Chapter 93 A little kindness

Chapter 93

A little kindness

Lionette lay back on the examination table in the sick bay of the ship. One of the ship’s crew was a medic and was trying to set her arm and do the best she could to save Lionette’s eye.

“Is it true? Are you really Lionette Ty?” the medic asked.

Lionette winced in pain as the medic tried to straighten her arm enough to set it.

“No, my name is Zohe. I was a slave in the Ty family palace. Lionette Ty is dead.” Lionette said. She was very tired and just wanted to sleep.

“I thought I heard the white haired woman say you were Lionette Ty.” The medic said.

“She was mistaken. I’m just a serving girl. I’m not Royalty.” Lionette reassured the woman.

The medic looked at Lionette’s smooth pampered hand as she set the arm.

“Whatever you say Zohe.” She said smiling. At this point all the medic knew was this woman lying on the table had saved their lives by staying behind to hold off the beastmen long enough for them to escape in the ship. They all owed her their lives.

After the medic had done all she could for her she left Zohe to sleep in the solitude of the sick bay.

The medic then went up to the bridge of the ship where the rest of the crew was waiting.

“Well what are we going to do now?” she asked.

“We were waiting for you to finish up with her before we discussed it.” Lennut replied.

“Where were you headed before you landed on our planet?” Sister asked the four crewmen.

“We had decided to try our luck trading with the Fehldess Clan. They have a small mining operation on their sixth planet now and they’ll need equipment shuttled back and forth as well as personnel. It’s still a good idea I guess.” The tallest male said.

“It’s easy money at least. With a good contract we could haul for them for two or three years.” The older female added.

“We know there was a mutiny before you landed. As to why or who did what, Sister and myself don’t really care, that’s between you four. However I must ask if a new captain was selected before you landed?”

The crew all looked at each other. “We never got a chance. I guess I’m the next ranking officer but there wasn’t time for an official vote. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to be the captain but until there’s a vote I guess I’m the closest thing we have.” The tallest one said.

“When it’s time for a vote do you plan to include us?” Lennut was asking if Lionette, Sister, and herself where still valuable now that the crew was safely away from the planet.

“Yeah, I guess we’re all in the same predicament so why not.” The tallest said.

“We all owe you our lives, especially to that girl in the sick bay. Just who the heck is she?” The older female asked.

Lennut stood up and looked at everyone intensely. “ What did she tell you, who did she say she was?” Lennut asked the medic.

“She said her name was Zohe and she had been a servant girl in the Ty Clan palace.” She said looking disbelievingly at Lennut.

“Then that’s who she is. We all have a past that may be dubious to those in power, the Clan council or the merchants shipping guild let’s say.” Lennut had alluded to the fact that there would be an enquiry if they were to find out about the mutiny and the fact that no one on the loosing side survived it would be seen as an act of high piracy even if the crew acted in self-defense.

“What are you getting at?” the older female asked.

“None of you are stupid. It’s obvious that the girl in the sickbay is no slave. She is Lionette Ty, Rightful heir to the Ty family leadership, but to the rest of the Galaxy she is dead. She wishes for it to remain that way.” Lennut stated.

“So she wants to be a slave girl?” the shorter male asked confused.

“No, she wants to bury her past and begin a new life. She can’t go back because of her family honor so if you really believe she saved your lives then let her be Zohe the serving girl.” Lennut asked.

“What do you say everybody? Is that Zohe in the sickbay or is it Lionette Ty?” the tall male asked.

“Lionette Ty? Never met her.” the medic replied.

“I would hate to think we had a Royal on board. Too bossy.” The short male said crossing his arms.

“No way a Princess would ever step foot on this old piece of junk, she has to be a slave.” The older female said.

“Well I guess you were making the whole thing up Lennut, there isn’t any Princess on this ship.” the tall male said smiling.

“Yes, I made the whole thing up. We all now know that Lionette Ty is dead.” Lennut replied smiling back.

“It’s a shame Lionette Ty isn’t here.” The tall female said.

“Why?” asked the medic?

“A person with her training and leadership skills would probably make a good captain. She’ commanded star ships and knows just about everything there is to now about the Clans and the planets in Feloid space. I’m thinking that might be a nice trait in a captain. Too bad all we have is a serving girl.” She said shaking her head.

“Still, a serving girl might make a good captain as well. She probably wouldn’t yell at us as much as our old captain…may he rest in peace.” The shorter male said.

“I place one vote for the serving girl to be captain.” The tall male said.

