Chapter 94 The rest of our lives

Chapter 94

The rest of our lives


Fey turned the knob up two notches. Enna screamed and bucked fighting against the straps holding her too the table.

“Barbaric!” Fey cursed herself for never being able to find an easier way too introduce the serum into the Midi-chlorians of her subjects bodies.

Enna screamed. “Stop! Stop it! I don’t want the power anymore! You’re killing me!” Her eyes were wide open and filled with desperation. She had thought she could handle the pain.

“We’re almost there, I’m going to finish this procedure with or without you wanting me too.” Fey yelled back at Enna angrily.

Enna had been bullying her the entire time since they teamed up so Fey was enjoying having control over Enna for a while. She wasn’t even sure that she would be able to trust Enna after the procedure was complete. Fey knew she would have to be around to monitor and modify Enna’s reaction to the serum for some time to come but Enna was unpredictable and might not believe Fey was still important enough to her to keep her alive.

Fey understood the darkness in all people. She realized how demented Enna was. Enna might feel that Fey was a threat also. Fey had the knowledge to create a super Force using being. Maybe her next one would be more powerful than Enna. Eventually Enna would figure this dynamic out if it hadn’t already crossed her mind. Once it did then Fey knew Enna would murder her without hesitation.

It would be an easy thing to keep turning the knob until the energy killed Enna. Just a simple twist of the knob and Enna wouldn’t bother anyone ever again.

Fey raised the power a hair more.

Enna screamed louder.

“I think you’re going to kill me when this is finished Enna.” Fey spoke loudly to Enna over her screams.

Enna looked angry now. She had put herself in a position of helplessness. She was at Fey’s mercy.

“I won’t!” Enna screamed.

“How can I trust you?” Fey asked.

“Don’t do it, please!” Enna was at the end of her endurance. She was so close to having unlimited power. She would be able to finally create the world she wanted.

“You don’t give me too many options now do you?” Fey shouted.

Fey twisted the knob all the way.

Enna screamed and convulsed uncontrollably. Her body was no longer under her control.

Fey watched as her experiment with her serum slipped through her fingers a second time. She had spent her life developing the serum and coming up with her idea of triggering the dormant Feloid midi-chlorians. Once again she wouldn’t be able to see if it worked or not.

Who knew when or if she would ever get another chance?

Fey turned the power back down quickly and hoped she had been fast enough.

Enna lay motionless on the table. Suddenly she took a long gasp of air and began to cough violently. Fey hurriedly began to undo the straps releasing Enna’s arm. She reached over to the table and grabbed the injector on the table and plunged it into Enna’s arm.

Fey patted Enna’s face to see if she was conscious. Enna’s eyes fluttered as she fought to gain her senses once more.

“Why?” Enna asked. She wanted to know why Fey spared her life. Even as she was begging for her to let her live she couldn’t think of any reason for Fey not to kill her. Enna had planned on killing Fey just as she thought she would. She was a murderer and only cared about her own needs. There was no reason to let her live.

Fey stroked Enna’s head gently. “I had to know if it worked. You’re like one of my children now. I had to know if my serum works.”

Enna smiled and nodded, she understood.

Fey continued unfastening the straps that held Enna on the table. She then tilted the table and helped Enna slide down and off aiding her as she was led to a chair next to an examining table. Fey draped a blanket over Enna’s nude body and went to get her a glass of water.

She found a glass and poured some water into it. Enna had been screaming continually and her throat was probably parched.

Fey turned back towards the chair only to see Enna standing in front of her.

“Damn.” Fey said regretfully.

Enna smashed down striking Fey in the side of her head with a microscope that had been sitting on the examination table next to where Fey had left Enna to rest. She collapsed on the floor looking up at the ceiling. Enna leapt on top of her and began to choke Fey and beat her head against the floor. Fey’s blood was soon spattered everywhere even over Enna’s body and face.

“You should have done it. You where right Fey.” Enna said to Fey’s lifeless corpse.

“Even I couldn’t think of a reason for you to let me live.”

The Doctor ran into the room followed by the two security droids. The Doctor froze as he looked at the sight of blood and gore before him. Enna’s eyes blazed with a murderous hatred and in an instant the two droids shuttered and fell to the floor smoldering. The Doctor looked at Enna’s glowing eyes as she looked at the table and then at him. She had never forgotten the pain and humiliation she endured at his hands. The Doctor tried to run but was only able to scream as he erupted in flames and twisted flailing his arms until he too collapsed dead in the hallway.

