Chapter 92 An act of mercy

Chapter 92

An act of mercy

“I had a little talk with that cat girl you wanted. Apparently you gave her those powers.” Enna leaned close to Fey.

“I want those powers too.” She hissed.

“What happened? How did she escape?” Fey asked.

Enna grabbed Fey by the throat and started to choke her. “Forget about her. She was just a stupid cat girl. Give me those same powers or I’ll kill you.”

Fey tried to pull Enna’s hands off her throat but they wouldn’t budge. She felt Enna was holding back. She was just showing Fey what she was capable of.

Fey nodded her head yes. She would give Enna the serum.

Enna released her grip and helped Fey up.

“I can’t do it here…they’ve been asking questions about the girl Pep and where she is. If they find out she escaped they’ll kill us both for failing. We have to find a safe place to hide before I can perform the procedure.” Fey said rubbing her neck.

“I have a ship. We can leave right now.” Enna said motioning to Fey to follow her.

“I have to get the serum first. I keep it in my laboratory.” Fey said.

“Show me.” Enna replied opening the door.

The two women made there way around the courtyard outside. The icy wind cut through them like a knife as they kept to the shadows as best they could. They finally reached the building and hurried inside.

The building was large and dimly lit. Most everyone had left for the day so it was very quiet inside the cavernous main hall and entranceway.

From this point on Fey took the lead. They went downstairs several levels. Enna was becoming agitated by how long this was taking.

Fey stopped at a door and opened it slowly. There was no one in the hall so they proceeded down corridor and into the last room at the end.

The room was full of test tubes and scientific equipment of all description. Shelves lined the walls over flowing with ancient books and scrolls collected over the centuries.

“Hurry up and get what you need.” Enna ordered as she kept watch at the door. Fey opened a large metal drum covered by cryptic symbols. She reached in and pulled out three small bottles of the serum and put them in a valise she found in the room. She hurried over to her desk and grabbed her notes and a few other personal belongings.

“Okay, I’m ready.” She said too Enna.

Enna led the way this time. They followed the same path they used to get in the building until they emerged in the courtyard once again.

Fey looked back over her shoulder at the lab for the last time as the two women slipped into the shadows.

It wasn’t long before they had reached the industrial area of the city where Enna had landed her ship in secret. Fey and Enna climbed up the ladder and into the ship.

Fey recoiled when she saw bloodstains on the wall and floor.

“What’s that?” she asked shocked.

“I had to steal this ship. The owner tried to stop me so I killed him.” Enna replied coolly as she slid into the pilots seat.

After a while they had left the planet and were on their way. Fey breathed a sigh of relief knowing she wouldn’t be punished for her failure.

“So now what? What do you need to give me the serum?” Enna asked impatiently.

“There is a process that you must undergo before I can give you the serum. It’s long and painful, it will be the worst pain you have ever endured. The pain triggers the midi-chlorians to become active and enables them all to absorb the serum. The pain must be extreme for this to work. I don’t think I can do it on my own.” Fey said. She wondered if this information would deter Enna from pursuing her wish to have the procedure done.

Enna sat quietly at the controls for a moment.

“I know someone who will do It.” she said.

“You know someone that tortures people?” Fey asked surprised.

“There are a lot of people that would be more than happy to torture someone. Incase you missed it this galaxy is a very mean place. I’d do it myself if I could.” Enna laughed.

“The type of pain I’m talking about is the type that could kill you. Whoever you choose will have to know what they’re doing.” Fey said. She was puzzled at just how relaxed Enna was taking this.

“I was born a slave but I wasn’t what they thought I was. They didn’t know I couldn’t be tamed. They tried everything to make me submit to what they wanted but they failed. I think I can handle whatever pain I have to.” And with that said Enna pulled off her shirt exposing her back too Fey. It was crisscrossed with scars from repeated whippings and beatings.

Lionette winced in pain as the slave girl helped her too her feet. She held her smashed arm close to her body with her good arm as they started off along a path in the forest that headed down hill. The slave girl stopped Lionette and tore a piece of her own meager garment off and wrapped it around Lionette’s head to help stop the bleeding.

