Chapter 50 A matter of prospective

Chapter   50

A matter of prospective

Pep looked around at the compound. The guards had left. Their type was quick to hit and even quicker to run away. The fire at the main gate was still burning causing a huge black cloud of smoke to rise into the air. Rizor had friends here and they would come to see what was going on once they saw it.
“We need some transportation.” she said almost to herself. She had lived as these girls did and they had been trained to be silent at all times.
“Behind the big building.” one of the girls said. It was one of the girls Pep had told to help the whipped girl. Pep smiled at her.
“Show me.” Pep said. They jumped down off the platform and onto the cold muddy ground. The girl was shivering. Pep took off her cloak and began to put it on her.
“No. Please mistress, I’ll make it dirty.” the girl said.
Pep stopped. “I am not your mistress, I was born her like you were. We are sisters. I am like you, no better but only luckier.” she said putting the cloak around her.
“Now show me what you meant about the transport.” Pep said smiling.

The two went around the large building and into a walled courtyard. The area was large and there was a big tracked vehicle sitting in the middle. It looked to be some sort of tractor or farming vehicle. The front had an enclosed cabin that could seat three. The back was a simple flatbed with a few make shift benches bolted on. The machine looked as though it would only carry fifteen people at the most. Pep looked at the girl. “Anything else?”
She pointed at a wagon that also had tracks on it. “They put us in that when we are taken to work in the fields.” she said quietly.  Pep noticed that even if they hooked up the cart they could only get another twenty in it. Some of the girls would just have to walk. This wasn’t going to be the hit and run attack she thought it would be.
“What’s your name?” Pep asked the girl smiling. She didn’t want the girl to know there was a problem.
“Nynee. They call me Nynee.” she said.
“Nynee I want you to gather all the girls and bring them here. Tell them to wear their clothes and bring all the blankets you can find. We are leaving here and I’m going to take care of you from now on. You won’t have to live this way ever again.” Pep said.
“We aren’t allowed to leave here. This is where we live.” Nynee said confused.
Pep had forgotten that the girls are told nothing about what is beyond the fields and the compound. This place was all they knew.
Pep realized time wasn’t on her side. “Your Masters are all dead. I am now the one that gives the orders. You will come with me to where I live now. Soon there will be no food here or water so if you stay you will all die. You must do what I tell you.” Pep hated to say the next thing but there was no more time.
“I am free and you are a slave, you all must do what I say.”
With that Nynee ran to gather up the others. Pep began checking out the tractor, it looked beat up but it seemed to run just fine. She checked the fuel core and started the vehicle up with no trouble. She opened the hatch on the top and with a simple motion of her hand pulled the cart up to the back of the tractor. She ran across the flatbed and jumped down behind the tractor. Pep grabbed the tow bar and hooked it up to the tractor. It was ready. She climbed back in and drove the tractor out into the compound.
By the time she had made her way close to the huts most of the girls were ready.
“Nynee, is that all the blankets you have?” Pep noticed each girl had only one shabby blanket.
“Yes, it’s all we have.” she replied as if she had done something wrong.
Pep jumped down from the cabin and walked over to the girls.
“Nynee, you and you four come with me.” Pep said as she walked over to the big house and kicked in the front door. It was Rizor’s house. “Go upstairs and grab all the blankets and anything else we will need.” Pep turned to see the girls terrified of just the thought of entering this house.
“I am the new boss now, Rizor is dead, I killed him and you must do as I tell you. Now hurry and do what I told you.” Pep said.
The girls ran into the house. Some where crying from the confusion of what was going on. Pep looked outside and saw the other girls starting to get into the cart. At least that part was going smoothly. Pep turned quickly as she heard a faint scream come from behind the basement door. She put her ear against it and listened. Soon she heard it again, a female scream. One of the overseers was torturing a girl in the basement. He must not have known what had happened. Pep flung the door open and charged down the stairs.
She had heard about this but had always counted herself as lucky having not ever gone through it. The girl wasn’t being tortured at all. She was giving birth. She was strapped into a chair with her legs apart. Cat girls weren’t given any help with their deliveries. They gave birth in the dark all alone. Once the child was born the master would inspect it and then cut the umbilical cord. He then would take his new property away to have trained cat girls raise the child for it’s first few years or sell it outright. The cat girl would then be sent back to her hut never even being allowed to hold her child even once.
Pep stood frozen as the girl tried to turn her head to see who had just come down the stairs. “I’m trying Master.” she said through the pain. Pep burst into tears. She ran to the girl and unfastened her. “I’m here to help you.” Pep said.
The girl screamed again as the baby’s head emerged.

