Chapter 58 Ghosts of our past

Chapter 58

Ghosts of our past

Pep arched her back screaming at the top of her lungs. Her wrists and ankles were still strapped to the table Professor Gangler had placed her on. Even with all the high tech torture devices available to him he always used his own custom-made ones. He felt it gave him a connection with his victims that no machine could. At this point he wasn’t even asking questions any more he was just increasing the pain he could inflict. Pep had been separated from Timtam all day. The professor seemed to be giving Pep all of his attention exclusively. She finally passed out and collapsed limp on the table. Gangler looked at the instruments on the wall. They indicated that she had passed out but was still alive. He walked to the table and peeled off his rubber gloves and dropped them on the floor.
“She’s ready for you now.” He said aloud. He had spoken into a microphone in the ceiling that was used to monitor the room when he wasn’t in it. The big rusty door creaked as it slid open slowly. He turned to see his new guests enter the room. The first one was the most striking to see. She stood at least six feet tall and was very thin. Her hair was white as snow and was pulled back into a long ponytail that hung down to her thighs. Her face was bone white except for the black tattoos on her face that gave it the look of a skull. Her eyes were encircled by large black patches punctuated by her yellow and red eyes. Her robe had a high black-feathered collar with the remainder made from lush thick velvet all in red. Sewn into the robe were small talismans and ritual bags that imbued the garment with special protections.
The second woman was much shorter only about five feet tall. She had a dark complexion and her head was shaved except for a bristly black Mohawk that stood straight up and hung down her back in two braids. She also wore a bright red robe that went down to the floor. Her hands were crossed in front of her tucked into the sleeves.  There were no ornaments on her robe at all even buttons and clasps had not been used. A simple black cord was all that held it closed. She also had a black lace veil wrapped around her eyes to conceal the dead white lifeless eyes behind it.
Gangler stepped aside and let the women approach the table.

”I believe I have taken her to the point of her endurance that you wished.” He said.
The tall woman leaned down and turned Pep’s face towards hers. “Leave us butcher, we will call you when we are finished.” She ordered. Gangler frowned angrily and left the room.
“This is a perfect specimen Livian. The Feloid race has almost no documentation at all concerning the presence of the Force and their abilities if any. As you know they do not believe in the Force. They have several God based religions that they adhere to.
They tolerate those who claim to use the Force but their arrogance blinds them almost completely as to its reality.
This girl unlike the pink-headed one is of their lower cast slaves. As you can see they are bred for their looks and submissiveness.
Livian placed her hand on Pep’s stomach. “I can sense it. You have been right about these beings all along Fey. She is full of hate and rage but her submissive nature keeps it under control. Her power could be nearly unlimited.”
Pep suddenly opened her eyes to see these two women standing over her. She tried to scream but the gag in her mouth kept her silent. She began to twist and squirm in her bonds trying to keep their cold hands off of her. Fey stroked Pep’s hair and shushed her back into stillness. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly as she tried to figure out what new horrors these women would do to her. Livian handed Fey a small flask filled with a greenish black liquid. Fey took the flask and removed the gag from Pep’s mouth by pulling it down across her chin.
“Drink this girl. Drink this and forget that we were ever here.” Fey said forcing the oily liquid into her mouth. Fey quickly held Pep’s nose and mouth shut making her swallow the contents.
“What will happen now?” Livian asked.
“The powers of the dark side will now be released inside of her. They will give her power that is unknown to her kind. We will keep an eye on her over the next few months while she is detained here to see how powerful she can become.” Fey said returning the empty flask to Livian. “Soon we will give the Dark liquid to as many cat girls as we can. Their pain and suffering will be unleashed against their masters. The Feloid race will soon be embroiled in a cataclysmic slave revolt and the Sith will be there to show the slaves how to use their new powers.”
“And what of the pink-head?” Livian asked.
“Tell Gangler we have no interest in her and he is free to do as he pleases. For now let his degenerate needs be satisfied by snuffing out the pink-head’s life, this one must not be killed.” Fey said. They watched as Pep drifted back into unconsciousness. The two women left as quietly as they had entered.

