Chapter 75 Preparations


Chapter 75


Pep woke up to the sensation of being patted gently on the cheek. The wind had tossed her hair in her eyes but when she went to brush it aside she found her hands chained to the thick stone railings on both sides of her. She was high up on the tower of the Palace and kneeling in front of her was a grizzled old soldier, an officer wearing the uniform of the Ty Clan.

Good, you’re awake. There is no time for lengthy explanations girl. We have your human in our custody. He has not been harmed nor will he be if you cooperate with us. Lionette Ty is dead and the Ty Clan is about to be invaded by the Visiok Clan. Mundis Ty is in charge but he is a weak fool. Luckily he knows this and has given me free reign to defend Ty Prime. I know about your powers and what you can do. When the enemy attacks I want you to unleash your fury on them. Do as much damage to them as you can, do you understand?” the Colonel asked.

Why should I help you?” Pep sneered and tugged on the chains. She played along knowing she could melt the chains and free herself at any time. She also knew this old warrior had a card he hadn’t played yet.

Because if you don’t help us or if you try to harm me in anyway one of my men will cut your man’s throat.

There is no time for anger or threats against me girl. Understand that I do not make empty threats. My man will kill your Human if you don’t do everything possible to help us.

I know that when this battle is over and if we win you will most likely kill me at the first opportunity, so be it. I am sworn to defend the Ty Clan and people any way I can so if you kill me for what I am making you do then I’ll deal with that when the time comes.” He said smiling in resolve of his fate.

If you harm him in any way I’ll burn down this palace with everyone in it.” Pep replied tugging on the chains.

As I said, If you do your best he will not be harmed. There is no time for this talk. They will be here in minutes. Just believe me when I say he will not be harmed if you help us.” The Colonel said turning to leave.

The escape pod lurched violently as the parachutes deployed flawlessly. The one advantage Timtam and Hudd had was that they had been in a scout ship. It had originally been designed for exploration so just about every piece of survival gear had been built into it with the addition of multiple back up systems.

Hudd was able to see the lower atmosphere now for the first time since they began their descent. The flames from the escape pod hitting the different layers of strata had blocked their view from the portholes.

We’re landing on the night side. Looks like we’re coming down in the middle of a storm.” He said trying to remain calm as not to frighten Timtam.

Can you see anything? What does the surface look like?” Timtam asked trying to push her way past Hudd so she could see. She had the bad habit of getting too close to people at times without thinking. Luck y for her that when she would occasionally rub up against most men they didn’t seem to mind too much.

Here, let me get out of your way.” Hudd said relinquishing his spot next to the porthole.

OOOH!” she said as she watched the lightening flash across the sky below. The winds were hitting the parachutes now and the escape pod began to spin and pitch in all directions. Timtam reached out and Hudd grabbed her arm pulling her to his side.

Just a little turbulence…no big deal.” He said. He knew a parachute drop in a lightening storm was extremely dangerous but he just smiled and laughed at each bump and the tossing of the pod in the heavy wind.

There was a sudden sound of branches crashing and snapping as the pod smashed through the canopy of some alien forest followed by a jolt as the craft finally hit the ground. Hudd quickly checked the gauges to see if they had sprung any leaks and found the pod was undamaged. A second look at the gauges revealed the temperature and oxygen levels outside were normal and would easily sustain life.

We’ll stay in the pod tonight and hopefully the storm will be over by the morning.” Hudd said.

Timtam looked up at him and smiled. “It all worked, it worked like I thought it would.” She said amazed that her rigging of the escape pod had worked without a hitch.

Of course it did, you’re not stupid honey you just had never been taught anything before. You have very good ideas.” He said.

Timtam crawled over too him smiling. “I have another good idea.” She said purring. “We never did celebrate our wedding night if you know what I mean?”

I think I do.” Hudd said pulling her close.

Timtam straddled Hudd and grabbing his head tightly pressed her lips against his roughly.

I guess that ride down was kind off exciting, got your blood pumping I see.” He said pushing her back gently.

Uh huh.” She purred and pulled her shirt up over her head.

Bronski was awakened by someone kicking him roughly on the bottom of his boots.

Get up Human, we’ve been ordered to reinforce the Ty home world. We’re loading the ship right now.” The grizzled old Feloid officer said.

Bronski had fallen asleep on a pile of supplies outside of the command ship. He was waiting to find out where the Feloid forces he was with were going to make their last stand.