Bronski heard voices, women’s voices. They were arguing about him. He tried to open his eyes but they were bandaged shut. His breath was coming heavy and labored. His ribs had been busted up pretty good. There was that bitching again. One thing he couldn’t stand was hearing women bitching’, especially when it was about him.
“Tarin you have to come back. It’s all fixed now. They understand what happened and they want you back.” said one of the women.
“He’s fine. We’ll leave him some place safe and you don’t have to worry about it anymore honey.” said another.
“It’s my fault he got messed up. I have to make sure he gets back okay, I’m not just going to leave him some place.” Tarin said.
“We have friends here that will look over him until he’s better. They want to see you and soon. They have questions.” said the first voice.
“I thought you said it was all fixed Za’sha?” Tarin asked.
“It’s just a few questions about where you’ve been. They just want you to fill in the blanks.” 

Za’sha replied.
“I think she’s sweet on this big thug. I think she’d miss him.” the second voice said sarcasticly.
“What if I did Remha? He’s a hundred times more of a man than that pimple you fuck.” Tarin snapped.
“She does like him. I had a feeling he was more than just your back up.” Remha said joyfully.
“Okay Remha if you must know I do like him. He’s a real man, the kind they don’t make anymore.” Tarin said.
“Really? Maybe I’ll make a move on him if he lives. If you say he’s worth it then he must have something going on.” Remha said. Bronski could feel her stroke his arm.
“Leave him alone Remha, if he belongs to Tarin then don’t touch him.” Za’sha said.
“Oh will you two relax, I’m just having a little fun. Why do you have to take everything so seriously?” Remha asked.
“ Hey wait a minute…” Remha said. There was a few seconds of silence.
“I think I need some more of that hot oil Tarin, rub some on my breasts again.” Remha said.
Bronski pulled the bandages from his eyes as quickly as he could. The women were all fully dressed in their assassins garb.
“I thought he was awake.” Remha said laughing.
“You shit head!” Tarin yelled.
“Oh yeah, she likes him alright.” Za’sha said feeling Tarin’s embarrassment. She realized that Bronski didn’t know how she felt until just now.
Tarin started slapping Bronski for what she considered spying on them.  “Damn it, you ruined everything.” Now he knew and everything was different between them.
Bronski grabbed her hands holding them in his vice like grip. They stared at each other for a moment. Tarin realized Bronski had tears in his eyes. “What? Are you crying?” she asked angrily.

