and listened. He sensed a presence in the darkness just beyond the ships lights.
“We come to talk.” said a woman’s voice from the darkness.
“Come forward and let’s have a look at you.” Kang replied.
Out of the darkness came a Feloid female dressed in fine clothes. Her hair was black as night and combed back in an elaborate hairstyle. A second Feloid female was helping her. The first well dressed female had been wounded.
“I hear you’re looking for a pink head slave.” the well dressed female said.
“What do you know about it?” Kang asked.
“If we can talk inside I think we might be able to help each other.” she said trying to stand erect.
Kang looked around. “Are you sure you’re alone?”
“It seems I’ve out lived my usefulness here, so yes I’m quiet alone.” she smiled.
“Okay, get inside.” Kang motioned to the two women to move up the boarding ramp.
Once inside Kang closed the ramp and secured it. He showed the women into the galley were the others were waiting. Both women sat down. It was obvious that the well dressed one was in pain.
Kang held back his desire to give this woman aid. He didn’t want to give her anything until he found out what she knew about Timtam.
“My name is Zellina. I was the Captain of the ship your little friend stole. It wasn’t her fault. My second mate, Enna, made her take it.” She smiled through the pain. “I know where they went.”
“So what do you want from us?” Granic asked.
“I want my ship back. Brumbarus and I had a nice business going here until I lost my ship. It seems now that my ship is gone I am of little use to him. He wouldn’t even let his people give me first aid. If it wasn’t for Leina here I’d be dead.” she grimaced in pain.
“Should I help her?” Pep asked Kang.
Kang nodded at Pep to go ahead.
“Good to see I’m dealing with honorable people again.” Zellina smiled. “Leina was one of Brumbarus’s slaves. She escaped into the jungle when Enna attacked them. Leina found me after I was thrown out of the compound when they found out I had no ship.” Zellina winced as Pep gave her an injection of pain killer.
“She had been sneaking back into the compound to steal food when she over heard your conversation with Brumbarus.” Zellina could feel the pain going away quickly.
“So what do you want us to do?” Ceecee asked.
“I want us to leave this planet tonight. After we’re in space I’ll tell you where Enna took your friend if you promise you’ll help me get my ship back.” Zellina said.
“If we help her get her ship back it won’t be helping Brumbarus and whatever it is he’s doing here at least.” Granic said.
“I think we can trust her, she doesn’t have any cards left to play in this game.” Tarin said rubbing her shoulder.
“Once my crew knows I’m back I think they’ll side with me again.” Zellina added.
“Better to deal with her than a whole planet full of criminals.” Ceecee added.
“Alright, we’ll give it a shot, but don’t make us regret this deal Zellina.” Kang warned.
“I’ll stick to our agreement, you can be sure of that. Just don’t be angry with me when I tell you where they went and why.” Zellina said grinning.

Enna began to wake up. She couldn’t move her arms or legs. She was strapped down to a large table spread eagle. They even had straps on her elbows and knees so she couldn’t bend them to get any leverage. Her head had been placed in a box that was also fastened to the table. She could only see through a small slit in the boxes front. She twisted and pulled as hard as she could but the straps only seemed to get tighter.
“Don’t move around like that, you’ll just hurt yourself.” it was Timtam. She leaned over Enna from the top of the table so she appeared to be upside down to Enna’s perspective.
“Help me Reffa, get me out of this and I’ll make you my full partner.” Enna knew she had to do something quick. “How long have I been here?” Enna asked suddenly.
“Three days.” Timtam rested her elbow on the table and put her chin in her hand. “It’s to late anyway, your crew left with the ship two days back. They left us both because Thun wanted us.”
“Let me up ! Release me now !” Enna screamed. She saw her plans for starting a new race begin to dry up right before her eyes.
“I’m not allowed to, the doctor said so.” Timtam said annoyed at Enna’s out burst. “Besides, Thun just wants you to calm down.”
“I don’t care what Thun wants ! All I want is to be let up from this table.” Enna said trying to control her anger.
“If you calm down then they will release you. I think Thun wants to mate with you so if I were you I’d calm down.” Timtam smiled.
“What are you talking about ?” Enna asked.
“You won’t be sorry, believe me.”Timtam covered her mouth and laughed.