Alright, alright I’m awake you don’t need to get all touchy feely on me.” Bronski grumbled as he got to his feet.

The Feloid officer smiled at the gruff old Human warrior. “Do you have any experience firing heavy guns, you know, artillery?” he asked.

I served with an artillery unit for two years just before the Clone wars.” He said arching his back and stretching.

Good, help those recruits push those air defense lasers into that transport two ships down. They’re all young and full of piss but I don’t think any of them could shoot themselves in the head even if their mouth was a holster.” The officer said grinning.

Yes sir.” Bronski said giving a sloppy salute and running as best he could to help the young Feloid soldiers move the weapons.

Here comes a great Human hero to help you idiots move those guns into that ship!” the Feloid shouted to the recruits. Bronski looked over his shoulder at the Feloid officer. He was standing with his hands on his hips laughing at his own joke. Bronski smiled to himself, he could grow to like this Feloid.

Lionette awoke still chained to the massive bed. Her head was swimming from the dose of Mothers Milk she had been given. She felt dizzy and found it hard to keep her head up off of the mattress. She remembered everything that he had done to her the night before but it didn’t seem to matter.

She felt good.

She didn’t care what was going on because she felt so damned good.

The drug was doing its job. She wondered when Torbarr would give her the next dose because it felt so great. No more worrying, no more responsibility just pleasure.

How do you feel?” asked Torbarr as he came back into the room. Lionette managed to focus in on him after a few seconds. He was standing directly in front of her wearing a silken robe trimmed with fur.

I feel great…I can’t ever remember feeling sooo good.” She said smiling lazily.

If you behave yourself maybe I’ll take off those chains.” He said sitting on the edge of the bed.

No don’t….I like them on. It makes me feel dirty.” She giggled.

If you insist my dear.” Torbarr replied pouring himself a drink.

You know what? They told me Mothers Milk was really bad stuff but I don’t think it’s so bad. I feel really good, I mean really good.” Lionette said slurring her speech.

I thought you might like it. It does take the edge off doesn’t it?” he laughed at her thinking of the slow death that awaited her. He would finally have the revenge he had always wanted against the Ty Clan.

You know what? At first I don’t think I liked you but you’re all right. You made me feel good last night. No one had ever done those things to me before. I didn’t think I’d ever do things like that but it was good.” Lionette was beginning to pass out.

Not so fast Princess, we need to try some of those things again.” He said standing up and letting his robe slip to the floor.

Mmm…. that sounds great. Come on and lets do it all again.” She said writhing in anticipation.

Torbarr climbed into the bed and lay down next to her.

Ooohh don’t tease me… do it, do it all again.” She said lazily.

I will when I’m ready. It’s like I told you before, I’ve thought about this for many years and I want it to last. I want my revenge to be long and sweet with you.” He said tracing his finger up and down her back.

Ooooo yes I should be punished. Take out your anger on me you know you want to.” She said looking over her shoulder at him glassy eyed.

Torbarr laughed. Here in front of him splayed for his wildest desires was the daughter of the man who ruined his family. He slapped her buttocks and laughed again as she squirmed against the chains.

Could there ever be a better feeling than to have ones life long plan come to fruition?” he thought to himself. He had reduced the great warrior princess, ruler, fleet commander, and Jedi defender into a lowly cat girl whore.

Torbarr’s slave, Mir’tha had been kneeling in the corner of the room the entire time silently. He wanted her there so there would be someone, even a lowly cat girl, to witness Lionette being repeatedly violated. It would add to her humiliation that it wasn’t done in private. She would live her last days knowing a slave was watching her ultimate downfall at Torbarr’s hands.

The time would come very shortly when he would stop giving her the drug and Lionette would remember why she was here. She would realize that she had been violated repeatedly and made to beg for more. She would be angry beyond measure but not for long. Soon the withdraw symptoms would come without a new dose of the drug. Then the real humiliation would begin as she begged Torbarr to give her more to stop the pain. He would make her beg and please him before he gave her more drugs. This cycle would continue until his revenge was satisfied. She would be sold as a slave and left to die in the back alley of some lowly pleasure house alone and forgotten.

Mykala turned quickly at the sound to her left. She had been sitting under the huge vent trying to stay dry for two hours waiting for Stella to show up. The figure standing to her left was wearing the same long black cloak that Stella had been wearing the last time she had seen her.

Mykala jumped out from under the vent and turned on her light saber.

Easy Mykala, it’s just me.” The woman in the cloak said.

