Chapter 40 I’m not Timtam

Chapter  40

I’m not Timtam

“No…wait. Who  did you say you were?” Hudd stepped back from Enna.
“After I got the reward money from Lionette I just thought maybe Timtam changed her mind. I thought she would think we could have a future now.” Hudd was assuming that Enna, being a pink hair and Feloid was some how involved in all of this.
“Reward? He said reward. He was also expecting Timtam to return.” Enna thought to herself.
“I was sent here as a surprise from Lionette. She knew Timtam wasn’t coming back so she sent me instead.” Enna said. She gave him her most pitiful look. She lost her brash attitude and became the poor helpless little pink head.
“ This isn’t right. I don’t want a slave ! This is way too much.” Hudd rubbed his head. He was confused and still pretty drunk.
Enna needed to get the information out of him. She needed him to want to protect her and take her in.
“I can’t go back master ! I will be punished for not pleasing you. It is my last chance to do good. I haven’t been a good slave. They say my mind is slow and they should send me too the mines to haul rocks in the dark. Please let me stay with you. I will do whatever you tell me to master.” Enna had fallen to her knees and was begging Hudd. She had worked up a nice display  of tears and sniffles. She was the helpless little slave that wouldn’t last a day out here in the frontier with out a protector.
“ Okay, okay, you can stay with me till tomorrow. We can figure something out then.” he was too drunk to think. He just wanted to go to sleep and deal with this all tomorrow.
“Thank you master, thank you.” Enna kissed his hands and put her head on his feet. “ You won’t regret this, I promise.” she said groveling.

Enna had been traveling around the galaxy trying to make allies. The droid and the ship she was given by Lionette had been of the highest quality. She found herself at a small gas mining operation millions of miles from Ty controlled space sitting in a bar. Her last deal hadn’t panned out so well and she needed to find a place to lay low.
One night almost two weeks ago she over heard a rather dull story. It seemed this Duros was doing a friend of his a favor.  His friend had rescued two cat girls from the Empire but one was injured. She couldn’t make out where he said his friend was taking them for help but he was sure he would be back soon. All in all not an interesting story. Enna was just about to leave when the Duros spoke a name that froze her in her tracks, Timtam.
It seemed one of the girls his friend rescued went by that name. For the first time in her life Enna started to believe in the Force. The Force was giving her a chance at revenge. Timtam had bailed out on her and left her there under the care of that sadistic doctor who tortured her for weeks.
She listened carefully to the story with renewed interest. Enna was able to find out just were the Duros and the friend lived. Slowly she thought up a plan. She would have her revenge against Timtam the traitor. Once she had tied up her remaining business she gave the droid pilot it’s orders. She then booked passage on the first transport to the small space station where the Duros was from.

Enna had helped Hudd to his home. They went inside and upstairs to the bed room.
“Let me help you with that.” she said as she helped him off with his coat. She had him sit on the bed as she knelt down in front of him and took off his boots.
“Thank you master, thank you so much.” she said as she massaged his feet.
“ No, that’s not…you don’t have to.” Hudd said.
“Just relax master, I want to make you feel good.” Enna pushed him back on to the bed.
“ No, I don’t want…” Hudd said trying to sit back up.
“Shhh, lay back and enjoy it master.” Enna climbed up on top of Hudd straddling him. She leaned forward and pulled his shirt off over his head.
“There now, doesn’t that feel better?” she said smiling.
“ What about Timtam? What happened to her?” Hudd asked. He was trying to sober up a little but wasn’t having much luck.
Enna pulled her shirt off and rested her bare breasts on Hudd’s chest.
“Forget about her, I’ll be your Timtam, I’ll be whatever you want me to be.”

