Chapter 46 Horrible little monsters

Chapter  46

Horrible little monsters

Elith sat in the corner pressing her hands tightly over her ears. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t stop the sounds of the little girl’s screams. The mother was screaming also. She was begging for mercy for her daughter. The twins were in charge now. Kllair had set them loose on the mother and her children. Kllair had been talking to the General about the conditions for his families release. He had made the horrible mistake of thinking Kllair was bluffing. Kllair made sure the General had a good view of his family being tortured. It didn’t take long for him to change his mind but it was too late. Kllair had to make sure he understood that even as powerful a man as he was he had no control over what happened to his family. She wanted him to be broken by fear and failure. He couldn’t keep his family safe and he couldn’t save them now. He tried to bluff Kllair into giving them back but he only caused them horrible pain.
“It will all be over soon dear.” Kllair said patting Elith on the shoulder.
“This is a necessary evil we’re doing here. This short amount of suffering done too this one family will end much more suffering for thousands like them. In a way they are doing a great service for all those people. Besides, who better to pay for this war but the family of the man who orchestrated it.” Kllair said trying to ease Elith’s revulsion.
“It wouldn’t be so bad if those two didn’t enjoy it so much.” Novuh said over the screams of pain coming from the other end of the room.

“Just do as I say !” screamed the General. He had just ordered the unthinkable. He had ordered all Imperial forces to leave Feloid space. He declared the engagement over.
“But the Emperor will be furious.” said his second in command.
“I don’t care, I”ll deal with that later. Just pull them all back , NOW !” he screamed.

Kang sat on the bridge and watched in amazement. Every Imperial ship and facility that had occupied Feloid space was leaving.
“What are they doing?” he asked Lore.
“I have no idea. Maybe the Emperor needs them somewhere else.” Lore said.
“But it’s so sudden…all of them are leaving at the same time. Are they finished? Did they say anything to anyone on our side? It doesn’t make any sense.” Kang said in bewilderment.
“Just be thankful that they are leaving my friend. The Empire has millions of fresh troops just itching for a fight. They would love nothing more than to have themselves flung headlong into this war.” Lore said.
“I’m not complaining Lore, I just don’t understand this sudden withdraw.” Kang said as he switched from view screen too view screen. All sectors were now clear of Imperial ships.
“Call Adda, ask her if she knows anything.” Kang said to Lore.
Lore went down the hall of the ship and stepped into his room. He closed the door and sat down at his desk. Lore switched on his transmitter and entered the code for the direct line to Adda’s headquarters.
“ Adda? This is Lore. Do you see what is going on out here? The Empire is pulling back. They’re all leaving. Have you heard anything about this?” Lore asked.
Adda had just been told by Kllair that the General had agreed to their demands. Kllair had told him to just pack up and go. No conditions or compensation, just go. If he did that he would get his children back. After a year he would get his wife back. If he didn’t agree they would all be tortured until he did agreed, not killed, tortured. For years if need be.
“ I can’t tell you now how it was done but it’s over. The Imperial General has agreed to pull back his forces and cease all aggressive acts permanently.” Adda said smiling. She had done it. She used the resources she had and did the right thing.
“I don’t understand Adda, how is it possible that he would agree to do that?” Lore asked. She had done the impossible.
“We can discuss it when you return, this is not the time.” she was very pleased with herself having found a way to end this conflict so quickly.

“Timtam, someone is calling you on the transmitter.” Pep said. She had found Timtam asleep in her room. Pep had been up working when a messenger found her and asked her to tell Timtam.
“Who is it?” Timtam asked as she forced herself out from under the warm blankets.
“They said it was Neeka, she has something to tell you.” Pep answered as she held a nice warm robe out to her.
Timtam looked at Pep questioningly.
Pep just shrugged.
Timtam thanked Pep and went to the command center by herself leaving Pep to go back to her work. She walked into the command center and looked around. There was a lot of commotion going on for some reason that she didn’t quite understand.  A communications officer waved her over to where he was standing. Timtam made her way to him and was handed a headset to her  before she could even ask why they were calling her.
“Hello?” Timtam said speaking into the headset.
“Hello Timtam? This is Neeka, Lionette’s assistant. I have someone here that wants to speak with you.” Neeka put the headset on Hudd’s head.
“Hello?” Timtam?” Hudd said into the mouth piece.
Timtam began to cry.” …Hudd?” she said hardly believing it could be him.
“Yeah, it’s me. Are you crying? Are you okay?” he asked concerned.
Timtam sniffed back her tears. “I’m just glad you’re okay. They told me that they were conscripting freighter pilots and I was afraid for you.”
“Yeah, they took me and made me work for them but I got away.” he said grinning at her concern for him.
“I’m sorry.” Timtam said.
“It’s not your fault.” Hudd laughed.
“No…I’m sorry I left without thanking you.” she said.
“Forget it…it happened to fast, they just showed up without you knowing…it’s okay Timtam.” Hudd said.
“Will I see you sometime?” she asked.
Hudd looked at Neeka. Neeka smiled and held up two fingers.
“In two days, I’ll be there in two days.” Hudd said.
“That will be nice. I’d like that.” Timtam said.
“I have to go Timtam but I’ll see you in two days.” Hudd said.
Timtam smiled from ear to ear. “In two days…I can hardly wait.”