Hudd and Mykala slid around the opening of the hole and plunged down inside. They had only fallen about twenty feet when they landed on something hard. It was another bronze grate, much like the first one but only larger. It was covered with a thick coat of ice like everything else down here. They sat up and rubbed their sore muscles.
Hudd looked up into the darkness, the only light was coming from Mykala’s light saber at the moment. “Okay Mykala lets hear the rest of your plan.” Hudd joked nervously.
“Yea, I was wondering what the rest of that plan would be myself.” Mykala said looking up and down for a way out. She knew she could easily leap up and out of the pit but once back up she would just slide back down in the hole again.
Hudd handed Mykala his lighter. He then tore off a piece of his collar and had her light it. It burned quite well because of the alcohol that had been spilled all over it. She dropped it through the grate to see how far down it went. The burning rag fell about ten feet and rested on something large. They both got down and looked into the darkness to see if they could make anything out. There was an ear-shattering roar from below and just next to the burning rag they saw an eye open that was as large as a dinner plate. Hudd and Mykala both jumped to their feet at the same time.
“What the Hell is that?” Hudd shouted.
“I don’t know!” Mykala shouted back.
The creature reared up smashing against the grate under their feet tossing them into the air. They both landed on the grate wide-eyed and silent. Whatever it was below them was huge, over fifty feet in length at least. It put it’s nostrils up to the grate a began trying to smell them. The hot air expelled from its lungs blew through the grate filling the area with moister.
Mykala looked at Hudd, he was terrified. He had been shot twice and was half frozen from being soaked in alcohol. She had to do something and fast. There was no way she would go back home and tell Timtam that she let him die under her care.
The beast reared again striking the grate knocking it loose causing it to lift into the air and land wedged at an angle.
Mykala looked at Hudd and smiled. “I’ll be back in a minute.” She said and dropped down through the space between the grate and the wall.
Hudd couldn’t believe what he had just seen. She had just dropped down into the darkness with that creature. She must have lost her mind.
Mykala braced herself for her landing. Jedi were known for their ability to fall from great heights and slow themselves enough to land safely. She landed easily on the bottom of the chamber. The floor was covered with flat stones like the common area above. This was part of the old temple from centuries ago, some sort of game field or arena.
The creature had its back to her and turned suddenly. It stood on two elephantine rear legs that 

were shorter than it’s front arms. The front arms ended in two huge hands each with two fingers and a thumb. The head was short and thick without a discernable neck.
Mykala dropped to the ground and rolled into the shadows. She guessed the pirates had brought this beast here as an attraction for the arena. This kind of barbaric entertainment was growing more and more popular all over the galaxy.
It couldn’t see her in the shadows. This underground chamber was an alien place to the monster. It was obvious that the creature’s usual habitat was not in deep caves or tunnels. Its eyesight was not used to the darkness, she now had an advantage. Mykala crept along the edge of the room in the dark in an attempt to get behind it. Suddenly the beast reared up again hitting the grate trying to get to Hudd. She had to go now. Mykala shouted and sprung out of the shadows to the creatures left. She flew through the air and slashed at its rear leg with her light saber opening a huge gash in it. The creature howled in pain and swung around to face her. Before it could attack she flipped backwards into the shadows disappearing from its sight. The beast howled in rage swinging blindly in the shadows. Mykala dodged the huge hand and made her way around to its side. She pressed her attack again leaping out and taking a swing hitting it in the side opening a large wound. The beast howled in pain again. She couldn’t help feel sorry for the creature. It had been brought here against its wishes to fight other beings in this dark arena deep under an alien mountain. It didn’t want to be here but it was trying to kill Hudd and herself, she had to kill it first.
Mykala ran behind the creature and jumped up on its back. At first the monster didn’t realize where she had gone. Mykala had been able to grab one of the large horny ridges that covered its back. Before she realized it the beast had reached around behind and grabbed Mykala in its massive hand.
The creature squeezed and all the air was forced out of Mykala’s lungs. This was the end. She dropped her light saber and her eyes rolled back in her head. She looked up to see Hudd jumping frantically up and down on the grate. Suddenly the grate gave way and fell straight down hitting the monster right between its eyes. Hudd had fallen when the grate broke free landing on the creature’s head and tumbled end over end all the way down its back and hitting the floor.
The grate had hit hard enough to stagger the beast and cause a large bleeding wound between its eyes. It relaxed the hand holding Mykala slightly allowing air to rush back into her lungs. Mykala pushed its thumb back just enough to wriggle out of its grasp. She pushed off the hand and did a flip on her way down landing a few feet from her light saber. She quickly reached out her arm and the light saber flew into her open hand. It was now or never. Mykala charged the monster one last time and swung at the wounded leg once again. The light saber cut cleanly through the limb causing the beast to fall forward and land flat on its face. With a mighty scream she leapt the full length of the creature and landed on its neck driving her light saber into the base of its skull. It gave out a painful howl and shuddered. She pulled out her light saber and struck again and again until she was sure it was dead.
Mykala fell back on the creature’s back breathing heavily. She rolled over and slid down onto the floor looking for Hudd. She found him laying on the floor on the beasts other side. Mykala breathed a sigh of relief when she saw him sit up.
“Are you alright?” she yelled as she ran too his side.
“Could be worse, my ankle is broken.” He said rubbing it.
“Not one of your best days is it?” Mykala asked trying to lighten the mood to keep his spirits up.
Hudd looked at her. “Yep, not one of my best.” He said smiling through the pain.
“Well at least the hard part is over. From here there must be an entrance to this place. They had to get that thing in here somehow.” Mykala said looking around.
“Let’s just hope they didn’t bring it here as a baby.” Hudd said trying to get to his feet.
Mykala slipped her arm around Hudd and helped him to his feet.
“Thanks Hudd, you saved my life just now when you broke through with that grate. I didn’t stand a chance once that thing grabbed me.” Mykala said.
“Forget it, the way I see it I didn’t have a choice. If I stayed up there you would have died and I would have starved or froze to death eventually. If it hadn’t of worked out at least I would have died quickly too.” He said.
“Even that took guts Hudd.” Mykala said as they headed towards a large doorway at the far end of the room.