Adda opened the door to her chambers. She thought she had heard a quiet knocking on it but wasn’t sure. It was Timtam. She looked up at Adda with her big sad eyes. “Can I talk to you?” she asked.
“Of course you can Timtam, you can always talk to me whenever you wish.” Adda put her hand on Timtam’s shoulder and ushered her in. She walked over to a bench next to the large picture window and gestured for Timtam to sit down next to her.
Timtam sat down and looked at the floor.
“What do you want to talk about honey.” she looked small and helpless sitting on the large bench.
“I don’t want to do this anymore.” she said quietly.
“Do what Timtam, what don’t you want to do anymore?” Adda asked.
“ I don’t want to go on missions anymore.” Timtam said still looking down.
“That’s understandable, no one would hold that against you if that’s how you  feel.” Adda said putting her hand on Timtam’s shoulder. She sensed Timtam had taken a lot of time thinking about this.
“I can’t take it anymore. I’m scared…I’m not a fighter.” Timtam looked up with tears in her eyes.
“ You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You can help in different ways. Not all of us are fighters.” Adda said referring to herself.
“Besides, with the four hundred new soldiers that Ragg has under his command I’m sure we can let you off of the front lines now.” Adda smiled as she tried to calm Timtam’s guilt about not wanting to be in combat anymore. “What do you want to do ? Is there something you like doing?”
“I can fly a ship, and I liked it when Granic showed me how to work on them.” Timtam said wiping her eyes.
“Well maybe he can teach you some more. He is always asking for more help.” Adda said.
“Asking?” Timtam smiled.
“Okay… demanding.” Adda laughed.

“Matt, you don’t have to do that, I’m fine.” Pep said pleading with him to stop. He was actually gathering up the laundry. He had gone a bit over board with his house hold duties.
“I just want to help. You’ve been through a lot.” he said.
“ I know Matt, I know you were worried but I’m back now. I’m home again and safe.” Pep said picking up the rest of the clothes.
“You don’t understand.” Matt said frustrated. “It was all my fault. I could have stopped you from going on that mission but I didn’t. I’m the one who insisted on you being included in the missions.”
“What’s wrong with that? I did everything right. I did what I should have. I did what you would have done.” Pep couldn’t believe that Matt thought she screwed up.
“ That’s not what I meant. I think you did the best job I’ve ever seen. What you did for us is the bravest thing I have ever seen.” Matt explained.
“Then why are you so upset?” Pep asked.
“Because I pushed you to hard. You can’t be doing that kind of mission anymore. It almost killed me. When I thought you died I fell apart. I was useless. I wanted to die too. I love you too much to go through that again. Please don’t go out there again. I was wrong to have you do it, not because you couldn’t handle it but because I couldn’t. Don’t ask me to go through that again.” Matt had a look on his face she had never seen on him. It was fear, fear of loosing the woman he loved.
“Okay Matt, if that’s what you want then I won’t go on missions like that anymore.” she smiled.  “You better be careful about that kind of talk Mazin. A girl might start thinking you’re sweet on her.” Pep said as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Hudd looked at the ceiling. The light was streaming in the bedroom giving it a gentile warmth. He realized he was naked and pulled the blanket up over himself. He smelled food cooking from down stairs.
“What have you gotten yourself into?” he said aloud.
He started to remember the night before. He had slept with that girl. No, that wasn’t quiet accurate. That girl fucked his brains out. He couldn’t help himself. The alcohol and that incredibly sexy girl drove him wild. She was perfect and insatiable. She had him do everything to her and she did the same for him. He had never experienced anything like that.
He found his pants and boots and put them on. He noticed his heart rate had increased just thinking about last night. He went to the top of the steps and listened. He could hear pans and utensils being shifted about. She was making him breakfast. After all of that went on that night she was making him breakfast.
Hudd pulled himself together and walked down stairs and into the kitchen.
Enna ran over to Hudd and dropped to the ground in front of him. “I’ve made you breakfast master. I hope it is good enough.”
“Hey, don’t do that. Get up from there.” Hudd said embarrassed.
“I only wanted to show respect master.” she said as she stood with her head down.
“No, it’s not a big deal but just don’t do it, okay?” he asked.
She stood silent looking sad.
“Stop that, I’m not mad, see.” he leaned over so she could see his face and smiled.
She gave a little smile. “Thank you master.” she said quietly.
He looked over into the kitchen and couldn’t believe what he saw. She had cooked and prepared just about everything she could find.
“I wasn’t sure what you liked so I made a little of everything.” Enna said.
Hudd had been eating left overs and prepackaged food for almost a year since the death of his wife. The feast before him was fantastic. At first he worried about how much would be wasted but then he remembered he had money now so he decided to enjoy it.
Hudd pulled out a chair for Enna. She shook her head.
“Sit.” he said.
Enna sat quickly succumbing to her “masters” wishes.
“That’s better isn’t it.” he smiled.
She smiled shyly.
They sat and ate the meal. It was fantastic. He hadn’t tasted a meal as good as this in a long time.
She quickly began clearing the table as soon as he was done. Enna insisted on having Hudd sit in the living area and relax while she cleaned up.
He sat in his favorite chair and listened to her cleaning up in the kitchen. He realized that he felt good. No, he felt happy. He hadn’t felt this good in a very long time.