Ragg watched as the remaining Imperial transport jumped into hyperspace. The  last of the TIE fighters had linked up with it and landed suddenly ending the fight.
“What the Hell are they doing?” Matt asked.
“That was kind of sudden wasn’t it?” Ragg responded.
“Check for any reinforcements they may have called in.” Matt said to the sensor officer.
“Nothing, we’re the only thing out here sir.” he said.
Matt and Ragg looked at each other. The TIE fighters had just stopped attacking right in the middle of their last pass and left.
“Maybe something’s happened we don’t know about. Call the base and see if they can give us any information.” Ragg said to the Communications officer.
“You don’t think it’s over do you?” Matt asked.
“To soon to make that call.” Ragg replied.
Matt went over and sat in one of the empty chairs on the bridge. Ragg stood at his post on the bridge and waited for a response from the base. The bridge was quiet for a few minutes except for the occasional reports on repairs that were still being done.
“Sir, the base commander has informed me that until further notice we should consider all hostilities terminated.” reported the communications officer. They also said we should report back to the base for refit and repair.”
Ragg looked at Matt.
“That’s not much more information than we had before.” Matt said.
“Helmsman, plot a coarse back to the base, we’re going home.” Ragg said.
“So, did we win or did they?” Matt asked Ragg.
“That’s the big question isn’t it. It seems that it just stopped for no reason.” Ragg said to Matt.

Mykala put her finger to her ear and pressed her communications receiver tighter so she could hear what they were saying. “What do you mean it’s over? We’re right in the middle of a battle damn it ! Fine, okay…Mykala out.” she said.
“Bronski !” get your men together, we’re pulling out. The war is over or something !” she shouted across the room.
“But we’re right in the middle of a fucking battle !” he yelled back.
Mykala shrugged her shoulders. “I know that !” she yelled back.
“ Everybody fall back !” Bronski yelled. “Hey Mykala, could you tell those Imperial shitheads to stop shooting at us so we can leave?” he asked sarcastically.
“Hey you !” Mykala yelled from behind the crates she was crouching behind. She was trying to get the attention of the Imperial crew.
“What?” asked one of the crew.
Mykala looked at Bronski. She was surprised it actually worked.

“Stop shooting, the war’s over. If you stop shooting we’ll leave.” She said.
“What do you mean the war is over? Who told you that?” came the voice.
“I was told by my commander to stop fighting and come home.” Mykala said getting frustrated.
“Who won?” asked the concealed crewman.
“They didn’t say.” she yelled back.
There was a moment of silence. Buck and Mykala exchanged glances of uncertainty.
“How do we know this isn’t a trick?” asked the voice finally.
“Aw to Hell with this…” Mykala said angrily. She stood up and walked towards the Imperial crew at the other end of the hall. They fired a few shots at her that she blocked with her light saber easily.  She stopped and put one foot on top of a box and looked down at the cowering crew.
“IT’S OVER !!!” she yelled disgusted.
They all dropped their weapons and put their hands up. Mykala rolled her eyes and walked back towards Bronski’s position.
“Why didn’t you just do that earlier?” Bronski said standing up.
Mykala stopped and looked at Buck. “What? Am I supposed to do everything around here?”