Lionette looked up quickly as she heard the space ship her friends escaped in make one last pass overhead before they undoubtedly left and made it as far away as possible from this planet. It had been her last chance to escape this nightmare world.

She looked at the girl with her one good eye. “What’s your name girl?”

The girl looked surprised at Lionette.

“Gayjee.” She responded.

“Gayjee, I want you to leave me now. I can make it to safety from here.” Lionette smiled. She knew it was only a matter of time before the beastmen were sent to find her. There was no sense in having this girl die trying to protect her.

“You’ll die if I don’t help you.” She said.

“It’s better if only one of us dies. Besides, I have nowhere else to go.” Lionette smiled sadly.

“I have to help you. You’re a Royal. If someone must die it should be me. I could tell you weren’t like us slaves. You were brave and you don’t know the girl talk. Please my mistress let me stay with you.” Gayjee pleaded.

Just then they heard the sounds of the beastmen crashing through the underbrush headed in their direction.

Lionette grabbed Gayjee’s arm and looked her in the face. “You must tell them you captured me. If you do that they may let you live. I don’t want you to die because of me. I order you to tell them you caught me.” Lionette said sternly.

“But I wanted to save you.” Gayjee sobbed.

“You’ve done everything you could Gayjee so now I’m ordering you to save yourself.” Lionette said.

Lionette pushed Gayjee away. “Run girl, bring them here so they can finish the job.”

Gayjee ran towards the beastmen sobbing.

Lionette was content with the fact that at least Gayjee had a chance now. The beastmen were now in view as they crested the hill. She could see Gayjee as she reached their location. She dropped to here knees and pointed in her direction. The beastmen ran past Gayjee and came at Lionette. They were carrying spears and swords and yelling as they closed the distance. Lionette prepared for her death by standing as erect as she could chin up and proud. She was a Princess again and the daughter of Maxis Ty.

Seconds before the first one reached her she saw him struck down by a blaster shot. A second and a third bolt zipped by her from the bottom of the hill hitting two more of the beastmen. The others stopped in their tracks shocked at what was happening. Lionette looked around frantically to find out who was firing the shots. Finally she saw two Feloid males coming up the hill firing at the beastmen and driving them back. Lionette realized they were two of the crewmen that they had released from the cells when they made their escape.

“Come on!” one of them yelled as he motioned Lionette to come down the hill towards them. They had come back to rescue her. Lionette could see Seleen was with them. She must have shown them the correct path through the forest to find her.

“Come down, we must be quick.” Seleen called as she made her way to Lionette’s side.

The beastmen had fallen back and were in retreat after loosing their leader.

Seleen helped Lionette back up the other hill followed by the two crewmen who were covering their escape. They continued on until they reached the ship that had managed to land in a clearing on the other side of the hill.

Lennut and Sister greeted them at the ship’s hatch. “We couldn’t leave you here after all you’ve done.” Lennut shouted.

Suddenly Lionette turned and frantically tried to go back up the hill.

“Gayjee! Gayjee!” she shouted. She was calling to the girl that had saved her for a second time.

“There’s no time, Light of the sky will be alerted soon. We must go quickly.” Sister yelled desperately.

Lionette realized they were right. She couldn’t jeopardize the chances of escape just for one person. Reluctantly she turned to leave.

“Mistress!” Lionette turned to see Gayjee running as fast as she could over top of the hill.

“Gayjee! Hurry! Lionette yelled. Gayjee ran faster than anyone she had ever seen. Within seconds she was standing next to Lionette gasping for air.

“I’m here Mistress.” She gasped.

Lionette put her arm around Gayjee’s shoulder and pulled her close. “I want you to be the one that helps me into the ship Gayjee.” Lionette said happily.

The airlock opened on Isseh’s ship flooding the inside of the access compartment with the heat of Tatooine’s twin suns. Pep, Mykala, and Destriss quickly covered their eyes and gasped at the wave of heat that slammed into them.

“I hope you’ll understand if I don’t see you off.” Isseh said over the intercom in the airlock compartment.

“We understand Isseh and thanks, you’ve held up your part of the bargain so consider us even.” Mykala said smiling.