“Well it seems you’ve gotten your way Axious. The two ex slaves that were too be added to the monument in honor of those that have died protecting us from Imperial transgressions will not be on the monument after all. It seems they have survived a head on ramming of a new class of Imperial ship. At least four times as big as anything they have fielded before.” Lionette was addressing her chief of affairs.
“Praise the gods.” he replied less than enthusiastically.
“I have sent a token of my gratitude to the human that saved the two girls. I know you will find it over generous but remember Axious it is only about one tenth the cost if we had mounted the search and rescue ourselves. In addition it is my hope that the word will be well received of our generosity towards new allies.” Lionette said as she strolled through her garden. Axious trailed behind her dutifully.
“As you wish My Lady.” he said.
“These Thetis Regilius are doing much better this year I believe.” she said commenting on one species of flower.
“Yes quite nicely.” he replied.
“Now What was it you came to see me about?” she asked.
“It’s the matter of the suitor My Lady. The Prince from the Visiok clan. His family wishes an alliance with the Ty clan. There is an obligation to attend him. It would be very beneficial to the Clan My Lady. As you well know they control a huge expanse in the border areas. It would give our ships free access to non Feloid territories. You did want to expand our trade with the out worlders if I remember correctly.” Axious replied.
Lionette had avoided an arranged marriage for much longer than was traditional. She had only been allowed to do so by leaving home and sharpening her combat skills.
“Do you know anything about him?” she asked.
“He’s at least as wealthy as you My Lady.” Axious replied.
“No, I mean is he tall or short. What does he like to do? Where has he studied his Jedi technique ?”
She had always known that an arranged marriage was in her future but for the first time in her life she was having second thoughts. In her circles their was a very limited group to choose from. The first thing that needed to over ride any decision was, would the union benefit the Clan. What would be gained in this marriage. As far as compatibility was concerned at least she had the option to decline any suitor she didn’t like but one would have to be chosen in the end.
It was the price the Royals paid. They were given the right to rule as long as their actions benefit the subjects that served them. The arranged marriages usually meant a loveless marriage. It was just another duty to be preformed.

Bronski walked into the garden where Adda was waiting. He stopped a few feet ahead of were she was reclining on a couch. Bronski looked around and laughed.
“What?What is it.” Adda asked smiling.
“I’ve fought all across this Galaxy and back again. I’ve served under every kind of leader there is but I’ve never seen a war room like this one.” he said smirking.
“It is different to what you’re used to I’m sure.” Adda smiled.
“Well let’s get down to it. The mission was great success. We got the information we needed, blew up a space station and one of their brand new ships. To top it off no good guys died.” Bronski said sitting down.
“Yes, we were very fortunate indeed.” Adda said.
“So what’s our next mission?” Bronski asked.
“ It is going to be a lot more ambitious I think. The Empire intends on making an example of a colony that had helped some Rebels repair their ship and escape. We’ve found out they intend to destroy it and enslave the colonists. I think we should keep that from happening. I think we should be there waiting for them.” Adda said.
“I think that sounds like a lot of fun. I can just see Baltis and Kllair hidden somewhere blowing away some Imperial shit heads. It would be a field day for them. It will be a good opportunity to watch those two crazy bitches of Kllairs work in some close combat. I know they’re killers, good ones too. I’d be more interested in seeing how they take orders. I don’t want loose cannons running around messing up my plans. I think Kllair’s okay with taking orders but the others need to show me a little more before I bend over in front of them.” Buck grinned.
“How soon can you have a plan ready?” Adda asked handing him the information.
“I’ll catch up with Ragg and Matt tonight and try to put something solid together by tomorrow.” he said.
“Wonderful, is there anything else you need?” she asked.
“Uh, yeah. Do you know where Thorim is? I have to ask him about something real quick.” he asked.
“I think he’s in his quarters, is there anything I can do?” Adda sensed it was something more important than he was letting on about.
“No, it’s personal. Not a big deal.” he smiled and walked out.
Now she knew there was something wrong, Buck smiling?