Stay where you are.” Mykala said as she pointed her light saber at the woman.

What are you doing? Put that thing away.” The woman said walking towards her.

I mean it! Don’t come any closer!” Mykala shouted.

What’s your problem?” Stella asked as she stopped and threw back her hood so Mykala could get a better look at who she was.

How do I know it’s you? I lost sight of Stella in the dark; maybe you’re the clone. Maybe you had been watching us the whole time?” Mykala shouted back in frustration.

What would you do if I was?” the woman asked pointedly.

What’s that supposed to mean?” Mykala asked.

Would you rush me and try to kill me? How do you know you’re even on the right side of this war?” she asked.

The Empire is evil. They want to subjugate everyone under the rule of the Sith. “ Mykala countered.

The Rebellion wants to rule everyone as well.”

They want to put the Republic back in place. They want the citizens to make the rules not the Sith.”

They tried that and it failed. The citizens have never gotten along. They’ve been trying to kill each other for twenty five thousand years! What do you know about the wonderful citizens anyway? How did they act on your home world of Bentoo? Whenever the Sith ruled there was order.” She said.

I know what evil is. At least I learned that on Bentoo.”

Is it more evil to allow all of these wars and petty disagreements or to have one group in charge to keep order? If the Sith had been in power the blood shed on Bentoo would never have lasted for these past seventy-five years. The Republic allowed it through their corruption. It seems you champion the very system that killed your mother and father. The system that left you an orphan starving in the streets.” She said glaring at Mykala with her one good eye.

What have you done with the real Stella? Did you kill her last night?” Mykala asked taking up a defensive stance. She was now certain that this was the clone standing before her.

I would never hurt her. She’s been hurt enough already. She’ll finally be safe now that I can watch over her. She got away from me once before but now I will protect her.” She said smiling.

Mykala understood now. The woman in front of her and Stella were the same person. Stella’s mind had created a stronger version of herself to protect her. Unfortunately this new version still held a strong resentment towards Stella’s friends for not saving her so she resolved herself to side with the Sith.

Come away with me Stella, you don’t have to be a part of this prophecy if you don’t want to. I had hoped you would come with me. We can go far away and start over. You’ll be safe away from the forces that have pushed you to confront your destiny. I’ll be free to let the horrors of my past rest and fade away once and for all. We don’t need to be enemies or take sides.” The dark woman said almost pleading.

Mykala lowered her light saber slightly.

It could all end here if she wanted it to. Stella wasn’t evil she was just tired and terribly hurt inside. Mykala could see herself becoming like Stella eventually always running and fighting, on and on with no rest. They had been fighting and dying and for what? It wasn’t fair she had to be burdened with this and all the death that went with it.

I never wanted this burden Stella but it is my destiny. I’ve tried to walk away from it before but I couldn’t. The things I want don’t matter any more. I was born to fulfill this prophecy and there is no walking away from it.” Mykala said.

Then join the Empire and be done with it. At least the running would be over. You could make a bargain to save your friends Mykala. Join the Emperor and have him spare your friends lives. What would he care if a hand full of Rebels got away? Some are bound to escape anyway so what are a few more if he gets you in the bargain. You could even free your planet and put Haven in charge. Everything can be like you want it to be if you join him. Others have done it once they saw the sense in it.” Stella said taking a step closer.

It all sounds too easy. The Emperor would never agree to let my friends go free. He would never allow my planet to be freed either.” Mykala said.

Yes, yes he would as long as they were under your control. Have the Emperor send your friends to your home world along with Haven. They would all be aloud to live there safely under your supervision. He would agree to all of those things as long as you served him. Don’t you see? You can save everyone by doing this Mykala.” Stella said smiling reassuringly.

But I would have to do his bidding. I would have to kill for him and his Empire.” Mykala said.

At first yes but after your power of regeneration was known all would bow before you. Mykala with the backing of the Empire you could be the most powerful warrior the Galaxy had ever seen. You would be a legend in history. You, who was raised in the gutter and fought your way up, up out of the filth and fire could stand side by side with the Emperor over the greatest Empire anyone had ever seen.

Think of it Mykala, no more hiding and sleeping in the dirt. You would have an army of servants to cater to your every need. And a real army, at least one maybe more in time. Thousands of elite storm troopers at your beck and call.” Stella said putting out her hand.

I can’t Stella, I can’t betray my friends and everything they stand for.” Mykala said hesitantly.

