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Star Wars based stories

For the past year me and my friends have been playing a Star Wars based rpg. I also wanted to learn to use my key board better so I decided to try writing up some of our games in the form of a story. Now I am no great writer nor do I pretend to be but if you can put that behind you and focus on the stories I think you might enjoy them. We have a kind of Star Wars meets Sin City kind of vibe to the games. The stories reflect this so if you are affended by adult language and mature content or are under 18 years old please don’t read them. I’m not trying to offend anyone but I want to explore the Star Wars galaxy below the princesses and palaces. This is a time of war were terrible people cause terrible things to happen. My heros are not all knights in shining armor. They have major flaws and issues and are just trying to survive in a big mean galaxy.
There is a main story line that follows the game we have going and that is in this section. Some of the characters are known to us players but not to the readers of this website. In the “Character Back Stories” section of this site I have given you some side stories that explain who these minor characters are and take place paralell to the main story.

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