“I don’t believe it ! He likes her too.” Remha said grinning. She was enjoying their awkwardness.
Bronski released Tarin’s wrists and sat up with his back to the women. He quickly wiped his eyes and tried to stand up.
“What the Hell is going on here ?” he asked angrily. The pain in his chest kept him from moving too quickly.
“Take it easy Buck, you’re hurt real bad.” Tarin said trying to help him back on the table.
“No thanks to you you lying whore. You almost got me killed…again !” he was referring back to when they had their run in with the Gotals.
“Buck I can explain, I needed your help. If I told you the truth you might not have come.” Tarin said stepping back.
“Yeah, they call that lying ! You’ve been lying about everything haven’t you?” he asked. “Aw forget it, just give me my clothes.” Buck said exhausted.
“Funny way to act to the woman that just told you she loves you.” Remha said smiling.
“You can go fuck yourself assassin. One murderous whore in my life is plenty.” he said.
“You should watch that mouth of yours merc. I won’t loose a seconds sleep if I killed you right here.” Remha said pointing her wrist rockets at Bucks head.
Tarin pushed her arm up and stood between them.
“He’s right, I have been lying all this time.” Tarin looked at Buck. “Just let him go. I think he’s done with us.”
“Where’s my stuff ? I’m done here.” Buck stopped and turned to Tarin. “What’s the code to your ship ? I came with you remember ?”
“It only works for me. I can only shut it off for twelve hours, it’s a three day trip.” Tarin said apologetically.
“You fucked me good this time. Now how the Hell do I get back ?” Bronski asked.
“You’re such charming company why don’t you stay ? Remha asked as she sat in one of the chairs.  Buck looked around the room for the first time. It was some sort of meeting room. The walls were all wood trimmed in brass. The furniture was plush and soft. He could hear space craft lifting off and landing very close.
“Just where are we anyway ?” he asked.
“This is my ship, “The Siesta Nocturne”, and you can stay here until we’ve finished.” Za’sha said.
“Your ship ?” Buck said surprised. “I’m in the wrong fucking business. I guess killing important shitheads pays a lot more than killing unimportant ones.” he said comparing their assassination work with his mercenary duties.
“Why are you all dressed alike, you on some kind of team?” he asked feeling one of the cushions on the couch.
“My goodness Tarin, looks and brains, he’s a keeper.” Remha said as she calmly examined her finger nails.
“I’ve killed women before you know.” Bronski said eying Remha.
“Would that be with your breath or your body odor ?” Remha replied looking up.
“ That’s enough, I don’t see why we can’t all just sit down and talk this out. Please Mr. Bronski, have a seat. You did save our good friend Tarin when nobody else would have.” Za’sha said. “You must admit Remha we do owe him for that at least.”
“ Life wouldn’t be the same without her.” Remha said smiling.
“Who are you two anyway? You all know each other or something?” Bronski was still muddle headed from the beating he had taken.
“These are the women I used to work with before I went solo. We split up about three years ago.” Tarin said.
“It was mutual. Tarin was sick of all of our lesbian orgies.” Remha said smiling.
“That’s not true. Remha let Tarin finish.” Za’sha said.
“We were enforcers that worked for the Hutt cartels. They paid well and kept us in a lifestyle that was easy to get used to.” Tarin continued.
Bronski sat down slowly holding his ribs.
Tarin poured him a drink and handed it to him.
“I wanted more, I wanted to be able to call my own shots and find my own clients so I asked if I could leave. They remarkably agreed to what I asked for as long as I checked with them first about who I was about to kill. They didn’t want me offing one of their friends by mistake.” Tarin said as she sat across from Bronski.
“Okay Tarin, tell me your story and maybe I’ll help you.” Bronski said. “But make it the truth this time.”

Adda sat in her room at the home of Azak Visiok. She had been sent kept there until the matter of use of Kllair’s assassin crew could be resolved.
According to Kllair there is a group of humans that are not force users that control things behind the scenes. They endeavor to balance the Jedi and the Sith agendas using behind the scenes manipulations. They supposedly tricked Adda into making her decision to use Kllair thus giving her the opportunity to handle things the way this organization wanted them handled. If Kllair’s story is to believed this would leave Adda and the Azak Clan, as well as the Feloid race blameless.
Adda wanted all of this to be true. If it was it would mean she was fooled like everyone else. It meant she could go back to her place with the Rebellion. She wanted it all to be true but she just didn’t believe it. Her incredible mind wouldn’t let her believe it. There were too many questions to be answered about this organization Kllair spoke of. How was she fooled into asking Kllair to assassinate the General? The plan was completely hers. She had never discussed it with anyone before she spoke to Kllair about doing it. How could the organization have given her the idea when it was her own?
Kllair must have been making the whole thing up to save her. The plan did work but there was one victim more than Kllair had counted on Adda thought, herself. It made sense now. Kllair had to fabricate this entire story as the only way to have the blame taken off of Adda as well as the Visiok Clan.
Of course this would mean she was guilty and would then have to be banished as well as Kllair being in even more trouble for lying to the Visiok Clan.
What if they were able to put the idea of assassination in her mind somehow? Was that possible using just technology. As a Jedi she would have been able to sense someone using the Force around her but not a technical device of some sort. An organization that challenged the Sith and Jedi in secret may have any number of such unknown devices as well as other technology they would need to stand up against them. Maybe the idea of such things not being possible is something they count on. There was really no way of telling if Kllair was telling the truth or not.

