Chapter 41 The Prince of the Visiok Clan

Chapter  41

The Prince from the Visiok clan

Once again Lionette found herself standing on the Royal landing pad high up on the grand tower of the Palace. Her suitor was arriving, the Prince of the Visiok clan. The arrangement had been made shortly before her father, Maxis Ty’s death so none of the particulars had been disgust with her. All she knew was the Prince had been away fighting a rival clan over a border that had been disputed. The Visiok clan had come out ahead by negotiating a treaty with their side conceding a narrow passage for the opposing clan to use with a a small tribute to be paid. Lionette took this as a good sign that the Prince was wise enough to concede a portion of the passage instead of completely humiliating his advisary.
Although it meant very little in Feliod culture the Prince was of the beast type of the Feloid lineage. There had been beast types that had married into the Ty clan over the years. An interesting fact of this interbreeding is that the child is born either beast type or not. There is no fusion of the two types that would be considered a hybrid. So it is normal in a family with a non beast type parent and  a beast type parent for them to have children that are both beast type and not. One of the highest ranking clans that was loyal to the Ty’s was completely Beast type. Her father’s closest friend was the “Colonel”, a trusted soldier that has continued to serve the Clan with the highest priority missions to this day.
“You seem remarkably calm My Lady for someone who is about to meet her future husband.” Axious remarked.
“Don’t get ahead of yourself Axious, I haven’t even met him.” Lionette said. She was sitting in a large chair sampling some fruit from a tray that Neeka was holding.
“I find it hard to believe that you’re not a little nervous Mistress.” Neeka whispered into her ear. As a free person Neeka was allowed to be less formal with Lionette than Timtam was.
“Maybe a little.” Lionette and Neeka suppressed their laughter.
A chime sounded twice signaling that the Visiok shuttle was approaching.
Lionette stood up and turned slowly allowing Neeka to give her a last minute inspection.
“You are perfect My Lady.” Neeka said smiling.
“Let’s hope he’s worthy of my perfection.” once again they both held back a laugh.
The shuttle came into view as it descended from the clouds above. It was in the livery of the Visiok clan. The shuttle was painted white with black trim. The crest was emblazoned on the wings also called fangs that was typical of Feloid ships. Lionette had expected a larger ship for some reason. This one was small as Royal shuttles go. She wondered if this was a ship carrying his servants. It wasn’t unusual for a Royal to send them ahead to make sure everything was as it was supposed to be.
The ship circled once and landed gently on the pad, a perfect landing. The door  opened and two catgirls ran out and prostrated themselves at the bottom of the ramp. They were wearing next to nothing and both were defiantly picked for there physical beauty. These were most likely hand pick for his pleasure by the Prince himself. In Feloid culture it wouldn’t be seen as bad taste to bring your concubines with you even if you were meeting your new wife. As in most cultures when two people marry they must sacrifice some of their belongings when they join with their mate. These girls were possessions and would be given away with the other frivolities of youth.
He stepped out on to the boarding ramp and looked around.
“By the gods My Lady, he’s magnificent.” Neeka whispered excitedly.
“Quiet Neeka, I too have eyes in my head.” Lionette’s voice had a slight flutter of approval in it.
The Prince was tall and broad shouldered. He had a thick black mane that was combed back giving it a thicker appearance. He had a look of hunter about him. He wore white bloused pants with a thick black stripe down the side of each leg. Large black leather gauntlets with the fingers cut off covered both hands. His upper body was covered only by a military style vest that was covered in pockets and medals. A thick black belt with his light saber and a large pistol held the vest closed. As with most Beast types he didn’t wear a shirt because of the fur covered skin they all had.
He looked around as though he needed to double check his environment for an ambush or some other hazard. Once he was certain it was safe he walked down the ramp and over to the wide archway where Lionette and the rest were standing. The two catgirls stood and trailed behind him in perfect step with each other. They were tall and beautiful. Any man would have paid a kings ransom for just one but to him they were just property.
Lionette walked forward to greet him followed by Axious and Neeka.
“Greeting Prince Azak Visiok, I’m very honored to make your acquaintance.” Lionette said as she put out her hand in greeting.
“The pleasure is all mine Princess Ty, Had I known my host was so comely I would have had made my introduction much earlier.” He said as he kissed her hand.
“I’m flattered Prince, to be thought of as comely by a man who has such high standards is indeed well received.” she was referring to his standard of beauty as represented by the two catgirls.
“Mere possessions, playthings for a rich and spoiled child.” he said minimizing the relationship between him and his catgirls. “ They are but something to occupy my idol time while I mature enough to want something more substantial.” he smiled.
“Would you care to join me in my quarters ? We can relax and get to know each other better.” Lionette asked.
“I would be honored Princess. Uh, were shall I have my girls wait?” he asked.
“Bring them, I’m sure they could use something to eat or drink as well.” Lionette wanted to show him immediately that she didn’t consider slaves as competition to her.