“So long and I hope you all find whatever it is you need.” Isseh said as the three heroes stepped away from Isseh’s ship and watched it take off to places unknown.

“Over there.” Pep said pointing to the long covered walkway that led away from the landing field and to the town. They all hurried to get under the shaded covering for some relief from the blazing suns.

“Where too now?” Mykala asked.

Pep looked around as they walked towards the buildings trying to remember where the hotel was Matt and her stayed when they were here last.

Over there I think, the front was painted bright green. I think they painted it that way to remind the off worlders like us of their own green worlds.” Pep said thinking of happier times.

“Yes, there it is.” She smiled.

Destriss and Mykala cringed at the sight of the place. It was no better than any of the other run down hovels that lined the hot street.

“That must have been one Hell of a few days if this place makes her this happy.” Mykala whispered to Destriss.

“I remember having a night like that once.” Destriss whispered back. He was referring to the night that Mykala and him spent together when they first met.

Mykala smiled and down played the comment. She still had uneasy feelings about having a relationship with the brother of the man who died saving her life.

The three made their way into the town’s outskirts at the end of the long walkway. Pep remembered watching Matt pulling the stupid little cart that he had filled with food back to the guardhouse.

She had freed about twenty or so cat girls from a Feloid slave ship. Matt wound up having to kill the crew so the girls could remain free. Even after that act of heroics he still walked all the way back into town dragging that stupid little cart behind him and then filling it with food and dragging it all the way back just to feed the freed slaves.

Pep wondered whatever happened to that cart.

“Did you want us all to stay here?” Destriss asked. They had reached the hotel and were standing at the main doorway. Although he never flaunted it Destriss was a Royal and the thought of staying in a place like this made him uneasy.

“This is where he’ll come.” Pep smiled.

“I’m sure it’s nicer inside…the heat and dust just make the outside look a little rough.” Mykala said trying to support Pep.

“Okay, let’s get inside then.” Destriss said accepting his fate.

Once inside Pep was delighted to find that the room that Matt and her had stayed in was vacant. Mykala and Destriss unfortunately found out there was only one other room available and they would be forced to share it if they all wanted to remain together.

“Are you sure there’s nothing else available?” Mykala asked the Twi’lek at the desk.

Destriss pulled Mykala off to the side gently.

“We all need to stick together here Mykala. I don’t have a problem with this arrangement. We’re all adults here and unless you feel you might not be able to control yourself around me then it shouldn’t be a problem for you either.” He said smiling.

“What? I can control myself…I was just worried about you and your…feelings.” Mykala protested a little louder than she intended.

“Just take the room Mykala. We shouldn’t be standing around out here in the heat.” Pep said hinting that the Empire wanted them all and it was possible they might be spotted.

“Fine, just get the room Destriss.” Mykala said giving up.

Destriss paid for the rooms and they continued down the hallway and stood at the door to Pep’s room.

“I guess I’ll go in with Pep and keep her company for a while.” Mykala said.

“Actually I was hoping to get some rest, maybe take a nap. Why don’t you just stay with Destriss and we’ll have something to eat latter.” Pep said smiling.

Mykala couldn’t believe that Pep was pushing her back to Destriss. Pep wanted them to be together even if Mykala wasn’t ready.

“You heard the lady, she wants to be alone.” Destriss said to Mykala as he shot a smile at Pep in gratitude.

Mykala shot a different look at Pep as Destriss led her away from Pep’s door. Pep smiled at them both and went into her room.

Destriss held the door open so Mykala could go in first.

“Remember Mykala, we can’t risk being seen.” Destriss said grinning.

Mykala went into the room. She was surprised that it was very nice and even more surprised that it was a much more comfortable temperature.

Destriss followed and closed the door. He looked around giving the room a quick inspection. “Not bad, sort of cozy.” He said grinning.

Mykala plopped herself down in a chair stuck way back in a corner and crossed her arms in front of her.

“Oh look, only one bed. Should we take turns or just build a wall down the middle?” Destriss joked.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Mykala said irritated.

“Maybe just a little.” Destriss said sitting on the edge of the bed and smiling at her.

Mykala rolled her eyes at his obvious attempt at luring her into bed.

Destriss leaned back and sighed contentedly. “Ah, very comfortable.”