They all raised their hands in unison. Zohe the serving girl would be the new captain.

They had waited until dark. Fey had to be extra careful about being recognized since her Sith facial tattoos easily identified her as someone of importance in the Empire. The two women made their way across the huge compound from where they had landed the ship in a small valley a mile away.

They reached the door and walked through as it opened automatically. The entrance way was clinical in appearance due to its dubious medical function.

“May I help you” the Feloid attendant asked from behind the desk in the reception area. It was obvious these two new guests were considerably out of place.

Enna stopped and looked around. Several clients were sitting in the waiting area. There was a well-dressed woman, a Royal, with her face covered. She was here for servicing by the great Thun himself most likely. There were also three cat girls and their handler. They were to be impregnated most likely for breeding.

Enna rolled her eyes in disgust.

“Get the Doctor, tell him the pink head who escaped is here to turn herself in.” she said matter of factly.

Enna glanced at Fey. She had turned her back to everyone and held the hood of her robe closed covering all but her eyes. Enna laughed at her predicament.

The attendant notified the Doctor who wasted no time in arriving at the reception area with to security droids. The patients in the waiting area quickly got up and ran out of the door.

“What do you want here? Why have you returned?” the Doctor challenged from behind the two droids.

“Calm down Doctor. I just came back to use your playroom. I just can’t forget how much fun we had during my last visit.” Enna replied.

Fey turned and pulled back her hood revealing her Sith markings.

“We are in need of your facilities Doctor. We won’t be here any longer than a we need to be. After that we’ll go and leave you and this facility as we found it.

“A Sith? Here?” The Sith were well known to all in the galaxy.

“Yes my dear Doctor and we have need of your equipment.” Fey said.

“You want to use the discipline room? On who?” the Doctor asked taking a step back. He thought that Enna had come back for revenge.

“On me. I’ve been a bad bad girl and I need to be punished.” Enna said seductively.

“Will you let us use your facility or must I call for my personal guard?” Fey said bluffing.

The Doctor had already had several customers run out of his facility and he was desperate to end this situation quickly.

“Doctor I understand you think this facility is important but let me assure you that your little slave factory has absolutely no interest to the Sith. If you would just be kind enough to let me torture this girl using your equipment we’ll be on our way.” Fey said taking a step closer to the Doctor.

The Doctor looked at Enna and Fey.

Fey stood frozen awaiting the Doctors reply.

Enna stuck out her rear and slacked it hard making a face as if it felt good.

“Follow me.” he said finally. The Doctor and the two women followed by the droids took the elevator to the floor where the discipline room was. He opened the door and went in with them. The Doctor quickly explained how the table and the equipment worked. Enna was already stripping off her clothes so the inducers could be strapped on her.

“Are you sure you won’t need my help with this procedure?” the Doctor asked looking at Enna.

“No thank you Doctor, although your expertise would be helpful I don’t think it will be necessary.” Fey said ushering the Doctor out of the room.

Enna had already climbed up on the table and was attaching the inducers to her body.

“You really want this power I see. Not too many people would go through this type of pain for any reason.” Fey said.

“The greater the pain the greater the reward. That’s how the old saying goes isn’t it?” Enna said only half paying attention to Fey.

Fey helped strap the inducers on Enna and then strapped her to the table.

“This is so barbaric.” Fey said disgusted by her own procedure. She knew the pain was needed to awaken every midi-chlorian in Enna’s body but the thought of violent method used still disturbed even her.

What kind of mind must this Feloid have to want to do this to herself?

“Leave the gag out, I like to hear myself scream.” Enna said as the box was closed over her head.

Fey had gotten the answer to her question.

Timtam ran down the ship’s corridor as quickly as she could. It was strange to see naval officers and crew step aside for her as she maneuvered through the maze that was the ship’s interior. Not so long ago none of these Feloids would have given her any quarter. She had been a slave and free people don’t move for slaves.

Furonius had discreetly given orders to the crew that Timtam and Kero were to be given the same status and consideration as they would a Royal. She was a guest and under his exclusive protection.

“In here mistress.” 4-9 said as he beckoned Timtam into Kero’s room.

She stopped in the doorway and stared at her husband. He was sitting up and smiling. Although he looked groggy she new he was now past the worst of it.

“Hey sweetie.” He said smiling as best he could.

Timtam ran to his side and began to cry. She gently stroked his face with a trembling hand.

He pressed it close to his face and kissed it. “You saved my life.”

“If I would have waited just one more day…” she began to say.