“I have to do something. I can’t just  lay in this bed doing nothing.” Matt said.
“You need your rest Matt. You can’t even walk yet.” Ragg replied. “If Pep is as powerful as you say she is I can’t believe she’s in any danger. If that girl can take me down by just thinking it…I really don’t think you have to worry. She’s just scared. She just needs to think things out and calm down. She knows you love her and that means she’ll be back.
“And what about the other thing? What about Captain Zekk?” Matt asked. He wanted to know what Ragg would do about what he had found out.
“As far as I know that dead guy made some wild accusations about you, until I can confirm it I really can’t do anything now can I ?” Ragg said.
“That’s a bunch of crap and you know it. I told you I was Zekk. I admitted it.” Matt said closing his eyes.
“There’s a lot of truth in what I said before. I kind of think that a wrong was righted some how. You’re not Zekk anymore. You’re a completely different man now. Maybe Zekk did die in that crash. Besides Matt, you’re not be the only one with a dark past in this group. Did you know Baltis used to hunt and kill Jedi? He was tricked into it. The criminals that he worked for killed his family and blamed the Jedi. This whole group you run with is full of cold blooded killers. Assassins and mercenaries, that’s all they are. How many people do you think Mykala killed on her home world? And what about Bronski, he’s been killing people since I was a youngling.” Ragg said.
Matt opened his eyes. “I did worse, I liked women. Even then I was ashamed of what I did but it was so easy to do it. In war women will do anything you want for food or if you promise not to harm their families. I loved the power I had over them. And sometimes when I would find one that wouldn’t pay the price I would just force her. Should that just be forgotten about?”
“I don’t know the answer to that. In a perfect galaxy you would have been punished for what you did. I don’t know which one of us should be the first to have a noose put around their neck, you, Bronski, Baltis, or any of the others.
All I know is as far as you’re concerned it’s hard for me to judge what you did when we all accept the protection of an entire culture that has bred a race of cat girls just for what you feel so guilty about. They take those girls, thousands every day all across Feloid space and do what ever they want to them, and if one of them was to speak out against it they would be beaten or worse.” Ragg said.
“I can’t help it Ragg, you make a lot of sense but the guilt is starting to get to me.” Matt said.
“We all have guilt Matt. Maybe one day I’ll tell you my story, about what I’ve done. For now we need you to get better and get back into the fight. Look around man, do you see a line of people waiting to get into this fight? You need to get back out there and stop others from doing what you did, from what we all did.” Ragg stood up to leave. “You need to put it behind you again for Pep, you might be a piece of shit but you’re all that girl has, at least think about what’s best for her instead of what you want.”

Hudd woke up to the smell of cooking. Timtam was in the kitchen area making them breakfast. She looked over her shoulder and saw he was awake.
“Morning.” she said smiling.
“Morning.” he replied.
“I’m making breakfast, I hope you like it, I didn’t know what you liked or I would have bought it the other day.” Timtam apologized.
“So you had planned to have me here for breakfast eh? Just what were you thinking would happen when we saw each other again?” Hudd teased.
Timtam blushed. “I kinda thought it would happen like it did just not as much.”
“Are you happy it happened? Do you like how things are going so far?” Hudd said as he fished for the way she really felt.
Timtam turned off the flame on the stove. She walked over and knelt at the edge of the bed were Hudd lay. He reached out to her as she leaned towards him and put her head on his chest. “I think I’ve never felt this good in all my life. Even if you have to go away I’ll always remember this time and cherish it forever.”
Hudd didn’t know what to say. He was just a normal guy. He had never been any ones best time in their whole life before. Especially a woman as beautiful as Timtam.
“I don’t know what to say but that you’re all I think about, even if I hadn’t have been conscripted and wound up here I know I would have come looking for you somehow.” Hudd said as he held up her chin and looked into her eyes.
There was a sudden loud banging at the door. Timtam ran to open it.
“Timtam wait !” Hudd said in an urgent but hushed tone.
“I’ll get rid of them.” she said over her shoulder as she reached the door. The banging continued until she opened it.
It was Granic. “You’re late ! You were supposed to be working on that fuel relay extractor a half hour ago.”
“I’m sorry Granic…I had a guest. It’s that man I told you about, Hudd.” she said smiling.
“Hmmf, Hudd eh?” Granic stuck his head in the door way and looked. Hudd was still in the bed looking surprised. “ Alright then, but hurry it up and finish whatever it is your kind does and get out there.” Granic turned to leave. “…and put some damned clothes on, you know your smooth skin gives me the willies.”
Timtam had forgotten she was only wearing an undershirt and her bottom half was completely exposed. She closed the door quickly and looked at Hudd embarrassed.
“I told you to wait.” Hudd smiled. They both laughed at Granic’s expression as he left.