Enna had lead Hudd back upstairs for another quick session in bed. It turned into a two hour quick session.
They lay in bed covered in sweat breathing hard. Enna had collapsed on top of Hudd. She looked deep into his eyes and stroked his hair. “Close your eyes, I want to see you relaxed.” she whispered.
Hudd did as he was told. This was even better than last night. He wasn’t drunk now. He was able to watch her body as it writhed under him. He could hear her little moans of ecstasy as she ground her pelvis onto his. This girl may be a halfwit to the Feloids but in bed she was a genius.
Hudd gently rolled her to one side and laid her down next to him.
“ I think we can work out an arrangement so that you can stay here a while.” He said between breaths.
Enna giggled and covered her mouth. “I would like that very much Master. You make me feel good. You make me feel like I’m wanted.” she said looking into his eyes.
Hudd smiled back. He was careful not to reply. This girl made him feel great. He hadn’t felt this alive in a long time. However he also knew he had just met her and it was way to early to make any promises or decisions about the future.
“We need food. Enna, get me some food.” he clapped his hands and laughed. She jumped up and ran down stairs without hesitation.
He was just joking but she didn’t question him at all. He gave an order and she obeyed without any thought to the contrary. He was a bit disturbed by just how good it felt to order someone around and have them respond without question. He felt guilty for doing it but strangely powerful too. It was intoxicating to have that power. He felt if he told her to run she would run until she collapsed from exhaustion. She lived to make his every wish come true. What she wanted was  to serve his every desire. It was wrong, he knew it. But if the other person wanted or expected to be treated that way was it still wrong. She seemed to want that treatment. It didn’t seem to bother her.
Enna came back upstairs with a sandwich for him. “Where’s your”s?” he asked.
“You didn’t say I could have one master.” she said. “Did I do wrong?”
“No, you did the right thing.” he was surprised at the words that came from his mouth.
There was a knock at the door. Enna looked at Hudd. “Shall I answer that?”
He threw his robe to her. “Here, put this on first.” he leaned back on one elbow and took a bite of the sandwich and smiled.
Enna ran down stairs as she put on the robe and went to the door. She quickly ran her fingers through her hair and straightened the robe. She grabbed the door knob and opened it.

Adda had called a meeting with all the members. She told everyone that they were planning a raid to rescue some civilians. After she had given the information to all assembled she gave out the new job assignments.
“I have two new job assignments to issue. Pep will start working with Ceecee in ship repair and maintenance. Timtam will be now working with Granic in the same capacity. Granic and Ceecee have been over whelmed by the work load they have, so I feel Pep and Timtam who have already been working with these two would be a good fit.” Adda said.
It was done, both women were out of danger now and could still contribute.
“I think everyone will agree that they deserve a behind the lines posting for their above and beyond heroics.” Adda said. The room erupted with cheers of approval. Matt picked Pep up and sat her on his shoulder followed by Bronski doing the same with Timtam. There was a large contingent of Ragg’s men there as well and even they were clapping. They had their lives saved during that mission and wanted to show their appreciation too.
Timtam was laughing and waving. She felt like an equal now, the people she saw as her betters were cheering for her. She looked around and suddenly she saw Lionette standing in the doorway at the rear of the room. As their eyes met Timtam saw Lionette begin to clap slowly at first and then faster. Timtam covered her mouth and began to cry with joy. All her sins were forgiven now. There would still be a distance kept between them but they had forgiven each other. Lionette even cast a smile at Pep who smiled back. Things were going to be different in the Ty clan.