Tarin and Bronski made it back to her ship without incident. They had waited until late in the night to make their departure. Once on board Bronski immediately climbed into the back of the ship and crawled into one of the bunks. Tarin lifted off and set the astrodroid’s flight controls to autopilot.
Tarin crawled into the back of the ship with Bronski and sat on one of the big cushions on the floor. Bronski was now sitting up and rifling through the medical kit that was standard on all starships.
“Buck we need to talk.” Tarin said.
Buck looked up momentarily at Tarin. “No we don’t.” he said.
“Look, we both finally admitted how we felt about each other, isn’t that something we need to discuss?” Tarin asked.
“Nope.” Buck replied still looking for something in the kit.
“Now you’re just trying to get me angry. Why are you pushing me away?” Tarin asked.
“I’m not pushin’ anyone. I’m just putting everything back where it belongs.” He said.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked.
Bronski put the bag down. “I’m going back to the way it was because I’m an old man and I know more than you. There’s too much stacked against it working so it’s best to stop now and regroup. As far as I’m concerned it never happened.”
“Can’t you even try? I deserve that don’t I?” Tarin asked.
“Nope, I know I’m right and you can’t change the facts. Things are what they are Tarin and we just don’t fit. Save yourself a lot of pain and listen to me just this once.” Bronski said.
“I can’t. The first time I saw that big messed up face of yours I knew you were different then all the other men I’ve known. You had lived a full life. When you spoke people listened even when you pissed them off. They couldn’t help but respect you even if they didn’t like you.” She said.
“Everyone but you. You do what ever you want whenever you want. You can’t be trusted.” Buck responded.
“You mean I can’t be controlled. That’s why you love me, because I’m never going to let you win. You’re a warrior and I’m a battle that you can’t win. You can’t walk away from me.” She said confidently.
“Just you watch me.” He said looking directly into her eyes. He pulled out a long slender tube from the medical kit.
“Don’t you dare.” She said angrily.
Buck popped off the cap from the tube and jammed the tube into his thigh. He felt the pain begin to disappear almost at once. He needed to rest. He had been killed once already and his body was smashed up more than he let on. He had always been able to put aside pain when he needed to but now he needed rest.
“Fine you shit. But this isn’t over.” Tarin said teary eyed.
Bronski leaned back onto the bunk and rolled over into it. The painkiller was taking affect. He would sleep now for at least forty-eight hours if he had set the dose correctly. The situation was closed to him. He knew they had no future together. She was beautiful beyond his senses and he did love her. She had been born twenty-five years to late for him. Tough luck to both of them but everybody has it tough sometimes.
Tarin climbed back into the cockpit. How could he just shut down on her like that? He just stopped his emotions like he turned off a switch.
Tarin had never been treated like this. She was a prize, a goddess that men competed over. She had finally found a man she could love and respect and he didn’t want anything to do with her.