Enna grinned at her new powers. They had come on quicker than she had imagined. She picked up the blanket and wrapped herself in it once again. Enna grabbed her pile of clothes and walked towards the door. She carefully stepped over the Doctors burning remains being careful not to get burned herself.

“Thanks for the use of the room Doc.” She said grinning.

Lionette sat up on the bed in the sickbay. She had been sleeping for hours and had woke up to find herself all alone. She wrapped the bed sheet around herself and began to search the ship for the rest of the crew, Lennut and Sister. Her arm had been set in a duro-cast and a large bandage covered her eye.

“Hail, our hero has awakened.” The medic said greeting Lionette after she stepped into the mess hall. The crew, Lennut, and Sister had all been eating their dinner when Lionette arrived. They all stood in unison and applauded.

Lionette smiled weakly at the show of gratitude by her new shipmates.

“How are you feeling Zohe?” the medic asked. By addressing Lionette as Zohe she was reminding the rest of the crew they all agreed to accept the fact that Lionette wanted to start a new life in anonymity.

“Like I just fell off a tower and through seventy feet of branches.” She replied.

“I’m Doc. Everyone just calls me Doc.” The medic said finally introducing herself.

“The tall guy sitting in the back is Tessen. He’s our astrogator,” Doc said beginning the introductions of the rest of the crew.

“The not so tall fellow is Reddarh. He takes care of all the droids and cargo.”

“And lastly is Gemmah. She’s our engineer. She’s ex-military so make sure if you borrow any tools you put them back where you got them or she’ll bite your head off.” Doc said smiling.

“Everyone, this is Zohe. She worked for the Ty Clan in the palace. She is also as it seems and incredibly lucky serving girl to have survived all she did for us. It’s almost…unbelievable.” Lionette shot a look at Doc. She knew that Doc had figured out who she was really and had most likely told everyone else.

Her secret was out and the crew knew she was Lionette Ty.

“Glad to know you Zohe.” Tessen said.

“Welcome aboard Zohe.” Added Reddarh.

“Looks like you need to borrow some clothes Zohe. See me later and you can try on some of my stuff.” Gemmah smiled

They all knew who she was but at the same time they all were letting her know her secret was safe with them.

Lionette relaxed. This was the first day of her life as Zohe the servant girl.

“Oh, by the way, we all elected you ship’s Captain this morning while you were sleeping.” Lennut said taking a sip from her cup and awaiting Zohe’s reaction.

“What are you talking about?” Zohe asked.

“It seems no one else wanted the job so we gave it to you. After all Zohe, you can’t just sit around and do nothing while you’re onboard, this isn’t a Royal Palace so we don’t need a serving girl we need a captain.”

Lionette crossed her arms. She wasn’t sure just how to take this news. Of all the people on board she was the best choice to be Captain. At least she knew they would all keep her secret. The position of Captain would be a more realistic position for her anyway. Even though she wanted to be anonymous she honestly couldn’t see herself taking orders from someone else after being raised to be a Clan leader. And in all honesty she wouldn’t even know what end of a bucket to put the water in.

When she had gone undercover in the palace to find the assassin she had been so bad at doing simple tasks that they had to tell the other slaves she was slow in the head to make it believable. In her world manual labor had always been done by others.

“What were your plans as far as making money with this ship?” Lionette asked.

“We were going to try to get a contract hauling mining equipment for the Fehldess Clan.” Tessen said.

Lionette knew the Fehldess Clan’s holdings were at the farthest borders of the Feloids. Her father had very few dealings with the Fehldess and she had no recollection of ever meeting any of them. This would be a good place to start her new life.

Just then Gayjee, the cat girl who had found Lionette at the base of the tower came out of the galley. She had been the one cooking and cleaning for everyone since they left the planet yesterday.

“I’m pleased to see you’re feeling better Princess.” She said seeing Lionette out of the sickbay for the first time.

“Thank you Gayjee have they been treating you well while I’ve been resting?” Lionette asked.

Gayjee looked down. “Yes mistress but…”

“What’s wrong Gayjee?” she asked.

“I don’t understand most of the things I’ve seen here…I am stupid.” Gayjee said embarrassed.

“Nonsense girl. The things you see are just new to you, you will learn soon enough.” Sister said smiling. The cat girls were her only friends back on the planet and even though she was raised to believe she was better than them she always treated them well.

“Do you like doing your job here.” Lionette asked.

“Yes mistress very much.” She replied.