Mykala walked across the field towards the “Stella One”. It was the ship that Stella Star had begun her mission of gathering forces to fight the Empire. Stella and Jaycee had gathered the group together and had even been instrumental in  getting Maxis Ty”s support.
It didn’t look like a hero’s ship at all. It wasn’t that big as far as space ships go and it was about as ugly as you could imagine. The whole thing was built from three ships a long time ago and it sat for two years on Jaycee’s fathers repair facility until Jaycee and Ceecee fixed it using parts from even more ships. It was ugly but it was fast. It was fast and tough. They had been smart enough to mount a quad gun turret on top and used guns twice as big as intended. The whole ship shook violently when they fired but it was worth it because of the incredible fire power they put out.
Destriss was watching from the far side of the field. His ship was long and stream lined. It was brand new and very sexy to look at. It was painted in the Ty clan colors of red, white, and black. It also had the tell tale design characteristic  of all Feloid ships, the front fangs. All Feloid ships had the wings or the hull stick out in front of the main hull to represent two long fangs. They didn’t serve any real purpose but to let anyone seeing one know it was a Feloid ship right away.
Mykala stepped up into the back door of the ship and closed it. She went straight to the cockpit of the ship and turned on the compaciter relays to charge the engines. The ship was hot from sitting outside closed up like it was. She began her preflight checks and settled into the cockpit’s pilot seat. Mykala was going to head straight back to Lionette’s palace but she had to go to Tahl Jae Roe’s home first to pick up her light saber. She left it there because she needed to forget about her responsibilities for a while. She needed to spend some time away from the action and think about what to do next. She had decided to see it through. She was surprised by her decision. She wanted to leave and never come back. She wasn’t sure if the prophecy about her was fulfilled or not. She had done so much and faced Lyda Starkiller. Her gift allowed her to kill Lyda but what would happen the next time she was killed. Was the prophecy over with? Would she die the next time ?” None of these things was clear any more as far as anyone knew.
The engines came on line one at a time. The droning of electronic motors filled the ship as if it had just come back to life. She patted the ships control panel and smiled. The “Stella One” lifted off gently from the field with no problems. Mykala swung the ship around to get one last look at Destriss before she left. She saw him standing by his ship but he wasn’t alone. Someone was with him. The person was wearing a full length hooded cloak. The cloak was white and concealed the person completely. Destriss never looked up at Mykala even after she circled around him twice. It must be okay since he didn’t make any attempt to signal her. Besides he wasn’t supposed to let anyone know they knew each other. It still seemed strange none the less.

“Okay we’ve kept our part of the bargain Zellina, time for you to give us you’re information.” Tarin said.
The ship had left Geirgor and easily slipped past the patrol ship once again. They had promised to help Zellina to get her ship back in exchange for Timtam’s location.
“Bring up your star charts and I’ll show you, after all, a deals a deal.” Zellina smiled. Ceecee pulled up the star charts. Zellina looked at them and stroked her chin.
“This better not be a trick Feloid.” Granic said thumbing his huge pistol. He never hesitated shooting anything that wasn’t a Reptus.
“Give her a chance Granic. Besides, if you shoot her, you have to clean up the mess.” Tarin said gently putting her good hand on his.
“Well aren’t we all tough guys here?” Zellina laughed. “There it is, a small breeding facility out in the middle of nowhere. Very hush hush if you get my meaning. They’re supposed to have a male Recessive there, unregistered if you know what I mean.” Zellina looked at them and realized they weren’t sure of what she meant. “ All Recessives have to be registered with the Clan council. They are considered a dangerous commodity.”
“Just one question, what the heck is a Recessive?” Tarin asked.
Zellina smiled. “ Have you ever had sex with a guy that made you faint from pleasure? I mean a real he man, a damned fuck machine. The type of guy that scares you to the point of wetting your pants but you still want him to take you and do whatever he wanted to?”
A mental image of Bronski holding her down and taking her from behind flashed into Tarin’s mind before she could block it out. “Not really.” Tarin said somewhat unconvincingly.
Zellina put her arm around Tarin’s shoulder and was talking to just her. “These studs are the genetic originals of the Pink Hairs. They are a throw back to the warrior race that the Feloids made way back when.
They’re fertile and they use them as studs on breeding farms. They’re the guys that make the Cat Girls.” Zellina laughed.
“What exactly do you mean by that?” Ceecee asked.
“They are our fathers. The Cat Girls are all breed in those farms and the Recessive males father all of us slaves.” Pep said standing up. It seemed she didn’t like Zellina’s light hearted view of the breeding process.
“Easy friend, I meant no disrespect, a lot of my friends have been catgirls. Look at Leina, if it weren’t for her I’d be dead.” she smiled.
“ So why did they go there?” Kang asked trying to put the conversation back on track.
“Enna wants to start the Pink Hair race again.” Zellina said taking her arm away from Tarin’s shoulder as she sat down.
“Why does she want to do that?” Kang asked.
Zellina hesitated for a second before answering. “Because she’s fucking crazy.” she said calmly.