Pep slowly opened her eyes. Nynee was looking down at her and smiled. “She’s awake!” Nynee yelled.
Nynee moved out of the way to reveal Matt’s face looking at her. He had a huge grin on his face.
“Hi honey.” Pep said sleepily. She was still in a daze and wasn’t even sure if this was Matt or not.
Matt grabbed Pep and pressed her tight against him. “Don’t ever do that again.” He said.
“I’m sorry…I didn’t know what to do…I was scared.” She sobbed. The ordeal had taken its toll on her. She was exhausted and needed rest.
“It’s okay Pep, you’re back and everything will be like it was.” Matt said.
“Ragg? Is he hurt? I…I’m sorry. Tell him I’m sorry.” Pep said.
“You can tell me yourself if you want.” Ragg said as he stepped over to the bed. He was smiling at her.
“I’m sorry Ragg…” Pep started to say.
“Forget it gorgeous. We’re all just glad you’re back and safe.” He said.
“Nynee told us everything. You did a good thing Pep. You saved all those girls from a life of pain and suffering.” Ceecee said. She had been standing by the door.
Pep saw the Lady Trahain standing behind Ceecee smiling. “Brumbarus sent one of his men to talk to us. They are taking us all to live with him until they can build us all homes. I don’t know how you convinced these ruffians to do what you asked but it’s all happening just like you said it would.” Lady Trahain said.
She seemed to have accepted her new life here with these girls as a kind of mother figure to them. Like Pep had said before she now had a purpose in life.
“Yes Pep now go with your friends, we’ll be fine here.” Nynee said.
Matt didn’t wait any longer. He picked Pep up in his arms and held her close. “Time to go home now.” He said.
Pep buried her face in Matt’s shoulder and sobbed. It was over. She had done what she had set out to do. She had been haunted by that compound her whole life. The memories had never gone away. Now she had destroyed it and no other girl would have to live that way again.

Neeka walked into Lionette’s quarters quietly and stood next to the bed. “My Lady, its me Neeka. I have an urgent message for you.”
Lionette rolled over and squinted at Neeka. “What time is it?” she asked.
“Its nearly two hours before sunrise My Lady.” She replied.
Lionette sat up and rubbed her eyes. She looked at Neeka and put out her hand. Neeka placed her robe in her hand.
“What kind of message?” Lionette asked. The last time something like this happened the Empire had attacked.
“There is a messenger, a Jedi I think.” Neeka said helping Lionette on with her robe.
“A Jedi? Where?” Lionette asked frantically.
“She is in the outer chamber, something woke me and there she was just sitting in the large blue chair.” Neeka replied.
“Do the guards know she’s there?” Lionette asked.
“I don’t think so.”

“Stay here, if anything goes wrong call the guards immediately.” Lionette instructed.
Lionette took off her robe and dropped it on the floor. If this was a trick she may have to be able to move quickly. Lionette picked up her light saber and turned it on. She then carefully stepped into the outer chamber. She didn’t see anyone in the room at first and then she sensed a presence. She turned quickly to see a woman behind her in a long white cloak with its hood pulled up over her head.
“Who are you?” Lionette challenged as she took a defensive stance expecting the worse.
The woman pulled back her hood and smiled. She was beautiful except for the long scar running down the right side of her face. The wound had also taken her eye as told by the patch that covered it. She had long raven black hair that shimmered in the faint glow of Lionette’s light saber.
“Is this anyway to greet an old friend?” the woman asked calmly.
Lionette took two steps back in surprise. She was looking at a ghost.
“Stella…?” she asked.
“It’s me.” Stella said smiling.
“You’re dead.” Lionette said as she regained her composure. “I saw you fall into that cooling pit.”
Stella stepped towards Lionette. “I have been working deep in Imperial controlled space. You all have done great things and never needed my help.” Stella said as she placed her hand on Lionette’s shoulder.
“Why have you returned? Why now?” Lionette asked.
“It’s Mykala. I have found out who Mykala is supposed to fight to see which side she chooses, the light or the dark side.” Stella said.
“We all thought it was Lyda Starkiller.” Lionette said.

“No, her new opponent is far deadlier than her.” Stella said. “The prophecy hasn’t been fulfilled. She will need my help from now on if she wants to be ready.” Stella said.
“What do you want me to do?” Lionette asked as if she was back under Stella’s command like she was when her father sent her to help.
“Gather our friends together. This is news they all must be in on. Everyone will be needed to stop the coming darkness.”
“Everyone?” Lionette was detecting an air of urgency in what Stella was saying.
“The Emperor has put a huge bounty on Mykala. Soon every Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy will be looking for her.” Stella said.

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