“If you would have waited one more day he’d be dead. You did an excellent job with what you had. There was no other choice.”

Timtam turned to see the head medical officer standing behind her. She hadn’t noticed him when she had entered the room.

“I want you to understand what I’m about to tell you child. If you had not done what you did this man would be dead right now in no uncertain terms. You did the right thing.” The Officer said.

“I’ve been instructed to help your husband in his recuperation. It will be necessary to have him transported to a human medical facility to complete his healing and to be fitted with a new limb. We don’t have compatible resources on board.” The officer said.

“Why are we getting so much preferential treatment Doctor?” Timtam asked suspiciously.

“I wouldn’t know. I am just following orders.” He said smiling slightly.

Timtam knew that Furonius was behind the special treatment. She had forgiven him for his assaulting her but she still wanted nothing to do with him or his actions.

“Would it be possible to talk with someone about what Lord Furonius is going to do with us?” she asked.

“I guess that would be me since I’ve been charged with your husbands recovery.” The Doctor said.

“What are they going to do with us?” Timtam asked.

“Whatever you want. I can only make recommendations to you both but the choices are yours to make.” He said.

“When can we leave?” she asked.

The Doctor smiled. He could sense her anxiousness.

“Sit down girl. You are free to go whenever you wish. Whatever debt was owed to you has just begun to be paid. Lord Admiral Furonius wishes only to give you and your husband whatever you need.” He said smiling.

“You are very fortunate to have wound up in this situation. He is soon to be the Leader of the Ty Clan and will be in a position to grant you just about anything you and your husband can dream of.”

Timtam looked at Kero who had been listening to the conversation.

“Why is he doing all of this? What happened between you two?” Kero asked confused at their good fortune.

Timtam wanted to make something up but she couldn’t lie to Hudd.

“A long time ago, before we met, Furonius attacked me. I was beaten and raped violently by him for hours.” Timtam said looking at the ground. “That was long ago and he was a very different man in those days. He was punished by Lionette and has changed his ways but it was only yesterday that I forgave him. I forgave him so Lionette’s spirit can rest and be put at ease.”

“We need to leave here as soon as possible. We need to get you away from him.” Kero said urgently.

“I know but we need to make sure you’re taken care of first. Kero, you just lost your leg, it needs to heal and this is our best chance to have it done.” Timtam said.

“We’ll make due somewhere else Timtam, we always do.” Hudd said.

Timtam stood and looked at the Doctor and all the excellent medical equipment Furonius had given them access to.

“No, we’re staying. Besides I think he’s really is sorry for what he did.”

I think it’s more than the fact that he was humiliated and lost his honor. I would have never forgiven him if it were just to make him feel better.

I think he realizes he hurt another person. I think he feels the hurt himself, as if it would have been done to him.

I think even though I’ve forgiven him he’ll never forgive himself.” Timtam said.

“It’s your call honey, I’ll do whatever you think is right. I’d like to kill the son of a bitch but I’ll do whatever you need me to do.” Hudd said. Hudd was angry that he had to rely on the kindness of the man who caused his wife so much pain. In a way he was still holding power over them both. He had to put his feelings aside and do what Timtam needed him to do.

“Pardon me but if it’s any consolation I believe Lord Furonius is aware his past actions have caused you both irreparable harm and that is why he left the responsibility of seeing your needs are met with me. In this way you won’t have to deal with him at all. He wanted that fact to be made clear that you no longer will have to have any contact with him unless you wish it.” The Doctor stated.

It was a relief that Furonius wouldn’t be popping in to see how they were doing. He intended to give Hudd and Timtam whatever they felt they needed and then let them live their lives as they wanted.

“In either case you don’t have to make a decision right at this moment and as your Doctor I won’t release you until I’m sure you are free of any infections or have any complications. You’ll be safe here with me at any rate so just forget about the past for a day or two and make a good plan, then you can leave better equipped to face the future.” The Doctor said smiling.

“Easy Matt! That dust ball ain’t going anywhere!” Bronski held on tight as Matt flew the ship low over the desert circling the landing field. It wasn’t much of a landing field in all actuality just a big flat dry lake bed with a covered walkway to keep the blazing suns from cooking the off worlders before they could reach the town and spend some money.

Matt finally found a spot near the walkway and landed roughly almost bouncing Bronski out of his seat.

“Nice flying pal, don’t you care I’m an invalid now?” Bronski snapped.

“Not today old man.” Matt said smiling as he grabbed his belongings and headed for the hatch.