Enna had been left in the room strapped to the table for what seemed like hours. Timtam had left Enna there long ago. She said she had things to do and left giggling like a fool.  The door finally opened and she heard the doctors voice.
“Well now Enna, have we decided to be a little more reasonable?” the Doctor asked. Enna’s head was still in the box restricting her view to the ceiling.
“Yes, I think I understand now. Our race did loose like Thun said. It was hard for me to admit it but I see I’ve been wrong about everything. You can release me now. All I can do now is co-operate with you and Thun in whatever you want me to do.” Enna was calm and relaxed now.
“You do understand that I am a Doctor of course?” he asked.
“Yes, I understand.”
“Do you understand that I have built my fortune on the breeding of slaves?”
“Yes.” she answered.
“Do you understand that I am not a stupid man?” he asked Enna.
“Yes Doctor I do.”
“Then what makes you think I would believe anything that you just said?”
Enna began to struggle violently in her bonds. “When I get out of this I’m going to kill you you bastard !” she screamed. “I’m going to pull you’re heart out with my bare…” She never got a chance to finish her sentence. The Doctor calmly turned a knob on one of the control panels sending thousands of volts of electricity through Enna’s body. Every muscle in her body tensed up sending one continuous wave of pain through her body. He left the current on for several seconds as to make sure he was making his point.
“ I know how to handle slaves. You seem to have forgotten what you are a pink head slave.”  He turned the knob again. Enna screamed this time as he increased the time and the voltage.
“This is a new world for you Enna. You will have to learn the hard way that you have no hope of escape or of ever being in charge again.” He turned the knob again. She bucked and convulsed unable to control her bodies actions.
The Doctor turned off the controls. “That will be enough for a while. I will be back several more times today for your corrective treatments. This will happen every day until I feel you have been readjusted enough to be taken off of the table.” the Doctor said as he entered something into his data pad.
“You think you can break me? I’m a Recessive. We are the superior ones. We are meant to rule.” she said panting.
“No Enna, you are a mistake. You should not even exist, but I can try to fix you as best I can.” he said walking out of the door.
“You’ll never change me !” she yelled.
“That’s what they all say Enna, but you will change or you will be put down like the abomination you are.”

The next day  Ceecee picked up a ship heading away from the breeding facility. The ship was one day out and was flying on a direct course from the place.
“They must be on auto pilot.” Tarin said.
“Maybe something happened to Timtam.” Kang said hoping he was wrong.
“I don’t think so. I think something went wrong with Enna’s plan.” Tarin said confidently.
“Let me hail them, I’ll find out what’s going on.” Zellina said.
Ceecee handed her the transmitter.
“Calling Rip Star over.”
“Calling Rip Star answer.”
“This is Zellina you traitorous Gundarks, answer me.” she demanded.
“This is Fervus, do you hear me?” came a voice from the other ship.
“Fervus, where’s Enna?” Zellina asked angrily.
“She’s gone, we left her behind. You were right Captain, she is crazy. We’re real sorry for taking your ship. What say we call it even and you come on back over to us.” Fervus said in his most apologetic tone. “We were tricked by her Captain, you understand, right?” Fervus said.
“When I get a hold of you Nerfs I’ll show you what happens to mutineers.”
“Sorry to hear you say that Captain, I guess we’ll be headed on our way then.” he said.
“No,no wait. I guess we can let by gones be by gones Fervus. After all I’m not unreasonable, you know that.” she said controlling her temper.
“Of course not. That’s why we want you back, because you’re so forgiving of mistakes.” Fervus laughed uncomfortably.
“Okay Fervus, let’s just call this a real bad week and we’ll all start all over again, what do you say?” Zellina realized she had very little wiggle room with this situation.
“Agreed Captain, come aboard and take your rightful place on the bridge.” Fervus said.
The two ships docked so Zellina could join her loving crew. Tarin stepped in front of Zellina before she could leave.
“What is it now?” she protested.
“We still need to know what happened to Timtam.” Tarin said.
Zellina bent down and called through the airlock to Fervus. “Hey Fervus. What happened to that other Pink head?” she yelled.
“She stayed behind. I think she sided with the big male Recessive. Last I heard them say was Enna was sedated and that other pink head was hanging onto the big male like a kid with a sweet stick.” he hollered back.
“Okay Zellina, I think we’re done here.” Tarin said standing to one side.
“Leina, You coming with me or staying? It sure would be nice to have someone I can trust as my first mate.” Zellina said extending her hand to her from the airlock.
Leina smiled and jumped into the airlock with Zellina.