Fervus held Hudd back in his chair as the second pirate held a gun on him. Enna stopped struggling against the ropes she was bound with and glared at Zellina. Zellina walked around Enna slowly. She was now in control of the situation. Ever since Zellina had been reunited with her crew she had been on Enna’s trail. In her position she couldn’t let this slave’s disloyalty go unpunished.  At last she had found her and now all she had to do is finish the thing.
“You know pink head you’ve caused me a huge amount of trouble. After giving you a chance to be my first mate you still betrayed me. Now I can’t just let that go without an appropriate response no can I ?”
“Why are you doing this? You’re wrong. She’s not who you think she is, tell them Enna.” Hudd said.
Enna looked at Hudd. She smiled an evil smile. “That’s right, I’m just a harmless little slave with a simple mind. If it wasn’t for you master I’d be all alone.” she laughed in his face. “To bad my friends didn’t show up a little sooner if they had I probably wouldn’t have had to kill your friend Ghildan.”
“What, what are you talking about?” Hudd asked. He no longer recognized this girl.
“They screwed up my plan, I was going to tell you that Ghildan left. I told you I’d straighten things out with him, and I guess I did.” Enna grinned at Hudd. “ I smashed his big fucking head in and cut him into pieces and threw him in the dumpster out back.” she was laughing like a crazy person.
“You’re lying!” Hudd looked at Zellina and the other pirates. He could tell they believed her.
“Why? Why would you do something like that!” Hudd yelled.
“Because he was in the way. He was going to ruin everything. He had to go!” she yelled back.
“Shut up both of you!” Zellina screamed smacking Enna in the face.
There was a moment of silence.
“We’re forgetting who’s in charge here. Now if I know you Enna it sounds to me like you were working this chump for some reason. What do you know that she might want information about ?” Zellina asked Hudd.
Hudd immediately thought about the million credits that Lionette Ty had sent him.
“I don’t know. I just thought I was helping someone.” Hudd said looking at Enna disgusted.
“Oh yeah, he helped me after I fucked him and pretended I was kissing his ass. He’s a real wonderful guy. He’s no different than the rest.” Enna replied angrily.
“ I really liked you, you made me feel good about myself.” Hudd said quietly.
“Oh damn it just shoot me Zellina ! This guy’s making me sick to my stomach.” Enna said contemptuously.
Zellina slapped Enna across the face. “Once again it seems we’ve gotten off track here. Now what is it you know that would make her stay with you. Why are you still even alive. Hell, she just met your friend and killed him.” Zellina was now standing in front of Hudd looking down at him.
“How should I know what she’s thinking? She probably thinks I have a hidden fortune somewhere or something.” Hudd said looking at Enna.
Enna knew that Hudd had had just under cut her. If she told Zellina that Hudd did have a million credits it would just sound like she was making the whole thing up because of what he just said.
“Well Enna, why are you with him? Why are you here?” Zellina asked slapping her again.
“I”ll die first before I tell you. You’re going to kill me anyway, right? I know you came here to kill me so I have nothing to gain by telling you anything. Even if you give me the whole easy death if I tell you or slow death if I don’t bit, you know me Zellina, I can take it, I won’t talk.” Enna said coldly.
Zellina pulled up a chair and sat down in front of Enna and Hudd.
“ Well I you might be right about all that after all. I think we might try something a little different here. I think I’ll go back to my original plan of just killing you.
“Pardon my interruption Captain, but whatever you’re going to do you’d better do it quick. If that poor bastard is cut up into bits and laying in that dumpster he might be found at any second. We don’t want any local cops knocking on the door and beholding this scene.” Fervus said interrupting.
Zellina looked at Fervus and then at Enna and Hudd. “Your right Fervus. Go get the speeder and put them in the trunk. We’ll figure this all out back on the ship.