“I’ve never seen a man get so worked up over a broad before.” Bronski grumbled. He was joking of course. He really liked Pep. Under his thick hide he would sometimes find a soft spot for certain people and Pep was one of them. He always thought of her like a little sister and would kill anyone that harmed her. “She’s suffered enough.” He always said when referring to Pep.

“Maybe you just never met the right one baldy.” Pidge said helping Bronski out of his seat.

“What? Oh, I was just joking. Pep is okay in my book. I’ve never seen two people more meant for each other.” he replied grinning.

Matt ran down the walkway towards the town. He looked desperately for the green hotel. He found it easily and went inside.

“I’m looking for a cat girl that checked in recently. She’s about this tall and…” Mat began to describe Pep to the Twi’lek at the desk

“No bounty hunting on the premises pal. We have a nice place here so if you want to snatch up a runner than do it outside.” The Twi’lek said forcefully.

“No you got it all wrong, I’m her friend. There won’t be any trouble I promise.” Matt explained.

“End of the hall.” The Twi’lek said convinced by Matt’s statement.

Matt smiled and ran down the hall to the door Just as it opened. Pep stood at the open door with arms wide and tears streaming down her face. Matt picked Pep up and spun her around covering her face with kisses.

“I thought I’d lost you forever.” Matt breathed into her ear.

“We’ll never be apart again. No matter what I have to do we’ll never be apart ever again.” Pep replied. Matt had no idea how serious a statement that was.

“Mykala’s here too. She was rescued by Destriss, Lionette’s cousin.” Pep said between kisses.

“I brought Bronski and a new girl.” Matt relayed his information in the same way.

After that vital exchange of information Pep kicked the door closed as Matt carried her over too the bed.

“Where did they go?” Pidge asked Bronski. They had finally made their way down the walkway and had found the green hotel that Matt had spoken about on their trip to Tatooine.

“If I know those two they’re banging the hell out of each other right now.” Buck said irritated.

“What should we do now?” Pidge asked.

“I guess we get a couple of rooms and wait till tomorrow to find out what our next move is.” Bronski replied as he entered the doorway of the hotel.

“Why tomorrow?” Pidge asked.

“I figure that’s when Matt will pull his face out of Pep long enough to talk about it.” Bronski said to Pidge. “Aww those two are like teenagers, all they do is fuck.”

“I guess they really like each other. How did they meet?” Pidge asked.

“Man you ask a lot of questions!” Bronski teased.

“Shut up and tell me. Was it romantic?”

“Ahh I can’t remember…he bought her from some pirates or something or he freed her, I can’t remember.” Bronski said standing in front of the desk in the lobby.

“Can I help you?” the Twi’lek asked less than enthusiastically.

“Two rooms, with air conditioning.” Bronski said.

“Just get one, I don’t want to be alone here.” Pidge said looking at the strange assortment of aliens wherever she looked.

“Oh yeah?” Bronski smiled.

“Down boy, I’ll pay you back once I get some cash.” She replied smiling.

“Suit yourself missy, but you don’t know what you’re missing.” Buck said grinning.

“So if you two are done with the romance you can tell me if you want one room or two.” The Twi’lek said resting his chin in his hand.

“One room, just one.” Bronski said handing him the money.

“I swear I’ll pay you back.” Pidge said awkwardly.

“Relax blue eyes, your cooking all the meals until then so you won’t feel obligated.” Buck said picking up his bag.

“Works for me.” Pidge agreed.

The two went down the hall and found their room. Bronski opened the door and went inside followed by Pidge who closed the door behind them.

The room was simple and clean. Everything was painted white to give the illusion of coolness, all in all not a bad place to be in.

Bronski threw his bag on the floor at the foot of the bed and went to the kitchen area behind a waist level wall. Pidge didn’t have any belongings except the clothes on her back since she had been a prisoner up till now.

She looked down at her beat up old coveralls. They hadn’t been washed since she had been captured over a month ago.

“Hey, baldy… I hate to ask but could you front me cash. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for a month and I could really use something new.” Pidge asked. There was a real sound of embarrassment in her voice. Bronski could tell this woman had always paid her own way.

“Well I guess we owe you something for the work you did back on the ship. I tell you what. I got to go and buy some food anyway so why don’t you come with me and you can pick something out to wear at one of the shops in town.” He said over his shoulder.

Pidge knew Matt and Bronski didn’t owe her anything. It was both of them that allowed her to stay even after she had snuck on board. They could have very easily taken advantage of her and there would have been very little she could have done about it.

“Well if you insist…”


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