“Then that will be your job, ship’s cook.” Lionette smiled.

Gayjee looked down and smiled. She knew she would be safe with these people. Her nightmare life was over.

Timtam had brought Kero his dinner. She insisted on making it for him all by herself. She wanted as little to do with anything or anyone on this ship as she could manage. Even though she had forgiven Furonius she still couldn’t look at him and not remember that day long ago.

“Hey baby, what smells so good.” Hudd asked as Timtam entered the room. She giggled whenever he called her “Baby”, the word baby had a completely different meaning in the Feloid language that was extremely perverted. Of course she understood the meaning as he meant it but she never did tell him the Feloid meaning. It was her little joke too herself at Hudd’s expense.

“I made you dinner. Everything was fresh so I took extra.” She smiled.

Hudd looked at her and smiled. “The Doctor gave me some good news while you were out. It seems they’ve finally fixed my ship. My old one that they rescued me in, the one I picked you and Pep up in.”

“Is it at the Palace?” Timtam asked hesitantly.

“It was but they took it to the base, all our stuff is still there as well and he said they’ll have it all packed up and put on the ship if we want.” Hudd said looking over the meal that Timtam had placed before him.

“I guess that would be okay. Now all we have to do is figure out someplace to go.” she said sadly. She knew when she married Hudd she would have to leave Feloid space. A Human Feloid union would never be tolerated. They would be both considered less than second-class citizens. There might even by violent acts against them. They would have to go closer to the Empire and the outer worlds to start over.

Kero ate his meal quickly. As he began to feel better he was getting his appetite back. “That was delicious baby.” He said. Timtam giggled again and took the plate from Hudd.

“What are we going to do Kero? Is there anyplace we’ll be safe?” she asked down hearted.

“Let’s go back to Geirgor. You were left in charge of Pep’s girls as I recall.” Hudd said.

“Geirgor. They might all be cutthroats but at least their not judgmental.” Timtam was referring to the fact that being a penal colony the residents don’t spend much time interfering with other peoples private lives.

“Once we get our belongings we’ll go back to Geirgor. A planet of killers and thieves would be about the safest place to be right about now.” Timtam said satisfied.

Matt reached out too Pep as he lay in bed. He didn’t feel her there next to him. He groggily searched the room for her in the dim morning light. Pep stood looking out the window at the twin suns as they broke over the horizon.

“It’s become worse Matt. I’m getting scared.” She said without even being asked the question.

“It’ll be okay, you’ll see. One or two things left to do and we’re done. We have enough money to go anywhere we want. Somewhere nice and peaceful.” He said.

Pep turned and looked at Matt, she had tears in her eyes. “I want to believe that Matt but it keeps getting worse. I’m afraid I won’t be able to control it anymore.”

“Your okay now right? As long as long as you aren’t angry or threatened nothing happens right?” Matt said. He smiled and patted the bed coaxing Pep to join him.

She went and sat with her back to him on the edge. Matt rubbed her shoulders and kissed the back of her head. “I’m not afraid of you Pep. No matter what happens you’ll never hurt anyone that isn’t asking for it.” he said whispering in her ear.

“I killed over five hundred people last week. They were all innocent. I did it to save my life.” she said as if dreaming.

“What?” Matt asked, he wasn’t sure what she meant.

“I made a deal with the ship’s captain that brought us here. I had to rescue her daughter from an Imperial prison. On the way out I was pinned down by the guards firing at me.” Pep took a breath and exhaled. “I pulled down the entire prison, I killed everyone in it…even the prisoners, Rebels like us.” She said shaking.

Matt sat back stunned.

“I knew it. You think I’m a monster. I didn’t want to tell you but you have to know what I Am.” She said covering her face in shame.

Matt thought a moment as they sat in silence.

“Do you remember when you hurt Ragg in that tunnel? The man in the tunnel with us was right about me. I was Zekk. I’ve killed thousands in my past life. I did it all on purpose. I’ve lived every day trying to make up for those lives I took. So if you think you’re a monster then turn around and look at a real one.” Matt said sternly.

“You’re not responsible for what happened. The power took control of you. I chose to do everything I did.” he said without emotion.

They both thought about what the other had said for a while.

“Our lives changed in this room long ago. It was the happiest time in my life. Now it’s about to change again but I can’t tell if it will be good or bad.” Pep said turning too Matt.

“If it does change, for better or worse, just know that I love you Pep and will always stand by you no matter what.” Matt said taking her hand.