Pep held the new born child in her arms. Both women where weeping at this brief moment of joy they shared. Pep was able to help deliver the child. The first child born to one of these girls that was going to start their life as a free person.
Pep carefully wrapped the baby in her cloak and helped the mother up the stairs. The four girls she had sent to gather blankets all stopped and smiled as Pep came upstairs with the baby and the mother. She handed the mother her child and had one of the girls help her outside to the tractor.
“Put them in the cab, it’ll be warmer in there.” she ordered.
Pep noticed a girl she hadn’t seen before. She was dressed in a slave harness similar to the one she used to wear. Her hair was combed and she wore make up. She stood silently at the bottom of the stairs watching the other girls take what they needed from the house.
“Who are you?” Pep asked.
“I am Aprosia Lenn, Rizor’s slave. I am top girl to these girls.” she replied. She  sounded as if she had been of some importance here until just a few minutes ago.
“I am Pep Pudin, I was born here and now I’ve come to take you all away.” Pep said.
“ Where’s Rizor?” she asked.
“He shot himself, he’s dead. Get your belongings together and get in the cart with the others.” Pep said.
The girl looked back out the door at the other girls getting on the cart behind the tractor.
“Where are we going?” the girl asked.
“Away from here. I’m going to take you some place where you all can be free.” Pep said impatiently.
“I want to stay. I’ll stay and serve the new master.” Aprosia said.
“ Get on the cart Aprosia. I’m the new owner.” Pep said.
“The others don’t like me mistress, I was mean to them, they might kill me.” she said frightened.
“Nobody dies here any more unless I say so. Now grab your things and wait by the door. I’ll make sure no one hurts you.” Pep said. The girl nodded and went to her room. Pep ran upstairs to Rizor’s room and started to rifle thru the drawers and closets. In the bottom of the closet next to the bed she found a door to a safe built into the floor. Pep focused on the hinges making them turn white hot. She gave the door a quick tug and pulled it off the hinges. Reaching inside she felt a small box. Pep pulled it out and opened it. Inside were the papers on all the girls and Rizor’s money.
Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her back just above her shoulder blade. She turned to see Aprosia leap back as she pulled the bloody knife from it’s wound.
“I won’t leave !” she screamed.
Pep saw Aprosia lunge at her but before she could strike again Aprosia erupted in flames. She fell back on the floor screaming in agony as the flames enveloped her completely. Pep got to her feet and leaned against the wall. Aprosia writhed on the floor wild eyed in pain as she inhaled the flames as she tried to catch her breath. Pep looked in horror at what she had done. She wanted to turn away but stood frozen watching the horror before her.
Aprosia finally stopped thrashing and died as she was consumed by the fire. Pep picked up the box and walked down stairs. She turned a looked back. The flames from the girls body had ignited something in the room. Smoke was wafting into the hallway as she continued outside. Nynee ran up to her when she saw Pep was bleeding.
“Take off your coveralls mistress, I need to dress your wound.” Nynee signaled to another girl to bring the first aid kit. Pep pulled her coveralls down to her waist and let Nynee dress the wound. All the girls were either on the cart or standing next to it. They had done well in gathering the blankets and supplies. Pep looked back at the house, it was on fire. She had just killed one of the girls she came to save. She had no choice. Pep was still angry that Aprosia had made her do it. She winced in pain as Nynee sealed the wound with field staples and adhesive.
“Look, someones coming !” One of the girls yelled.
Pep looked to her right at the main gate. She could see two fliers coming towards the compound through the smoke. Rizor’s friends were coming for a visit.

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