Enna opened the door and stood half naked staring at a Duros.
“I see you came back to him, well done.?” the Duros grinned.
“I’m not Timtam sir.” she put her head down. Like most alien races including humans Duros had a hard time distinguishing the differences in other races features.
So Hudd had a friend that knew Timtam. She would have to keep this in mind.
“Ghildan ! Hey buddy how’s it going?” Hudd said as he came down stairs pulling up his pants.
“This is Enna, Lionette, the Feliod that gave me the money gave me her too.” he smiled.
“She gave you a slave?” Ghildan asked shocked and somewhat angry.
“Yeah. Can you believe that? I’m not going to keep her of course, it’s just until I work something out for her, you understand right?” Hudd said. He realized just how bad that sounded once he heard it out loud. He was keeping a slave. He was allowing her to remain a slave because it suited him. To be honest, he was enjoying it.
Ghildan just stood looking at him, he was shocked.
“Ghildan… what have I become?” Hudd asked surprised at himself.
“I can’t judge your actions my friend but you must do what’s right and soon.” he said. He apologized for the intrusion and turned to leave.
“No Ghildan, come in and sit down.” Hudd said.
“I can’t. I thought this was my friend’s house. I must be mistaken.” he said walking away.
Enna and Hudd watched as Ghildan walked down the street.
“He wouldn’t even listen to me.” Hudd said ashamed.
“I’ll go talk to him, he doesn’t understand how it is between us, please let me go, I think he’ll listen to me.” Enna pleaded.
Hudd was to embarrassed to look his friend in the face again.
“Okay, maybe he’ll listen to you.” Hudd agreed.
Enna took off down the street after Ghildan. She carefully followed him to his home and waited for him to go inside. This Duros was going to ruin everything. She needed to stay Hudd’s slave, she needed to remain helpless and under his protection. If Hudd listened to Ghildan he would free her and send her away. Enna knew what had to happen next. She looked around outside to see if anybody was watching. When she was certain no one was around she knocked on the door. Ghildan opened the door.
“Please may I speak with you? There has been a terrible mistake. You need to hear my side of the story sir. Please this is all a terrible misunderstanding.” Enna pleaded.
“Very well, come inside.” Ghildan said.
“Thank you so much.” Enna smiled.
Ghildan turned and went into the kitchen. “Can I get you something to dri…” he never finished the question.
Enna had struck him in the back of his head with a heavy machine part he must have been repairing that was sitting by the door. He fell to the floor unconscious. Enna stood over top of him and struck him two more times to finish him off. She had to be quick.  Enna went into the kitchen and grabbed a large carving knife from the counter top and went back over to the body. She lay Ghildan on a small rug and dragged him upstairs with the knife clenched between her teeth. Once upstairs she lifted Ghildan’s body into the bath tub and stripped off his clothes. She quickly took off her robe and threw it into the hall.
Enna hesitated for a moment as she took the large knife from between her teeth. She looked and listened to see if any one was around. It was clear. She took the knife and began cutting Ghildan into small easily disposable parts.
“ I’ll bet you wished you slept in today, don’t you, you stupid asshole.” Enna said to Ghildan’s corpse.

“ Well ?” Bronski asked.
“I think it’s something that can be managed with medicine but you need to start taking better care of yourself.” Thorim said. He had just finished checking Bronski’s heart.
“Just what does that mean Doc?” Bronski asked.
“Drink less, stop smoking, exercise more, eat better food, you know.” Thorim said as he lit a cigar.
“No, seriously. What do I need to do?” Buck asked smiling nervously.
Thorim just looked at Buck and took a puff from the cigar.
“What have I done to deserve this?” Buck asked himself out loud.
Thorim just looked at him.

Enna had wrapped Ghildan’s dismembered body in the bed sheets and the shower curtain. She washed the blood from her arms and body making sure to get all of it. After putting her robe back on she went to the back door of the house. Enna took one last look around. She had been quick. She had only taken a half hour to murder and dismember Hudd’s best friend. She threw the body parts over her shoulder and slipped out the back door. She headed down the back way to Hudd’s house. Ghildan wound up in a dumpster behind a shop on the way home. Enna went around to the front street and calmly walked to Hudd’s house and into the front door.
To her surprise she heard Hudd speaking to someone in the kitchen. Enna straightened her robe and her hair. She took a second to compose herself and become the shy, helpless little slave again and stepped into the kitchen.
Seconds became minutes.
Enna’s eyes met the eyes of the person that Hudd had been speaking with. The eyes belonged to her old Captain, Zellina Pokta.
Zellina grabbed Hudd and shoved him out of the way.
Enna turned to make a run for it.
Zellina drew her pistol and took aim.
Enna dove for cover back into the hallway.
Zellina fired just missing Enna.
Enna landed in the hall and lept to her feet.
Zellina fired through the wall hitting Enna in the arm with a lucky shot.
The shot spun Enna around causing her to loose her balance.
Zellina rounded the corner and kicked Enna in the back hard.
Enna flew forward smashing into a small table in the living area.
Two of Zellina’s men burst through the front door.
Enna, wild eyed tried to get to her feet.
One of Zellina’s pirates lept on top of Enna and pushed her back down.
The second pirate had gone into the kitchen and was pointing a gun at Hudd.
Zellina kicked Enna in the face knocking her out cold.
“What’s going on here! Leave her alone!” Hudd yelled.
“Shut up!” Zellina yelled back.
“Fervus, take that bitch and tie her to that chair, don’t be too gentile about it either. Don’t forget what she did back on Gavvin six.” Zellina ordered.
“You, Mr. Hudd, sit in that chair next to her.” she said waving her gun at him.
“If you hurt her again I’ll kill you.” Hudd said angrily.
The pirates all laughed. “You dumb ass, we just saved your life.” Fervus said.

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