Lionette Ty and Azak Visiok were relaxing and getting to know each other. Neeka had served them drinks and food during their time together. Lionette made it a point to allow Azak’s slaves to remain in the room with them. They were even allowed to sit on Lionette’s bench by the large window.
“I can’t help but notice your liberal treatment of my girls. It is an unusual trait in our circles. Some may say dangerous.” Azak remarked.
“ I find a little kindness goes a long way my dear Azak. I find it easier to show compassion to everyone even a slave.” Lionette said matter of factually. “Why be heavy handed to a slave if they’ve done nothing wrong. These girls of yours are no threat to me and they’ve done what they were told, so why not give them a little positive reinforcement.”
“ Perhaps you have a point. It is a very different way of doing things than I am used to but I see no fault in it either.” Azak smiled looking into her eyes.
“ I find it also breeds loyalty” she added.
“Loyalty in a slave?” he smiled.
“It isn’t always the case but with even this small gesture I’m willing to wager that these two girls are quiet appreciative and less nervous. There are women that if they were in my situation would be threatened by them. I, however understand the services they provide for you are not of their choosing and therefore they should not be held accountable for them.”
“You have a very different but well thought out view of our traditions Lionette that I find stimulating.” Azak said.
“ What would you do if you were in my situation might I ask dear Azak.”Lionette asked.
“ I think I would have had my girls sit in the hall on one of the benches provided and be done with it. I don’t see it as a gesture of cruelty by any means.” He replied. “To be completely honest I have never put much thought into the treatment of slaves. I find the matter one of class and station. Only a person of low standards would mistreat a slave. They are an asset, something to be taken care of while they are under your roof like any other possession.” he added.
“ I agree for the most part Azak, I just hope my eccentricities don’t bother you too much when it comes to attitude towards their treatment.” Lionette smiled.
“Not at all, it is well known that you are a deadly warrior. I find it gratifying that you balance it with a distinct sense of what I regard as compassion.” he said raising his glass to Lionette.
“Thank you Azak.” Lionette raised her glass as well.
“ Why did you bring so few servants with you Azak?” Lionette asked.
“ I like to do things for myself for one thing, besides I had no doubt that once I was here I would be afforded any service that I may seem necessary. The hospitality of the Ty clan is well known.”  Azak said.
“ In the future I think I would like to visit your home if you would have me.” Lionette said.
“I think I would enjoy having you in the future.” Azak smiled.
Lionette smiled also.

The pirates had taken Hudd and Enna back to their ship and lifted off of the space station. Enna was dragged kicking and biting down one of the hallways and into a side room.
Hudd was escorted into the Captains quarters and made to sit in a chair in front of her desk. Not long after that Zellina came in and dismissed the crewman watching him.
“I’m very sorry for what happened to your friend Mr. Hudd. You shouldn’t feel responsible for what happened to him. You had no way of knowing what a lunatic Enna was. She has killed quiet a few people just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think there’s a part of you that might even be glad we showed up.” Zellina said as she sat down behind the desk.
“What are you going to do to me.” Hudd asked.
“I’m not sure. Enna thinks you are valuable for some reason. Once I figure out why that is then I will tell you.” she answered.
“Look, I’ve had enough of this so I’m going to level with you. I helped out some friends of a Feloid clan leader by the name of Lionette Ty. She gave me a huge reward, one million credits. It’s in my account right now. That’s why Enna killed my friend I guess. She would have tricked me into getting the cash and then she was probably going to kill me too.”
“You expect me to believe Lionette Ty gave you one million credits. Just who was it that you saved?” Zellina asked.
“Why do you want to know?” Hudd asked.
Zellina leaned forward and crossed her fingers. “ Humor me.”
“ I rescued two Feloids, women, Pep and Timtam.” Hudd said.
“Describe Pep for me.” she asked.
“Young, about twenty five or six. She had long dark hair, very pretty.” Hudd said.
“You just described three million catgirls. Tell me something that makes me believe you.” she said.
Hudd thought for a moment. “ She had a boy friend, a human named Mac or Matt or something. Oh yeah, there was another woman there. I didn’t catch her name but she had blueish white hair, she was beautiful also.” Hudd remarked.
“ Okay, I believe you. I know these people.” Zellina stood up and walked over to the shelf at the end of the room. She took a bottle of something off the top shelf along with two glasses and sat down on the couch. She patted the cushion next to her implying she wanted Hudd to join her on the couch.
Hudd felt he didn’t have much of a choice so he went over and sat down.
Zellina poured two drinks and gave one too Hudd. “Why don’t you tell me the whole story? I’d be very interested in hearing it.” she said taking a sip.
“I’m not sure Lionette would want me to do that.” he said.
Zellina leaned closer to him and patted her blaster pistol slung on her hip. “ I insist.” she smiled.