Kllair and Elith lead the General’s wife down the hallway. They had brought her in through the rear entrance of the Base and down into the basement level. At the end of the hallway she saw a woman leaning against the wall just outside the door of the holding area. Kllair new who it was as soon as she saw the bluish white hair and the long black coat.
“Hello Tarin.” Kllair said.
“Who’s your friend?” Tarin asked as she looked at the General’s wife. She had been brutally beaten and tortured by the looks of her.
“ Oh her? She’s the wife of the General that just ordered the Imperial fleet to withdraw from all of Feloid space.
“She doesn’t look so good.” Tarin said.
“She had a run I with the twins. Apparently they had a disagreement on the merits of the Imperial invasion into Feliod space. It seems she lost the argument.” Kllair said looking at the wife.
“Well little one, what do you think about your friends and how they do business now?” Tarin asked Elith.
“I didn’t have anything to do with what the twins did, that’s on their heads.” Elith said looking away.
“If you’re done judging us I’d like to put my prisoner into the holding area, she needs to get some rest, the past few days have been hard on her.” Kllair said trying to push past Tarin.
“You make us all look bad when you let things go as far as you did Kllair. Baltis and I have worked hard making a place here for ourselves. They don’t think of us as hired killers anymore, they see us as special missions experts. We are part of this team and we play by their rules.” Tarin said.
“So what’s the difference between dropping bombs on their towns and killing them or what I did? I’ll tell you what the difference is, the difference is my way worked. Yes I let those monsters do what they do to the wife and yes they did it to the children as well. I made the General watch every bit of it too. I let it happen, no, I planned it to happen that way because I know that what I did was better than letting this war claim thousands  more lives. I took the war right into their leaders house and dropped it on him and his family. He started it and I made him end it !” Kllair said angrily.
Tarin was taken back. Kllair was right. She ended the war by an act so horrible that it broke the will of the man who began it. He had to know that the Emperor would have him killed and that once his forces were withdrawn they couldn’t start the war up again. They would be forced into retaking the same areas all over again. It would mean they would have to loose the same amount of units all over again. That would double their loses giving the advantage to the Feloids. It was brilliant in it’s simplicity.
“Yes Kllair it worked, it ended the war. Now there is only one option for the Emperor. He has to have you and your crew killed. He will have to make an example of all of you, he’ll have to make you all suffer a hundred times more than anything you had done to that family.” Tarin said.
Elith looked at Kllair for some reassurance that the Emperor wouldn’t do that.
“You’re absolutely right Tarin. His next move will be to come after us with every resource at his command and balance the scales with our blood.” Kllair said calmly. “But you always knew the same thing as I did.”
“What’s that Kllair?”
“None of us would ever survive this. The Emperor is going to win one day and we’ll all be killed and the Galaxy will crown him the victor.
“Then why do it? Why even try?” Tarin asked.
Kllair laughed. “Hadn’t you ever wanted to spit in the eye of a dragon? Well I always did. Yesterday when the General gave that order that’s just what I did. I know that dragon is going to rip me into little pieces but at least I made him bow to me just once before he did.”

Lionette’s shuttle had landed at the palace first to unload the wounded Feloid soldiers. They were taken to the various hospitals that could best help them with their particular injuries. It took all night to resupply the ship. The shuttle had not been given it’s proper maintenance since it was stationed at the front lines. War ships and their upkeep had priority over civilian ships. Neeka had given Hudd a tour of the Palace while they waited. She was sure to make a point of showing him the kitchen and where she was standing when she was stabbed. “Who would have thought that a slave girl being stabbed would be such a good thing to happen to her?” she said commenting on her good luck and new found position.
They were soon told that the shuttle was ready  and they could leave whenever they wished.
“I’m not coming with you Mr. Hudd.”Neeka said. “My daughter will be home in the morning and I want to see her as soon as I can if you don’t mind.” she said politely.
“I wouldn’t want you to do anything else.” Hudd smiled.
He gave her a hug and thanked her for her help. He then climbed back on board the shuttle and waved too Neeka as the ship gently lifted off and began it’s trip to the Base. Hudd decided to get some sleep during the trip. It would take several hours at least until they reached the Rebel Base and Timtam.