Mykala had the Stella One on auto pilot while she slept. Every once and a while she would hear the proximity alarm go off as it picked up a ship following her. It was Destriss. He was following too close and every once in a while his ship would come into range of her scanners. He was young and had very little experience at ghosting another ship in space. She felt glad he was there. It was comforting to know she had a guardian angel.
The ship was about ready to land at Tahl Jae Roe’s home. Mykala had left her Light saber there while she took her little vacation. She took one last look at her scanners and saw Destriss had gone from the screen. He most likely headed back to Feloid space to file his report. A report that he was sure to leave a few things out of.
The Stella One touched down lightly on the pad just outside of Tahl Jae Roe’s home. Mykala’s cousin, Haven Dak, was waiting just inside the hangar bay door. She was waving at Mykala to come inside because a storm was coming. Mykala jumped out of the ship and ran over to the door. Haven had been in charge of training Mykala how to be more refined since she was to be a queen some day.
Haven shook her finger at Mykala as she ran towards her in her heavy combat boots. She stopped suddenly and put one hand on her hip and the other arm trailed as she walked slowly towards the door. She pretended to wave at an imaginary crowd and walk in a graceful sweeping steps.
“You are going to be the worst queen in the galaxy and I’m going to get all the blame.” Haven said stomping her foot.
They were so incredibly different yet they bonded the second they met. Haven Dak was raised with the finest of everything unlike Mykala who had nothing but horror and pain to nurture her. It didn’t matter to them because they were the last of their family to still be alive.
“I still think you should be queen Haven, you already have the clothes for it.” Mykala teased that even on this back water planet Haven still wore gowns.
“True dear cousin but I still need some shoes.” she hiked up her gown to show that she was wearing an old pair of Mykala’s boots underneath. Mykala laughed at her cousin’s joke. Even though they had only known each other a short time they had become best friends.
“I can’t stay long Haven. I must leave by tomorrow evening to go back to the palace.” Mykala said as she embraced Haven.
“Well it’s a good thing your body guard is here then.”Haven said. Destriss stepped out from behind a stack of boxes in the hangar with a big grin on his face.
“How did you do that?” Mykala smiled. “How did you get here before me? I watched you ghosting me from behind the whole way here.” she was impressed by this young man’s piloting skill.
“What are you talking about? I flew ahead of you the whole way. I watched you on my scanner the entire trip and you were behind me.” Destriss smiled back.
Mykala turned serious suddenly. “Then who in the blazes followed me here?” she was no longer smiling.
“It was probably your friend, the one I met before I left.” Destriss turned to Haven. “What’s going on?” he asked.
“You’re not joking are you Mykala. You really had someone follow you?” Haven asked.
“Wait a minute. What friend ? I didn’t have any friends on that planet.” Mykala asked Destriss.
“I thought it would be fine, after all, your ship has her name.” he said smiling.