“You’re an idiot you know that right?” Granic growled at Timtam.
Timtam looked at the part she had been working on to see what she had done wrong.
“No. I’m talking about the guy, what did you say his name was?” He grunted.
“Hudd, his name is Hudd.” she said looking sad.
They had been talking about what had happened to her and Pep while they were away. Timtam had told Granic that she was afraid Hudd would have rejected her if she had told him how she felt.
“I may be an arrogant bastard but I know that if someone gets a chance at happiness they have to risk everything to get it. You dropped the ball so you’re an idiot.” he said.
Timtam didn’t respond.
Granic looked at her. “Hmmf, I don’t know why you don’t just send him a message. Get it over with.”
“Get Tarin to do it. She likes to do stuff I think.” Granic wanted this conversation to be over. He wasn’t a touchy feely kind of guy.

Leina had come into Zellina’s quarters. She was the slave that had helped Zellina after she was wounded back on Geirgor. She was carrying a tray with some food on it.
“You always know what I want Leina.” Zellina said smiling. Zellina and Hudd had been talking about his time with Pep and Timtam. She had become quiet fond of him because he was simple and very very normal. He had a calming way about him due to his simple life. She didn’t have to be tough or try to figure out what he was really up to as with her usual circle of cut throats. She decided at that moment to do something different. She would help him with his problem.
“ Allow me to explain something about catgirls and how they think. Leina here was a slave until I freed her. She saved my life and stood by me when no one else did.” She said smiling at Leina.
“Leina, if a good man liked you how would you feel about that?” Zellina asked.
She thought about it a second. “ I would feel bad for him.” she said.
“How come?” Hudd asked surprised.
“If he was a good man he should be with someone better than I am.” Leina said embarrassed.
“You’re a good person, aren’t you?” Zellina asked.
“I think so but I am not pure and I wouldn’t be able to ever give that man children. He would always have to be content with half a woman.” she said sadly.
“Nonsense, any man would be happy with you Leina.” Zellina said.
“That may be but he should have a better woman than me.” Leina said.
“You see. That’s how us Feloids raise their kind. We treat them like dirt so that’s how they see themselves. Even though she’s free she still see’s herself that way.” Zellina said. “I bet you anything that’s why your little pink head left. She didn’t use you, she just thought that she wasn’t good enough for you.”
Zellina stood up and put her arm around Leina’s shoulder. “We teach them from childhood that they are second class. They find it very hard to think of themselves as equal, we don’t allow it. This girl saved my life. She’s my hero and she’ll never believe it because she thinks I’m better than her.” Zellina said pulling Leina close. Leina looked embarrassed and smiled.
Hudd looked at Zellina and Leina. “You might be right, I should find out. If what you say is true then I need to find her.”
“I’m going to take you back home. I like you Hudd. You’re a good guy. You don’t deserve to be around people like us.” Zellina said.
“What about the million credits?” he wasn’t sure he was totally out of the woods yet.
“ Let’s just say you owe me one. After all I did save you from Enna, even though it didn’t start out that way.” she said.
“I guess I can live with that.” he said.

Tarin was cleaning her wrist launchers. There was going to be another mission so she wanted all of her gear ready. She spun quickly and grabbed Timtam by the throat as she slammed her against the wall. Once Tarin realized who it was she released her.
“Damn it Timtam, knock before you come in here. I could have killed you.” Tarin said. She didn’t apologies to Timtam. Tarin knew people were after her so Timtam put herself in that position.
“I’m sorry, I should have known better.” Timtam said.
“What do you want honey?” Tarin asked. She sensed Timtam wanted her help.
“I want to get a message to that man that saved me and Pep.” she said.
“A message? What kind of message?” Tarin asked. She had been busy concentrating on the up coming battle and finding it hard to listen to Timtam right now.
“I’m sorry, I’ll come back later.” Timtam said.
“Ugh. Look, I was distracted for a minute Timtam.” Tarin took a deep breath and let it out. “ What is it I can do for you.” she smiled and put her hands on Timtam’s shoulders then smiled.
Timtam smiled back. “I want you to help me contact Mr. Hudd. I want to give him a message.”
“Mr. Who? Who is he?” Tarin asked.
“ The man that saved me and Pep, I want to give him a message.” Timtam replied.
“Oh yea, that guy. Okay honey, I’ll help you with that. What do you want to tell him?” Tarin asked as she gathered up her weapons.
“I want to tell him I love him.” Timtam said.
Tarin looked at Timtam and smiled. “Yea, I can defiantly help you with that.