The medical droid entered the room as scheduled. It was time to check in on Lionette. True to form she was getting more frustrated by the minute. She was missing Neeka right now more than ever.
“Princess, you must remain in bed. You are not scheduled for rehabilitation for another week.” the droid protested. She stood hopping on one foot trying to find her clothes. She had broken her leg when the Star Destroyer blew up and tore the Revenge to pieces.
“I’m not trying to go to rehabilitation you mechanical dolt, I’m trying to leave. Now if you would just tell me where my damned clothes are I can get dressed and get back into the fight. I don’t even know what’s going on with the war.” Lionette said in pure frustration.
“The war is over My Lady so you can get right back into bed and get yourself all healed up so your friends can stop worrying about you.” said Azak calmly.
Lionette nearly fell as she turned to see Azak leaning against the doorway smiling. She realized she was only wearing her hospital gown and hadn’t even had a real bath in three days. She stood frozen with embarrassment.
“If I ever live for ten thousand years I will always remember the look on your face right now.” Azak roared with laughter.
Normally Lionette would have been outraged but Azak had a way of putting a humorous spin on things. He was much less serious than Lionette. A trait that she enjoyed, it made her more at ease.
“Since you’re up and hopping about maybe we should dance a victory dance to our driving the Imperial fleet back to their side of the border.” he said as he spun happily as if dancing across the room towards her.
“They’re gone? No one has told me anything about this.” Lionette said surprised.
Azak took Lionette by the waist and helped her back too her bed. “ Then I get to be the one that gives you the good news. Soon after our last battle, that you survived by the way…”
“So I see.” she said.
“…we started to get reports from all fronts that the Imperial Navy was leaving. They seemed to just stop what they are doing and leave Feloid space.”
“But why? It makes no sense at all. They weren’t loosing. At worse it was a stalemate for them.” Lionette asked as Azak pulled the blanket up over her.
“It isn’t clear why they did it. The best guess is the Emperor needs these forces somewhere else. It goes back to what you and your brother said. They just wanted to give us a bloody nose. This war has cost the more powerful Clans substantial loses. There will be new fighting started by the lesser Clans as they try to gain new space routes and territory that the larger Clans can no longer  protect. The Emperor just might have won this war if that was his intention.”
Lionette looked down and then at Azak. “We can never admit that.”
“Of course not. As far as my speeches will go when I stand in front of my people I will proudly proclaim that we have pushed the human menace back across the boarder. I may mention something about how  well the Clans worked together and maybe even something about the Mon Calamari and their minimal support.” Azak said.
“Minimal support? If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have had a chance against those new Star Destroyers if the truth be told.” Lionette said correcting Azak.
“Yes, that is if the truth be told. You know yourself it is true but we are Feloid and do not put alien races above us for any reason. I will of course send a formal message of thanks and and explanation of their perceived minimal help in my speech.” Azak said smiling.
“It is so frustrating that we must live these lies.” she said.
“It’s just how things are my dear, maybe someday it will be different but I doubt we will see that day.” he said.

Adda had made her way down to the holding area of the Base. She was somewhat disturbed to find out that Kllair had brought back the wife of the General and was keeping her captive. Kllair had sent her a brief note explaining what she had done on the mission and Adda was less than happy that things turned out the way they did.
Adda turned the corner and saw Kllair leaning up against the wall. She was wearing and old military field coat with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of loose fitting pants. It was strange to see her not in her usual dark blue body suit. As she got closer she saw the twins. They were huddled together crouching in the corner. Adda noticed the light above them had been broken and glass was laying on the floor just beneath it. They had broken the light so they would be in the shadows.
“I see you got my message Adda, glad you could take time to see me.” Kllair said.
“What’s this all about Kllair? Where is the Generals wife?” Adda asked.
“That’s what I wanted to see you about. She’s in there.” Kllair said nodding to the cell door.
Adda looked inside the cell. The General’s wife was sitting on the bed in the holding cell with her knees pulled to her head and her arms wrapped around them. She looked up suddenly at Adda to reveal her battered face. Both of her eyes were swollen almost shut. Her nose had been broken and didn’t look as if it had been set.
“Why is she here? She needs to be in a hospital.” Adda said shocked.
“After all the trouble we went through to make her look that way…” Nya said.
“…you want us to fix her to?” Vyra asked sarcastically as she finished Nya’s sentence. They both giggled.
“Shut up you two.” Kllair scolded.
“Why did you show me this?” Adda asked sternly.
“You need to see this in person. This is for your own good Adda. We did what you asked us to do and with better results than you could have wished for I bet.” Kllair said taking Adda by the arm and turning Adda to face her.
“This is how we did it. This is what happens to people when you send us. I bet you thought pretty good about things until just now didn’t you? Well this is the price of the results you wanted.
Don’t misunderstand Adda, I’m not trying to make you feel bad but you need to see this for next time. The next time you ask us to do something for us I need to know that you know what you are asking. I can see it in your eyes you made yourself believe it wouldn’t be this bad. Well I got news for you, it’s always this bad. The children look just as bad as her even the daughter. We deal in fear, not pain but fear. We want everybody that knows the General to see what we did and know there is nothing that they can do to stop it from happening to their family too.” Kllair said.
Adda took a step back. “I want her to be seen by a doctor at once.” she stammered. She really had deluded herself into believing it wouldn’t be this bad. She was desperate and in her desperation caused this horror. They did end the war but the pain and anguish of this woman and her children was on her head.
Adda turned and walked quickly down the hallway. She had to get away from that cell and the woman inside.
“Mommy make them stop, make them stop. Please mommy.” Nya said mocking the little girls cries.
Adda ran down the hallway weeping at what she had done.
Kllair looked down at the twins. “Was that really necessary?” she asked.
They hugged each other and laughed.
“You two really are horrible little monsters aren’t you.” Kllair said.
The twins both looked up at her in unison and grinned their evil little grins.

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