Ceecee landed the ship in front of the facility. They opened the door and all five of them walked up to the front door. The door was nine feet tall and made of glass. They could see some Feloids walking around inside. The Feloids could most likely see them too but didn’t seem to care.
“They probably get guests all the time here. Just don’t pull your weapons on any one and everything should be fine.” Pep said as she opened the door.
There was relaxing music playing over a speaker system inside. A pretty Feloid  woman walked up to the group smiling.
“How may I help you.” she was pleasant enough but looked questioningly at the two Reptus in the group as well as the humans.
“My name is Pep Pudin. I have been sent by the Ty clan to purchase some Cat Girls. May I speak with the Facility Manager?”
“Of course, and these other…people are who exactly?” the female wanted to know about the non Feloids.
“They are mercenaries hired to conceal my mission here.” Pep said smiling.
“Very good Mistress Pudin. I shall tell the Doctor you are here.” she said as she turned and left.
After the female had left Pep explained what she was trying to do.
“If Timtam is here we may be able to buy her back. It is most likely the simplest way since that is what they do here anyway. It isn’t unusual for Free Borns to buy slaves through second parties for less than honorable reasons. We’ll let them assume this is the case to explain non Feloids being here.” she said quietly.
After a short wait the Doctor came in and greeted them. After some pleasantries they got down to business.
“ What my client really is looking for is a Pink Head female for a gift to a family member. She must be young and eager to please.” Pep said.
“It just so happens that we received one just recently that fits that description to a tea.” he said grinning. The doctor took them to the elevator and they rode it to the top floor. The doors opened to the most opulent hallway any of them had ever seen. There was gold trim everywhere and magnificent carpets covering the floors. They were lead down the passage to a massive door. The doctor smiled at the group and then knocked. They waited a few moments. The door swung open slowly and to every ones surprise out stepped Timtam. She was holding a blanket around her naked body. She was breathing heavily and was covered with sweat. She looked exhausted and weak.
“ She’s been playing with our main stud, Thun I see.” the Doctor said in an off color way.
“Did he hurt you Timtam?” Kang asked concerned.
“At first he did but then he used a lubricant and everything was fine after that.”Timtam replied smiling.
Tarin covered her face in embarrassment as Ceecee covered her mouth and quickly turned away from the rest laughing.
“Well…that’s good…I guess.”Kang wasn’t sure just how to reply to this new information.
“This one will do nicely, I’ll take her.” Pep said smiling at the Doctor.
“A wonderful choice Mistress. I’ll have her washed and sent down to you.” The Doctor said smiling his sleazy smile.
They all went down to the main lobby and into the Doctors office. He excused himself to prepare the bill of sale.
“How are we going to pay for her?” Granic asked Kang.
“I’ll pay. I have lots of money.” Pep said.
“Where did you get that much money Pep?” Tarin asked.
“I’ve never spent any of my money from the ships we’ve sold. I’ve never had money so I could never make up my mind on what to buy.” Pep said acting a little embarrassed.
“It’s a good thing you didn’t spend it Pep. Now you can use that money to help a friend.” Kang said.
The Doctor returned with the bill of sale and Timtam. Everything with the sale went smoothly. They all got back on the ship and left the facility and headed back to the Palace.
“Did Lionette really send you all to buy me back?” Timtam asked Pep happily.
“No Timtam, she doesn’t even know we’re here.” Pep said as plainly as she could. She didn’t want Timtam to think Lionette had forgiven her or was showing her mercy.
“Oh.” Timtam was sadly.
“So do I belong to you now Pep?” she asked.
“No Timtam you don’t belong to me, legally I just own you.”
“I don’t understand Pep, you bought me so I have to belong to some one don’t I ?” Timtam asked.
“Do you remember the first time we met? I was lost and an inch away from a slow death. I asked you for help and you pointed me to Matt. I’ve been happy every day since then because of that one act of kindness.” Pep said with a tear in her eye.
“ I just thought you could use a little help is all.” Timtam said smiling.
“I know, that’s why as your new owner I’m giving you your freedom. I officially renounce my ownership over you.”
Timtam just sat and looked at every one not sure of what to do next.
“Well what do you want to do first?” Tarin asked.
Timtam looked at each one of them. She looked sad. They all looked at each other. Why isn’t she happy.
Timtam turned and walked to the door to leave.
“Where are you going Timtam? Isn’t there anything you want to do?” Kang asked.
She turned and looked over her shoulder solemnly.
“I want to make Lionette like me again.”

The Doctor walked into the room where He had been “treating” Enna for the past few weeks. He turned on the lights and began powering up the generator.  When he turned the corner he saw Enna had broken free from her bonds some how. The window had been carefully removed and a rope made from the curtains was hanging down the side of the building. Even with the make shift rope it was still a forty foot drop to the ground. Enna was no where in sight. Thun and the Doctor had the entire building searched as well as the facility’s surrounding grounds. Enna had disappeared into thin air.

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