He quickly sat up and crossed the room. He went into the bathroom and began playing with the faucets. “The water is actually cold.” He said acting surprised.

“I hope you realize that what you think is going to happen isn’t going to happen.” Mykala said to Destriss as he played with the faucets in the bathroom. Destriss stuck his head around the corner. He had taken his shirt off.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Mykala protested.

“I’m taking a shower, why?”

“It’s not happening.” Mykala repeated.

“Okay.” Destriss said going back in the bathroom.

Mykala sat in the room alone listening to the shower. She knew he was doing it to lure her in with him but she wasn’t buying it. She was a Jedi and had no problem controlling her thoughts and feelings.

“Damn it!” she yelled.

Mykala got up and stormed into the bathroom. “Destriss we have to stop doing this. It isn’t right. We have too much at stake to get involved right now.”

Destriss stepped out of the shower and placed a finger on her lips to quiet her protests. Mykala froze trembling at the sight of his tight well-muscled wet body.

“Damn it.” she whispered as she wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest.

“Does this still feel wrong to you?” he asked quietly.

“Not anymore.” She conceded.

White Sword had been true to her word. She had taken Timtam over to the escape pod in her lander while her crew was set to the task of freeing her Battle frame from the wreckage of the pirate ship. 4-9 and Kero were taken aboard the lander and they all returned to the hovering black ship above.

Kero was taken immediately to the ship’s infirmary to be looked at by the ship’s surgeon. He was impressed by the quality of the amputation that Timtam was able to achieve with such primitive tools.

White Sword ordered the ship to make its way back to Geirgor at the best possible speed. Timtam spent every second sitting next to Kero as he slept eventually falling asleep herself.

The ship’s surgeon awakened her suddenly.

“Wake up. We’re being boarded.” He said.

“You two must be very important individuals to have someone like that stop us.” He said leaving.

“Who is it? Who’s boarding us? Timtam shouted as he left the room.

Timtam looked out into the hallway. Everyone was hurrying around but there was no sense of danger. She could tell someone important was on board as the crew tried desperately to hide anything illegal.

She heard the footsteps of a group of men coming down the hall behind her. Timtam turned in that direction and recognized the uniforms as those of the Ty navy. As they got closer she felt a chill run down her spine when she saw these officers and men belonged to the fleet commanded by Furonius Ty himself.

Timtam quickly ducked back in the room and stood in front of the bed Hudd was resting on. There was no place to hide now.

The officers entered the room and saluted Timtam. She wasn’t quiet sure what to make of this whole display.

White Sword came in after the officers and stepped up to Timtam.

“Relax my dear, these men are here to take you home. They won’t hurt you.” She said smiling.

“Home? Home where?” Timtam asked nervously.

“Back to Ty Prime ma’am.” One of the officers replied.

“Why? I don’t want to back to that place.” She was becoming very agitated.

Just then Furonius himself walked into the room.

Timtam couldn’t control herself any longer. “Get away from me!” she said raising her tiny fists as if she was going to hit him.

Furonius froze. He had the look of intense embarrassment on his face.

“I do not deserve your forgiveness Lady Timtam. But I beg you to accept whatever resources I have at my disposal if not for yourself then for the man laying in the bed beside you. My men will see to your every need. You have but only to ask and it will be granted.” Furonius then shocked every Feloid in the room by bowing to Timtam. Even though she was a free person now she had been a slave and she was now married to a man of another race. Even though free, in Feloid culture she would not be considered of high class and for the highest-ranking official in the Clan to bow to her was unbelievable.

“Don’t do that.” Timtam said.

“It’s the only way I can regain my honor my lady. I was born of Royal blood but you are my superior in many ways.” Furonius said humbly.

They all stood in awkward silence for a moment.

“Is Lionette really gone?” Timtam asked him almost in a whisper.

“Yes my lady, your friend and my sister is now with my ancestors.” He said sadly.

Again there was a moment of silence.

“I forgive you Furonius so your sisters spirit can be at rest.” Timtam said quietly.

Furonius stood, his eyes wet with tears of gratitude. “Thank you my lady. I am forever in your debt for this act of mercy.”


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