Zellina’s ship touched down at the space station. Hudd and Zellina stepped out and walked back to Hudd’s house. Hudd looked over at Ghildan’s home. It looked dark and empty.
“I guess they’ll find out about what Enna did soon. What are you going to say about it?” Zellina asked.
“I don’t have a clue. If I tell them the truth I’m not sure they would believe me. They might even think I did it.” Hudd replied.
“What if I took his ship? Nobody knows we were even here. Then you could say Enna went over there and that was the last you saw of either of them. Eventually they’ll find his body and assume she did it and stole his ship.” Zellina suggested.
“ I hate to lie about it though, it doesn’t  feel right.” he said.
“You don’t have much of a choice, besides, I doubt your friend would want you to get the blame for what Enna did.” she added.
“I guess you’re right. There isn’t much of a choice.” Hudd said as he opened the door.
“What will you do now? Zellina asked.
“I really don’t know. I think I’ll take some time off and get my head together before I decide what to do.” he said.
“You’re a rare one indeed Hudd. Just remember to keep your life good and boring. That’s what you deserve. You should keep away from my type.” Zellina said as she walked away.

Timtam and Tarin went to the transmitting room. They had to be careful about sending a message into Empire controlled space. The space station were Hudd lived had been in an area that had come under their dominance some time ago.
They would have to use a “Runner” droid. Runner droids are small craft that are stationed at the border areas in space were someone might want to send a message across the border but not want the message tracked back to the source. Both the Empire and Rebellion used them as well as smugglers and pirates. They were very small and hard to detect.
After a message was sent to one they would simply record it and then travel across the border undetected and resend it. All in all a very simple bit of technology and yet very effective.
Tarin sent a very simple message to Hudd. Timtam had explained everything she felt and had thought about their situation. Tarin listened and sent the message.
Hudd, I love you, Timtam.
That will be all she would need to say. He would find away to get to her if he wanted to be with her.

Lionette had taken her bath and was getting ready for bed. She was just slipping on her robe when Neeka knocked at the doorway.
“What is it Neeka?” Lionette asked.
“It’s your brother, Master Mundis My Lady. He wishes to speak with you.” Neeka said.
“At this hour? What could he possibly want to talk about that can’t wait till morning?” Lionette said.
“I’m sure I don’t know My Lady.” Neeka replied.
“I’m sorry Neeka, I didn’t mean to be short tempered but… oh never mind. You may send him in.” she said.
Lionette stood in the doorway of her bedroom looking into the living area of her quarters. Mundis walked in, he seemed serious.
“What is it brother.” Lionette asked.
“It’s Azak sister. He had to leave.” Mundis said.
“What are you saying?” Lionette was confused as to why Mundis was telling her this.
“I was given a coded message to give to Azak from his clan. After reading it he told me his people have fallen under attack and needed him to come home at once. He asked me to tell you he was sorry he had to leave.” Mundis said. Mundis  seemed more upset about this news than she thought he should be.
“What else? What haven’t you told me Mundis?” Lionette pressed.
Mundis stood up strait. He suddenly became very serious. “The Visiok Clan has been attacked by the Empire sister. Thousands are dead already.” He reported.
“Are you sure? Are you sure it’s the Empire?” Lionette couldn’t believe they had the resources to try such a thing.
“They are making and example of his Clan. They want to stop all Feloids from helping the Jedi that they are looking for.” Mundis said. “We could be next. If Visiok controlled space falls the Empire will have a direct line of attack to us.”
“The fools! Don’t they realize we won’t stop helping the Jedi?” Lionette said. “Don’t they know this will only bring the Clans together against them?”
“I don’t think they care sister. I fear they mean only to weaken us, deplete our resources and equipment reserves. A war like that would mean they wouldn’t have to defeat us. That type of warfare would make us unable to defend our colonies and merchant fleets. This would mean pirates and raiders from across the Galaxy would fall on us like ravenous beasts to pick us apart where ever we seemed weakest.” Mundis said.
“Neeka, get my clothes ready.” Lionette said.
“I think you’re right my brother. I believe you’ve found their true objective. I will go to Azak’s father and pledge my support. We will have to act quickly and convince the other Clans that we must attack the Empire. We need to pull their forces away from our territories and put them on the defensive. We can’t afford a war in our territories, we have to take the fight to them. We will attack their supply lines and fight a hit and run war.” Lionette said as she dressed.
“What shall I do?” Mundis asked.
“I want you in charge here. You’ve shown me the way to win this fight little brother. The Clans will forever be in your debt if this works.” she smiled proudly at Mundis.
“What will they think of me if it doesn’t work?” he asked smiling back.
“Who cares? We’ll all be dead.” she replied.

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