Mykala slid off of Destriss and rolled over on her back panting and drenched with sweat.

Destriss was breathing heavily as well. “What the Hell was that? Some kind of Jedi thing?” he joked exhausted.

“Something like that. You like?” she asked looking over at him and taking his hand in hers.

“Me like very much.” He replied smiling.

They both lay there catching their breath. There was no longer any guilt about Araya for Mykala. She understood he wanted her to live and go on without him. It was his sacrifice that let her live and he wouldn’t want it wasted.

“What happens now Mykala? What do we do now?” he asked smiling.

Mykala rolled over and put her arm on his chest. “I have to go back and get Haven my cousin. When I die I always reappear near her. If the Empire figures this out they’ll find her and capture her. They’ll use her to get to me. Stella knows this and will try to get us both.”

“I’ll go with you and help. We can hide you both in Feloid space once they loose the trail you’ll be safe there.” He said.

“I was hoping you’d say that. If things change later I can go back and help the Rebels but right now we’re too weak and too many of us have died. We need to pull back for a while and wait.” She said. Even after saying the words she wasn’t sure if she was being realistic or was just tired of the whole thing. The Empire had huge resources and there always seemed to be more of them no matter how many you killed.

“Then it’s settled, we go get Haven and disappear.” Destriss said.

“It all sounds really nice. Do you think it will work?” Mykala asked.

“It’s considered bad taste to talk about such things but I am a cousin to the Royal house. I have Ty blood in my veins.” Destriss began.

“In coarser terms…I’m incredibly wealthy. I have vast resources at my disposal in Feloid space. I can make it work if you want me to all you need to do is ask.” He said grinning.

Mykala slid her hand up behind Destriss’s ear and scratched. “Please.” She purred into his ear.

Pidge looked in the mirror and then at Bronski. “Well, what do you think?” she asked. This was the third outfit she had tried on in this store.

“It’s perfect, lets go.” Bronski said gruffly.

“I’ll take it.” Pidge said to the sales droid. Pidge knew that she could only press Bronski so far. She wanted to look nice for him since he was buying the clothes but she also knew it really didn’t matter to him. He liked her and that was it. He could take her or leave her in his mind. He was just being kind and she new to leave it at that.

“You want anything else?” he asked.

“No, you’ve done enough.” She said irritated.

“What’s your malfunction? What’s with the attitude?” he snapped.

“Forget it. Thank you for the clothes Buck.” She said politely.

“Women!” Bronski said frustrated.

They left the store and walked down the street a ways.

“I’m sorry Buck…thank you for the clothes, I mean it.” she said and smiled.

“That’s better. Why were you angry about it before?” he asked. He actually sounded interested in hearing what she had to say.

“It’s hard being a woman and realizing that you can’t just smile and giggle and some guy will buy you anything you want anymore. A woman likes to think a guy does that stuff because he finds her attractive. You may not believe it but I was something to look at when I was younger.” She said.

“You still are.” Bronski said.

“Then how come you’re being so nice? Don’t you want something in return?” she asked.

“Look, Pidge, I just died the other day. I’m in no hurry to test my limits right now if you get my meaning. I like you, ain’t that enough for now?” Bronski said.

“So you like me huh?” Pidge asked.

Bronski stopped and looked at her. “Okay, listen, I’ve never been good at this woman talk stuff. Just tell me what you want from me. I’ll listen, but just lay it on the line!” Bronski said frustrated.

Pidge stopped and looked at Bronski. “Okay I’ll tell you. I got nowhere else to go. I don’t have any family or friends, Hell I don’t even have a job. You seem like an alright guy, I mean you treated me good since we met.”

Pidge’s eyes filled with tears.

“I’m tired of being alone. I’ve been alone for years and I’m sick of it. I just want someone to give a damn if I live or die. I thought it might be you.”

Bronski looked around to see if anyone was watching. He didn’t like being the center of attention when he was sober.

“Hey now don’t do this, not here. Look Pidge I’m a busted up old warrior with no prospects. I’ve out lived everyone and everything I’ve ever cared about so it ain’t that easy to get close to people but if you want to hang around with me…well I think I’d like the company if you really think I won’t get on your nerves.” Bronski replied sympathetically.

“That’s the best offer I’ve had in years.” She said wiping her eyes.

“Careful now, you’ll dehydrate in this heat doing that.” Bronski smiled.

“Let’s get back to the hotel it’s hot as Hell out here.” Pidge smiled.


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“Yeah, you got some cooking to do for me.” He said smiling.

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