Do it for them. They never really had a chance at winning this rebellion. They are just the leftovers of the Clone wars. Mercenaries and vagabonds trying to fight a war they have already lost.” Stella said sympathetically.

Mykala turned off her light saber and fastened it to her belt.

Stella was looking past Mykala and was smiling. Mykala turned quickly only to see the probe droid that had silently come up behind her. She went for her light saber but it was already too late. The probe droid had fired its electro darts into her causing her body to seize up and collapse onto the rooftop. Ten storm troopers wearing jump packs mounted the roof soon after and secured Mykala with binders on her wrists and ankles along with a shock collar.

What took you so long Captain?” Stella asked the lead storm trooper angrily.

We had trouble with the droid but it seems to be working just fine now.” He answered.

I was having doubts about my ability to convince her to change sides. I thought I might have to fight her.” Stella said.

If you did fight her and win she would have been lost to us once again and the search would have had to start all over again.” He said.

You forget Captain, I’m the only one who knows how to kill her permanently.” She had figured it out. It was a simply solution if you thought about it enough. Mykala might escape once more only to reappear with her cousin but soon her cousin. However if her cousin were dead Mykala would no longer have any family that was alive. She would have no one to return too. Mykala would be dead permanently the next time if Haven Dak were dead as well.

Kang had gathered all of the Reptus members for a meeting. Since they had lost Lore and their benefactor, Lionette Ty, they needed to take stock in the new order of things.

Well we’re all here together again to reassess our mission. We have lost the first of our kind in this battle against the Empire. Lore was a good and loyal friend to all of us and I can only hope he died quickly and with honor. It would be much worse if he was captured and in the hands of the Sith. Torture at the hands of a Sith Inquisitor would mean a long slow inglorious death. Along with our other friends, including Ragg Tempess, we lost two hundred troops too the Empire. I have no doubt that many have already been tortured and forced to tell the Empire of our whereabouts. This will insure they will redouble their efforts against the Feloids and the Ty Clan more than ever.” Kang said as he stood in front of them.

It seems our time here will soon be coming to an end. Our Rebel group is no longer a viable threat to the Empire now that they have captured so many of our troops. There is very little that they won’t know once their torturers finish with those men.” Kang hung his head.

So what are you saying?” Granic asked.

Kang looked up and at each one of the assembled Reptus.

It is my intention to go to the Ty home world and give whatever assistance I can to their forces there. They have never wavered in their loyalty to our cause so I will help them in their hour of need. The rest of you must make your own decision on what to do.”

I’ll go with you, I really don’t have anything better to do.” Baltis said as he stood up.

There’ll be casualties, I’d better go too.” Thorim added.

They all turned and looked at Granic.

You know you’re all committing suicide right? The Ty Clan can’t win without Lionette. The Visiok Clan will turn you all over to the Empire when they win and the storm troopers will put you all up against a wall and blow your brains out.” He said gruffly.

Where will you go?” Kang asked calmly. He had fully expected this answer from Granic.

I hear there’s a refugee colony on Alderon. Mostly Reptus if the information is correct.” He wasn’t the least bit embarrassed by his unwillingness to aid the Feloids.

Would you take us to Ty Prime first? I’ve given the Rebel ships to the Feloids until this attack is over.” Kang said.

Fine, fine…but I’m pulling out the second your off my ship.” he said.

I know you will Granic it’s what I expected.” Kang replied.

We’d better get going then. I’ve been in contact with the Ty forces there and they say the attack could come as soon as tomorrow.” Baltis said picking up his pack and his rifle.

That’s not going to give me much time. I don’t want to get caught up in their fight and have my ship get all shot up.” Granic said complaining.

If it does I imagine only the rear end of your ship will take any damage.” Thorim quipped.

Kang and Baltis did little to hide their amusement at Thorim’s prediction.

Granic was embarrassed by the fact that other Reptus were laughing at him due too his lack of fortitude in these dire times. He turned and stepped into the doorway.

I’ll ready my ship.” he said without looking back.

That was a good one.” Baltis said smiling to Thorim.

Thorim turned to face Kang and Baltis.

It was meant to shame him. He’s had a free ride on the backs of these brave people and now when it comes time to pay up he is running away. With all of his talk of superiority he is the only one that is running away, a fine example of a Reptus we’re leaving for the rest of the Galaxy. Years from now we’ll all be dead but he will still be out there as a bad example for all other races to judge our kind on.” Thorim had never sounded so angry or disgusted in his whole life.


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